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PMD Furniture Direct Switches to Franchising

Editor's Note: This article turned from a small news clipping with a few comments to hundreds of comments that are marginally related to the original posting. As such, I have moved it from a short-term news blog to a public forum discussion on PMD Furniture Direct. News stories come and go but forums are long-term discussions and debates on topics anchored around a specific company or issue. I would remind posters that this is a site that shares information to help readers make better informed business investments. It's not enough to say don't invest in this brand. The reader will naturally want to know from front-line operators what in this sector will make them the best returns on their investment. One last point: the Blue MauMau culture is one of civility. Readers like to focus on business issues, rather than individuals or personal issues.


Wow, invest $50K-100K and NET profit the first year is $269K!

Hosking [PMD Furniture Direct's CEO] added that PMD should stand out as a lucrative option when it joins the ranks of franchisors. He contended that franchisees of a national sub sandwich company have to invest $300,000 to $400,000 and make less than $100,000 in annual net profit, citing a PMD attorney who previously worked with the chain.

Some of PMD's current licensees, including startups, do much better. He said the company's top rookie last year was a Pacific Northwest dealer who made $269,000 net profit on an initial investment between $50,000 and $100,000. - Furniture Today

This is the best deal EVER! I wanna buy a franchise NOW! Where do I wire the money? If I wire $100K for 2 franchises, will I make $538,000 my first year?

Yet why are they losing so many licensees?

But with financial markets in turmoil, PMD's total network sales are down because it hasn't been able to replace the 20% to 25% of dealers it loses annually to attrition.

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Transparent Jeff

He also claimed his company was transparent and he welcomed the Franchise requirements. A few months later he made believe that Power Marketing Direct never existed and it was a successful company. How did that story work out for Jeff and Joe?
Joe is living the American Dream..............bankrupt, out of work, divoriced and still selling the Dream if you are passionate enough to buy in.

$50,000 to sell

Any Franchisee's think their business is worth selling? Here's a free exit stratgegy. Goodbye Jeff!

Check Birmingham Alabama and

Check Birmingham Alabama and see if a top 10 could sell his.

Charlie gone

One of the top 3 Franchisee's is gone and its a real sign of PMD's problems. Charlie testified for Jeff and Joe in the Fraud trial and he is now gone. Looks like the end is near. Didn't Jeff build Charlie up as the best way to run a PMD Franchise? One man operation, work 7 days a week 24 hour days and pay no one to help. Even in that scenerio Charlie claimed he never made the $100K average and had no dealers repoting to him that did. If the Top guy didn't make $100K working his life away how could the average be $100K, $150K or 2 and 3 times that???? Looks like Charlie just gave himself a 35% profit enhancer. Good Selling, Charlie! Don't look back! I hear the Presidents trip next year is an all expense weekend in Pittsburgh. Get those orders in.


Ok How do you know that Charlie C. is gone?

Spoke to him

He claims that nothing new at PMD and he was getting killed markup wise. Former PMD guys buying direct and free of PMD convinced him it was time to leave PMD. He regreted testifying for Jeff and Joe and will never be placed in that situation again. He claim Jeff was not very good at running the company and dealing with issues. Franchisees are not being listened to and no new programs in three years.

Spoke to him......

So what's new? Did Charlie and the other Zee's actually think that when they changed the name and signed a new agreement there was going to be something new? Wow...

To Jeff's credit, he certainly is fabulous and perpetuating a model that facts consistently demonstrate doesn't work.

Read the PMD Franchise news

Read the PMD Franchise news letter

I heard Atlantic and Cort

I heard Atlantic and Cort furniture CLOBBERED Charlie while Jeff Hosking and PMD Furniture Direct did nothing in the way of new programs, pricing, or help! I guess old Charlie was a PMD believer when he had little to no competition and rushed to their aide to testify (and possibly lie) for Jeff and the gang. As a southerner he should have known when you lie with dogs you get fleas and stayed away from Columbus. His business must have started down a different path once he went to Columbus to be PMD's star/Hail Marry witness, maybe he got some fleas up there.

call his number 202-280-0224

Why don't you call his franchise number and see what you get? Everyone knows he left the company and Jerry's next. Brad Loy would be gone but he moved to Colorado recently. What else would you like to know? Is BM still selling mattresses in CS? He stopped clearing them out for a friend many years ago!

cc's phone number

are you insane? Charlie lives in B ham and has a 205 area code not a 202. also i have his number in my phone. your number is not even close!!!!! What drugs are you on? why would you lie? Who the hell are you?

correct number

Thanks, I knew Jeff would make believe he called or dispute the fact Charlie is history so I intentionaly listed a 202 area code. U are correct 205 -283 -0224 was his number when he was a manager. No drugs! No lie! Just the truth about PMD! Good selling! Is he still at 116 Distribution drive in Homewood? Give him a call if you have his number? Being part of PMD is insane!

