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Hotel Panel Urges Franchisees to Leverage Their Brands Better

Hotel brands have an abundance of programs and tools that franchisees surprisingly are not taking advantage of, according to a panel of hotel experts meeting at a Chicago conference.

CHICAGO—The internet has leveled the playing field for hotel operators across the board, but can the average hotel get by without a brand? Depending on the market, the positioning of the hotel and the uniqueness of the asset it’s feasible, but in most cases the power of a strong brand cannot be matched. This broader discussion on brand dynamics came up at the Hotel ROI Midwest conference, where a panel of hotel experts discussed the relationships between brands and hoteliers, and how they are working to remain beneficial to each other.

Brian Quinn, VP of franchise development at Choice Hotels International, referred to the franchisor/franchisee relationship as one of the most successful partnerships in American business. Despite this, Quinn said there remains a wealth of programs available to franchisees that they fail to take advantage of, and it is in these situations where Quinn sees hoteliers feeling a lack of satisfaction with the relationship. — Elliott Mest, Hotel Management

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