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Papa John's Schnatter: Top Corporate Executives Overpaid

In a world used to huge top executive compensation, it's startling to hear one of those executives say it's wrong, but that's just what Papa John's founder and CEO has stated—emphatically.

"It's an immoral arrangement. It's wrong," [John] Schnatter told Business Insider. "And that's why corporate America has got a bad name."

He's putting his money where his mouth is. The CEO and founder says he is paid just 20% of what the Papa John's board has determined his leadership is worth.  

"I pay myself three, three and half million — which is plenty of money, c'mon," Schnatter said. "I haven't taken a raise probably in two, three, four years. The board gets upset because I won't take a raise, but I've got plenty of money." — Kate Taylor, Business Insider

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