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Customers Play Prank, Reap Reward from McDonald's

Friends Jehv Maravilla and Christian Toledo, frequent customers at a Pearland, Texas, McDonald's, took special notice of a wall without a poster there one day. They came up with an idea for filling in the empty space with something that would blend in with the decor, yet show some diversity: a poster featuring the two of them. They shot a photo of themselves in McDonald's uniforms purchased from a thrift shop, blew it up to a huge poster, and as surreptitiously as they could put the poster up on the formerly blank wall. McDonald's eventually found out, but it took a while.

Interview with Domino's New CEO, Richard Allison

Richard Allison has been with Domino's for seven years and just stepped up to the CEO position in July. He talks here in this four-minute video, shot at Domino's newest supply chain facility, about Domino's, Hurricane Florence, tariffs, competitor Papa John's and its founder and former CEO John Schnatter, as well as the NFL.