That's the number

That is the same number I have for Charlie but I have not been with PMD for many years. Looking back no one stays with PMD and Jeff. Charlie is gone and keeping a low profile as he knows Jeff is a loose cannon and has no one he trusts. Latest runor is Sheila is trying to buy PMD from Jeff. That makes absolutely no sense.

charlie c

ok l dialed his number ..he did not say he was out of business... is there a code? is he supposed to say he is out of business.....i saw his cl ads what am i missing? u must be a scab

Charlie C - Homewood, AL

OK, this settles it. Right from the PMD website. Now call up Charlie on PMD's listing and find out if he's in or he's out! Who gives a crap anyways. The sooner they get out the better it will be for them. Guys like Charlie and the rest of the franchisees have got to be sick of making Jeff a living.

Franchise Locator > Birmingham Furniture Direct
Birmingham Furniture Direct

For Charlie Cxxxxxx, owner of Colwell Inc. aka Birmingham Furniture Direct, joining PMD was an opportunity for Charlie to run his business instead of working for someone else. Since beginning as a Power Marketing Direct licensee in October, 2004 and becoming a PMD Furniture Direct franchisee in September, 2009, Charlie has been able to hold his own schedule, find ample time to spend with his family and be profitable. “It’s not the money however,” Charlie said. “It’s the freedom I have that’s the most important thing to me.” And for Charlie, a balance between work and life is important to him.

Spending time with his wife and son is a central part of Charlie’s life. He is married to Susan Cxxxxxxl, who works in the corporate offices of Estee Lauder. Together, they have a son Jack who is involved in numerous sports. In fact, Charlie said Jack will be spending the entire summer at football and basketball camps. Jack is not the only athlete in the family however, as Charlie and Susan enjoy running, working out and living a healthy active lifestyle. “Work hard play hard,” is Charlie’s motto, and PMD provides him with this opportunity.

As for Charlie’s background, he is from Michigan and attended Albion College to major in business. Afterwards, he worked for Federal Mogul for 15 years. He then transitioned to AGC Automotive where he managed a several hundred person manufacturing plant.

Charlie’s territory consists of Jefferson County in Birmingham, Alabama. His store specializes in every essential home décor item, from living room, dining room, bedroom to accessories.

His professional and personal goals are to continue working to retire to the dream of traveling the world. He admits he is currently satisfied with work since it enabled him to add a gorgeous new flagstone back patio, kitchen and other significant additions to him home. PMD has allowed Charlie to live his life as he pleases and provide for his family. For this, he is thankful.
Contact Information:

Charlie Cxxxxxx- Colwell, Inc. dba Birmingham Furniture Direct
116 Distribution Drive
Homewood, AL. 35209

Phone: 205-283-0095

Yeah, Charlie did/does so

Yeah, Charlie did/does so well his wife has to keep working a corporate job while he says in his PMD bio that he spends more time with her and their son. BS is BS and if you spend a real PMD week with Charlie I bet you would find out that his bio is BS. If he makes the money PMD claims $150,000 average with veterans (like Charlie) making 2,3,and 4 times that, I think his wife would be a part time assistant spending her time with him and their son not kissing a corporate bosses butt.

OK thanks

Is he still clearing them out for a friend? Everything brand new in plastic and 80% off? Does he only have a couple left as they are going real fast? Call Jeff at 614-538-8393 after 2 on Monday and ask him. Good Selling! Did you call Brad or Jerry? He's probably not out of business just saving 30% markup on purchases!
Good for Charlie!

Wow! A PMD Furniture Direct

Wow! A PMD Furniture Direct lap dog one day and quietly out the door the next. How many people like Charlie sang the PMD tune then left? Did Charlie really testify for Jeff Hosking and Joe Armetta then leave the company a year latter? He was a manager when they were trying to make people sign the franchise agreement wasn’t he? How many people did he help push over a cliff for the company he seems to have bailed on?

