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PMD Furniture Direct Switches to Franchising

Editor's Note: This article turned from a small news clipping with a few comments to hundreds of comments that are marginally related to the original posting. As such, I have moved it from a short-term news blog to a public forum discussion on PMD Furniture Direct. News stories come and go but forums are long-term discussions and debates on topics anchored around a specific company or issue. I would remind posters that this is a site that shares information to help readers make better informed business investments. It's not enough to say don't invest in this brand. The reader will naturally want to know from front-line operators what in this sector will make them the best returns on their investment. One last point: the Blue MauMau culture is one of civility. Readers like to focus on business issues, rather than individuals or personal issues.


Wow, invest $50K-100K and NET profit the first year is $269K!

Hosking [PMD Furniture Direct's CEO] added that PMD should stand out as a lucrative option when it joins the ranks of franchisors. He contended that franchisees of a national sub sandwich company have to invest $300,000 to $400,000 and make less than $100,000 in annual net profit, citing a PMD attorney who previously worked with the chain.

Some of PMD's current licensees, including startups, do much better. He said the company's top rookie last year was a Pacific Northwest dealer who made $269,000 net profit on an initial investment between $50,000 and $100,000. - Furniture Today

This is the best deal EVER! I wanna buy a franchise NOW! Where do I wire the money? If I wire $100K for 2 franchises, will I make $538,000 my first year?

Yet why are they losing so many licensees?

But with financial markets in turmoil, PMD's total network sales are down because it hasn't been able to replace the 20% to 25% of dealers it loses annually to attrition.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Jeff owes the vendors $220,000 and he just walked away! The Franchise Maker

Trading coach

Very useful article. But I prefer 1 on 1 coaching. Good luck!

The real ?

What value is Scott Andrew (an utter and complete failure) as a pmd dealer giving us??? That's my question!

Disturbed Franchisee

Conrad Sheratt Meath and other dealers lawsuit

2014-CA-007243 Duval County CORE.
Darren Conrad is a con man, as are the other deals named in the lawsuit. He has a warrant out for his arrest and is evading the law in California right now. He is secretly working for RSS, Jerry Williams and Scott Andrews. Conrad has an injunction against him for breech of contract, acting in concert with the other dealers who breeched and are still breeching contract. All lie on their taxes and scam consumers. He owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and attorney fees as will the others who have pending summary judgements. This is the BIGGEST scam ever! He continually evades punishment opens a new company under a new name and scams again. RSS is nothing but a scam as well. They are knowingly acting in concert with Conrad and the other dealers against the injunction. Conrad's own attorney recused himself because Conrad lied directly under oath and owes tens of thousands in attorney fees. Meath and Sheratt are up next for contempt charges. The utter stupidity in their depositions screams liars and con men. DO NOT GO INTO THIS BUSINESS PEOPLE>

No real value added!

Scott never really understood the requirements of the business while at PMD and legally won a dying business model, with poor dealers and convoluted business fragmentation that needed dramatic changes to be viable strategy so that the company and individual dealers could survive and possibly be profitable in the future. A long shot at best but he tried.

While success as a PMD dealer is not a requirement to build a future business new approaches, specific direction and experienced vision based on quantitative analysis to address the bait and switch model in low end bedding and the low end furniture market which probably ran its course in 2009 were needed and required. Doing more of the same and expecting different results is by definition........INSANITY! It was a massive project that at best had major issues with dealers, dealerships and management. While I am sure efforts were made to improve the future the changes made by the new ownership were similar to many of the issues from PMD disaster days are not only still present they are business as usual. In many cases they are the same and no one is asking......Why didn't we improve or make changes?

As a Franchisee you have every right to be "disturbed" and should be looking into why the successful franchise's (other than PMD) have definitive unique strategies that work for most every Franchisee and guide success and profitability and PMD has a dissimilar group of Franchisees doing their own thing?? Some work, some don't, all are tied to lack of newness and innovation that needs to be addressed yearly in the unique Furniture and Mattress Industry. If your business is similar to what it was in 2010 your business is in trouble. If your business has multiple focuses what are your strengths?? Do the multiple focuses create costs and weaknesses and lack profitability?

