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Planet Power

Planet PowerSaving the planet in Australia is a might big job but at Planet Power it’s just one small step at a time. This franchise has gained a reputation as a progressive new age green concept. Core franchisees closely associated with the franchisor are not whining at all. But everyone else is.

Claims of broken promises of more suppliers, customer rebates, advertising, and support are leaving nonessential Planet Power franchisees out in the cold and obviously without any power. They think that customers might help.

Planet Power is a great concept but great concepts can be mismanaged, overestimated and badly timed. They still need franchisee financial models that work and advertising that drives the wonders of the concept to bring customers through the door.  If ‘green’ rebates are going to figure substantially in a financial model then changes of government attitude might want to figure as well.

It is not as if the general media haven’t set a marketing platform for ‘green is good’ and who could not be interested in all the wonderful Planet Power household gadgets to confidently stave off the world’s choking industrial pollution?

Planet Power will continue with a policy of inviting senior government and opposition leaders to meet with us and see the leading position we are taking in the renewable energy sector.  PP

FCAPerhaps Planet Power should grow into franchising a little less and see how many of the first generation of franchisees choke.

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