He drank the cool aid

Charlie was the perfect shill for the fraud that PMD perpetuated. On the last day of the Fraud trial he was flown in to testify for Jeff and Joe. No one else would come. Charlie was also in the crowd at Highpoint when Jeff and PMD recieved the Retailer of the Year award. The finacials for that award were a lie! They all knew and kept telling the lie and signing up the dealers. He also was singled out by Jeff under the "new normal" to be the model franchisee and one man team. How's that working out? Same old story and same old results. His quiet exit means he's buying direct and hoping Jeff doesn't sue. Charlie testified he never had anyone who reported to him as a manager provide him with a financial report to indicate they made $100K income. How did PMD get that average deal claim??? PMD tune? With less than 20 Franchisees PMD should be able to sing the average Net Income tune accurately. That song will never be published.

The old PMD Furniture site

The old PMD Furniture site used from about 2005 to 2009 that gave out dealer numbers and sales information was changed and edited so many times that it became evidence in the fraud trial against Jeff Hosking, Joe Armetta, Jerry Williams,Rob Swan, and PMD. The last time I checked the new PMD site it had been changed quite a bit from the original one so maybe they are making some more edits like they did to their old site. Selling or getting people to agree to a franchise is a federally regulated matter and PMD knows people are watching. It would be interesting to compare the information on the site as it was in 2010 after getting dealers to sign the franchise agreement compared to what it says now. Lots of changes since then.

You might not be able to see

You might not be able to see Jeff Hosking at the Vegas furniture market coming up at the end of this month. I cant find any of Jeff Hoskings entities PMD Furniture Direct, Royal Heritage Home Furnishings, or Soflex Furniture listed as exhibitors for the market. Look for yourself at the markets site directory:

Soflex still advertises they have a Las Vegas showroom location in building B space B960 on their website at:

When you look up Building B space B960 for the market on the floor plan interactive map it shows ISPA International Sleep as having that space. Did Jeff move to a different location? His companies dont come up in the market directory. Is the Soflex site lying about having a Vegas showroom to make the company look bigger than it really is?

Jeff Hosking was a no show at

Jeff Hosking was a no show at the Vegas furniture market and its doubtful he or PMD Furniture Direct will be the recipiants of any awards any time soon in Tupelo or anywhere else. PMD was represented by Jerry Williams and Rob Swan, no show-room for PMD or Soflex, just Jerry & Rob in attendance. What retail experience do Jerry & Rob have where their attendance would translate anything beneficial to the PMD franchisees? Did they even play in a charity poker tournament like they did in years past? Any fancy parties like the ones rumored back in the Armetta days? Someone in Columbus better prove they can run a successful franchise as a corporate model like McDonalds or any of a number of good franchise models do. Jeff cant say he dosnt have the time to try can he?

Rob & Jerry at show....

What is shocking is these guys are still employed either by their own volition or simple fact that PMD continues to exist. Wondering when the day comes that the house of cards falls once and for all.

Fraud Appeal

Appeal by PMD is still outstanding so Jeff needs the support of Jerry and Rob. Retrial if necesary will be worst for PMD than the first conviction. Pino's deposition will sink the group and also add the Fraud charges to Jerry and Rob along with the perjury charges from the first trial. They can't go anywhere because they will ultimately be convicted of fraud and perjury and would have a tough time explianing that to their new employee if their were employed. Guess who hope that PMD does not have another fraud trial??? That's right Jerry and Rob!

Time to try

He has more time than ever. He is just not capable of change, business development, new ideas or anything execpt the same old script, the tired advertsing and the markups that make each Franchisee a loser in his competitive market. Hey, I'm clearing them out for my fat friend who hasn't had a new idea in 10 years. You want the Royal Heritage brand you get Crown Mark boxes. What the f....!
Jerry and Rob are at the Furniture show because they know Jeff is done. They are probably talking to the vendors about the next PMD they are starting. Trust us it will be an honest company. Jeff a no show or never was?? Fancy parties are long gone. Jerry and Rob don't party on their dime! Heard Scott Graham also at the show also.......................I'm sure he is talking with Jerry and Rob! They were not talking about saving the Franchisees.

I have not checked this site

I have not checked this site for an update in a while because I have been to busy working at trying to make up what my family after we believed PMD Furniture Directs lies and started one of their businesses. Is Jeff really gone and is soflex really closed or closing? PMD still has a franchise website and its hard to see what has changed other than some bios being gone. Have there been any new lawsuits by other former dealers or a new one by franchisees? Has Jeff sued any of his old dealers or franchisees who lived in fear that he would or was that just smoke & mirrors?

High Point number

I tried the Soflex number for high point and got a non-working number response. Is Soflex lying on its site about both the high point and the las vegas locations? I was also told that the dallas warehouse that used to supply dealers when I was with PMD has been closed, is that true? Does that meen current PMD franchisees who were promised new and more programs to get them to sign a new agreement as well as new and more products are really getting less? Sounds like the Obama campaign of old vs the reality: hope and change vs down and out.