Lastly, the Founder of this model (even though he copied it) always believed the individual dealer added value................and unfortunately he was right!

More of the same!

Why is this no longer an interesting story? Same script, same vendors, same results?

RSS the New PMD

Same script, Same markups, Same vendors, Same execs...oops no incentives.

How in the world could you all fall for this, SA is raping the franchisees, licencing dealers and still marking up your products by 25%.

Who's perpetuating the fraud now????

Janet Sparks Article

Just read Janet Sparks chilling acccount of PMD and its dealer issues. The story is tragic and PMD's management, recuriters and legal counsel must have trouble sleeping at night. The whole group, who denied any involvement or impact, should be held accountable.PMD management never took responsibilty for their actions. It was always the dealers fault! Charma is a B....! Jeff, Joe, Jerry, Scott and others sat through three situations and did nothing.


Lies,all lies

Ex Dealer

Truly tragic as they told Mike he could not be a franchisee. He lost everything and Jeff, Jerry and Joe threw him to the curb and told him he could not attend the conference. Looks like the lack of success Jeff and Joe have had has come back to pay them back. One at a time the ghost of MB is picking them off!

Not True

ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Clearly you did not speak with him or his sister.

Who's next??

Jerry, Scott, Sheila and Bert all sold him out and never cared enough to even check on him. They were pawns in the fraud and they left him out to fail. He was friends with Tom McNamara and Lucerio who were hiding from PMD so they were no help. MB is looking down on all his so called friends. I hope Janet Sparks exposes them all.

What's up with Charlie?

What happened to Charlie Colwell ex PMD dealer in Alabama? Is he still in the Mattress and Furniture business?

Still around selling

Last time I talked to him he was involved in an arbitration case and was not very happy with his problems. He knows he violated the PMD agreement but claimed he was fighting the charge. Stay tuned!

His big mistake

Charlie signed on to the Franchise Agreement and didn't listen to the Dealers Association Group when they asked him to join the dealers suing Jeff. He was Jeff's boy and one day he just decided he didn't like Jeff and PMD. How's that working out for ole Charlie?

Where's Jeff and Joe?

Are they coming to testify on Charlie's behalf? They will swear Charlie was never at PMD and that Charlie just never wanted to take responsibility. Charlie was the PMD poster child. One employee, worked 24/7, didn't take a salary but had a great time on the PMD trips. He also directed multiple dealers on how to work the PMD program and answer the telephone. Read the phone script word for word! Did he ever read his contracts?

Carolina Bedding concept a losing game

I got out of Carolina Bedding with minimal loss. The business model simply doesnt work.

Joe Armetta sighting

Joe Armetta was seen at the Vegas Furniture Market recently. In order for Joe Armetta to establish new business relationships he must disclose his bankruptcy and his fraud convictions.

What happens in Vegas

I heard Conrad had to file bankruptcy for using trade secrets from PMD and that he was sighted with ex PMD leader Scott Graham in Vegas. Maybe they were meeting up with Armetta and some of the CFS boys like Dooley who was also sighted. I guess it won't be long before the whole gang is back together. Maybe someone saw Harbin and Sarah there to. I have a cousin who wants a job that really means he has to be an owner, if he calls Cindy Dunteman I bet she will be with one of those groups filtering resumes.

Ex PMD Leader

I don't believe you were at PMD very long as Scott Graham was not a leader. He was a follower and had absolutely no influence on the company or its direction. He was a "lacky" for Jeff, Joe and Jerry and when Jeff said jump Scott said how high?? I hear he is a consultant for the Mattress business. His expertise is he sleeps on one everyday! Did he ever take responsibility for PMD's fraud? Oh! it was only Jeff and Joe.