Jeff's Judgment

I dont know when Jeff Hosking and PMD's lies and bad business judgment started but I do know that they were reaching a pinnacle in 2005. The Ohio courts returning guilty verdicts for fraud gave proof that those lies got him and the company in hot water but you can also see how bad his judgment was in 2005 on real estate. While fraudulently taking peoples money he paid $2.8 million for a HUGE home at 4860 Oldbridge Dr., Upper Arlington, OH 43220. Check out the picture and values at:

It's now valued at $1.3 Million so it looks like BIG Jeff is going to take a bath on that visionary purchase as well. Do Rob Swan and Jerry Williams make sure the existing PMD franchisees pay enough mark up to make Jeff's GIANT house payment? The real estate taxes alone are about $2,000 a month!!!!! Will Jeff host this years National Confrence at his house? Grill out by the pool? What benefit does Jeff bring to the table? Is his father who supposedly taught him how to build furniture desinging new lines for the franchisees? I heard Joe Armetta was looking for Jeff Hosking at the Vegas furniture market but only saw Jerry & Rob. What is Jeff being paid for?

The PMD Furniture Direct lies

The PMD Furniture Direct lies about how good the business was that were exposed to the public through their fraud trial was proof of their lack of judgment/character but you could also say the franchise move was one to. Since that move in 2009 how is the growth? We are about to enter the fourth quarter of 2012 and when this year is over what will the + / - score card read for PMD franchisees gone versus franchisees added in 2012?

Franchise move

They moved to a Franchise for a few reasons: (1) Alaways was a Franchise and legal heat was great (2) Jeff and Joe knew they lied and the fraud conviction was coming (3) Once convicted of Fraud all prior license agreement would be null and void and they knew tha (4) PMD wanted the new Franchisees to sign the wavier against prior Fraud(all were fraudulently induced to sign) (5) Jeff want the dealers spouse or significant other to be liable to PMD (6) Jeff and Joe are bad guys always were and always will be.
My guess is PMD will lose about 30% of their base. That's their past and they are very losing dealers each year. Rumor has top franchisee's leaving??

They made a decision in 2005

By promoting Armetta in June 2005 Jeff decided that the business of selling was not as important as the business of recuriting. They couldn't stop the lack of suucess dealers were experiencing so they hatched a plan to churn and burn not caring about who they threw under the bus. Product improvements.......none! Sharper higher markup in the difficult economy! Recuritment.........................tell them anything but the truth........100K average way tell them $150K or 2 and 3 times that level for some. Att. General charges pmd selling franchises??? PMD becomes a Franchise play and Joe touts the American Dream. Jeff didn't go to the furniture show because his $80.0million business is now about $8.0 at wholesale and $12 million retail.

Bad Judgement?? Jeff is in hiding and lost his Dallas operation. The old Wendy's house will follow soon. Armetta faked bankruptcy and has just been divoriced. He is still selling passion and dreams to anyone who will listen. He was seen walking the Las Vegas show looking for Jeff (his meal ticket) and trying to get back into the Furniture business. Maybe he wants to become a Frnachisee??? Why would a brillant financial genius be walking the Furniture show looking to say hello to anyone?? Raise your hand if you ever heard Armetta tell a lie!

Soflex shipments

How's their quick ship program working these days? Rumor on the street is Jeff no longer has the direct ship programs and it's quiet in Dallas. If you think he was clueless at PMD his Soflex operation had no chance. He has more time to focus on PMD!

PMD in the Industry

They are an EMBARRASSMENT to say the least!

PMD about finished

Not a lot going on and Jeff has been missing in action. Everyone knew he couldn't interact with dealers and that his people skills were limited. The franchise move had nothing to do with the company being successful and his lawyers knew the license game was over. No one believes PMD will be around in 2013. Jeff never cared about the PMD group and he had less respect for the vendor community and the Industry.

This is so accurate

He can't handle a simple question from the Franchisee's. Nothing has changed in three years and if anything its become worst than ever. If Jeff makes it to 2013 it will be a shock to everyone involved. The lack of management skills is too hard to overcome.

Dumb Ass Newsletter

Jeff has not spoken with the Franchhisee's in a long time and his newsletter is a waste of time. He's not telling anyone its a $200K opportunity as the Franchisees have the results of their own performance and they know its failing to come clsoe to Jeff's fraudulent claims. It's truly getting worse everyday. Based on Jeff's lack of action the Franchisee's can walk away due to breach of contract. What are they waiting for? They need to document Jeff's lack of action and lack of programs that work.