I am a Carolina Bedding

I am a Carolina Bedding Direct/Mattress By Appointment dealer, and I am just stumbling on to this article after being in business for months, and struggling to make enough to cover even the monthly rent. Could some one please explain to me what role Darren Conrad had in the PMD furniture direct business, and how this business may relate to the current MBA business?

SA teams with DC

The new word on the street is that SA's collection attorneys have been very busy. Looks like they may have acquired the assetts of the PMD clone Carolina Bedding/Mattress by Appointment. DC friending PMD/RSS managers on FB.

How does this work for you ex PMD franchisees???

What value are you getting from the franchisor?

Careful Scott, what goes around, comes around...

Darren Conrad stole the concept and has no right to it

Darren was at PMD in the early years and helped Jeff launch the concept. As the court decision proved, Darren who had a non compete agreement with PMD, stole the concept and copied the entire business model down to the marketing scheme. So PMD won a lawsuit and a judgement was entered against Darren, his wife and PMD ex -financial officer. Look it up on the Franklin County Website and read the gory details. PMD didn't work to well and the money was in the sale of buisness to the dealers and the crazy PMD markup just like CB.Over 500 PMD/CB type dealers in the business have failed so what makes you think yours will work. I would say given your comments above the future is not very promising. Good luck as you are going to need it. Get out quickly as Darren has not legal rights to sue you or any other CB dealer as your business agreement is a fraud. Check it out... a lot people know the score.

I think you are delusional

I am a current dealer with CBD/MBA and I didn't have to pay anything to start my business other than buying the products that I sell and paying rent on my location... so that alone makes me skeptical of the assertions that you are making about Darren Conrad. Secondly, from what I have read in court documents, the non-compete terminated in 2009. Carolina Bedding Direct LLC was started in October, 2011. I think you are spouting nonsense about something you don't really know anything about.

Reply to "I think you are delusional

I would recommend sir/madam that you read up on Mr. Conrad. He has a long pattern of dishonest and unethical actions in this business. Multiple mattress businesses all changing names year after year, charging different dealers and friends various amounts for the SAME product. Violating court orders as are MANY of his dealers who move from CBD to MBA to MD to RSS. Mr. Conrad is evading the law currently.

are you still a cbd dealer


If you are still a dealer then you are crazy, the amount of money you pay for a sub standard product is crazy, call a real mattress manufacturer and buy from them. The only people that make money in this business is CBD.

former dealer and now owner of a real furniture store.

I just want to clarify that

I just want to clarify that the one who started the top post is different than the one defending the company and Darren Conrad. It seems to me that the person defending him has done so in a rather personal way by calling out by name, and may even be Darren Conrad.

On no.....another guy bitten by the PMD/CB idea

Oh my. Same pattern....guy thinks Darren is great (use to be Jeff) and the CB program is better than gold. I think we've seen this train wreck once before. When you start are actually the delusional one. Good luck!

On no.....another guy bitten by the PMD/CB idea

Oh my. Same pattern....guy thinks Darren is great (use to be Jeff) and the CB program is better than gold. I think we've seen this train wreck once before. When you start are actually the delusional one. Good luck!

information Please

I have looked in to the lawsuit and I am very interested. Could you please post any details from sources that you know of? For example, you say that over 500 PMD/CB type dealers have failed. Where can I verify that number? Also, you say that Darren Has no(t) legal rights to sue you. Where could I get more information on that as well? I am not doubting you, I just want to see exactly where that is coming from. Any additional information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Call Jerry Williams

Jerry testifed in the case that awarded PMD/Hosking the win and the legal fees which were awarded. All info on the Franklin County Website. Call Jerry at 6144396984 and he can provide the info you need. Jerry also knows the scope of exPMD dealers as he knows each and everyone. Take a look at the Dealers lawsuit against PMD and the claims they made and forced PMD to settle their lawsuit. Its posted on this website or just google PMD Dealer lawsuit..........hope that helps.

Do your own work....and trust the information

Check out this link and read the hundreds and hundreds of pages regarding the PMD fraud.

Just type in Hosking in the last name section and have at it....'re in trouble

PMD failed with this model and many of the Carolina Bedding locations have come and gone - as have PMD. Save your money and consider an early exit.

Retail Service Systems

Looks like the New Kahuna is going to be up to the same tricks as the Old Kahuna.
Just not quite as big I guess. You would think that a guy who just won a lawsuit over a guy who destroyed his company with frivolus lawsuits would learn a lesson from it. PMD Part 2. Stay Tuned.

Retail Service Systems, Inc. v. Carolina Bedding Direct, LLC

Joe Armetta

Interesting bio? 2000-2010 Then from 2010-2010. What goes around comes around!
Question? Will Joe Armetta's divorce, bankruptcy and convictions show up on a background check and/or his credit report?

Jeffs house

Looks like the big whopper lost the Wendy's shack in Columbus. Fifth Third Bank might need some furniture shortly.

What's the Carolina Bedding ruse? I hear more lawsuits on the way. Raise your hand if Armetta never lied to you.

What is Retail Service Systems?

Isn't that some retail counting system for inventory??? Anyone know what's going on with the old company? Hear vendors didn't believe the switch out? Is Armetta back?

Not Again....New court case filed against Jeff July 3 he doesn't pay his attorney fees and is getting sued for that. What's next????


Raise your hand if you ever caught Joe Armetta in a lie.

Complaints filed

Checking the Franklin County website Jeff has three active files. Arbitration on his house, complaint for failure to answer his charge for hiiting his guest and a complaint for not paying or answering his lawyers.Looks like he will just default as no lawyer in Columbus would represent him.

Jeff turned over to collection

He owes the vendors $220,000 and he just walked away. All are chasing the big Kauhana and he's claiming that he is broke. Why did this man ever believe he was bulletproof? Who's next to sue him? Does he still have the bus? Go Buckeyes!

Morally bankrupt too.

What goes around ....... comes around.

The List Goes On and On!

He has never met an obligation he believed he had to pay. His fall from his pedestal is so hard he still has not recovered and will probably never will. This legal group took on his case after the previous legal team decided their legal futures were on the line if they continued to represent Big Jeff. The Franklin County Court system must be tired of his garbage. Most of the local lawyers are. Who will he get to represent him now??? Unbelievable??? Not really! Just Jeff being Jeff!

What's going on??

Tick, tick tick?

Judgement satisfied

Through an asset transfer to Retail Service Systems PMD, PMDFD and Jeff Hosking have been transfered as long as it is not unwound by bankrutcy, insolvency or state or federal law. Does that mean Jeff is still involved? I remember Jeff at a confernce claiming that he would legally bury anyone who challenge list company. How did that work out? Maybe Jeff will clarify this transfer?

It's About Time

The day Jeff Hosking's was transfered, removed, redirected or shipped out is the day the company, no matter how small, became a better and hopefully successful company. His direction and lack of leadership over the years was so bad people outside the company can't believe it. Why did it take so long? Don't need to hear his excuses and clarification, just go away!


Why was the Economic Concepts case reinstated? Who is the legal team representing Big Jeff? Is he serious about this? Probably not going anywhere but Jeff needs a lawsuit to keep himself busy now that he really has nothing to do.

Didnt you mean to say

Didnt you mean to say "inquiring fraud" I mean "fund-raisers wish to know?" at the end of that statement? Cutco-PMD-Fundraising whats next church re-building?

To Whom It May Concern

Hey Bert don't the Fundraisers have names............?? Everyone knows who you are. How much do you claim the Net Income is in this particular venture??? When do you offer a franchsie? Only a couple left?


Jeff knows eactly who you are and will be in contact to help you with the recruitment script. You guys are quoting the Net Income to low. You must have forgot your PMD training.

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