Serta now #1 in Bedding Sales

Does anyone remember when Jeff told the President/CEO of Serta that he did not know what he was doing and dropped Serta from the Royal Heritage by Serta empire. Glad to see Bob Sherman got over the slight and was able to move on. Jeff was a legend in his own mind. He really believed he designed the Corsicana low end styles from top to bottom. How's the Royal Heritage brand strategy working?

How about Simmons?

Jeff blew the Simmons deal.In an industry that was losing 20% of their business (Branded Bedding Manufacturer's) Jeff and Joe convinced themselves that the way to go was Royal Heritage. then they tried to limit dealers who had Serat and those that had Simmons. That just shows you they had no clue where the bedding industry was going. Royal Heritage prices continued to rise and be impacted by a 35% PMD markup(Just for the right to sell RH) and branded bedding from Simmons, Serta, and Simmons was dropping in pricing to the consumer. Jeff, Scott and Jerry told the franchisees you have RH beds that nobody else has. What they didn't tell is that nobody else wants those beds. Let me ask the franchisees a question??? Would you prefer Royal Heritage made in the low end Corsicana factories or value styles from Serta, Simmons, and Sealy????? That's why your competition is eating your lunch. Hey where can you get that famous label Royal Heritage brand in the Columbus area? That kind of tells you how good it is.

Royal Heritage

If the label was so great wouldn't the PMD group want to sell it in the Columbus area and monitor its success and failure's. I guess selling Royal Heritage in Crown Mark boxes kinda downgrades the name. The great brand strategist that Jeff believes he is(or was) seems to be overcharging for a label. It's certainly not a brand. Does PMD have any vendors in casegoods anymore? That United Simmons program is great and its 30% less than Royal Heritage/InSoflexible for the same sofa's and loveseats.

Jeff moving to Mexico

Looks like Jeff will move in wih Pino and run his operations out of Mexico. Not much business in the USA. Wow the book on PMD will be wild. Someone said they took down the statue of Jeff on Kenney Rd last week when the Freeh report came out. Jeff is lost in Vegas without Ametta so he probably dooesn't go much anymore. Furniture Today took Jeff's poster down last year when he was convicted of Fraud.

Has anyone who ever bought a

Has anyone who ever bought a PMD Furniture Direct Franchise been able to sell it once they had it running well? Isnt that one of the best ways to show a franchise model is a good one? I dont know of anyone besides PMD/Jeff Hosking (the sole owner of PMD) who has been able to sell a PMD franchise/business. Obviously people left, quit, failed, whatever, but tell me one who ever left because they sold a successful one they built.

Do the lies continue?

Getting up on a Saturday at 5:30am to be at work making up for what I lost because of PMD Furniture Direct, Jeff Hosking, Joe Armetta, Jerry Williams, Rob Swan, and some other PMD liars is a tough pill to swallow. This site has been the best eye opener for people to know the truth about PMD and some of the people involved with it. I learned about Joe Armettas blog spot from this site and read the "about me" and other sections of it to wonder how much does that man continue to lie and what were his business "missteps"? He never said he had one when he interviewed people for PMD or spoke at confrences. He says he has a committed partner, does he mean Jennifer, the wife that he was supposedly honest to while traveling with PMD and divorcing when PMD attorneys pressured the dealers association to settle? Is one of his personal missteps the bankruptcy he and Jenifer filed or was that a way to defraud his creditors? Do he and Jeff Hosking still talk and plan the next PMD or have they given up? Does he really believe he has given more than he took from those who were lied to?

Given more than he took

Armetta had no use for any dealer, manager or corporate staff. He was concerned about only one person. He believed he was above everyone else If his bankrupcty was real.......good for him. If his divorce was real........good for him. If he only has $263 in his bank account too bad. If Jen took the kids good for her.

Here's the only problem. Nothing Joe did or does is real. So beware he might be charging someone for placing their ads. He is the master of creating fraudulent revenue schemes. Honesty is not a characteristic Joe ever had or practiced. Does that make sense?


Why did Jeff Hosking give Joe Armetta so much control and then let him have it without making him work from PMD's home office? Was there any true Furniture Today top 100 retailer that had their #2 man running the company doing it from hundreds or thousands of miles away? Why is PMD's Furniture DIrects home office in Columbus so hidden and un-marked? Did Furniture Today ever go to the home office and interview anyone?

Some answers to the qustions

Jeff started to believe his own bs. Felt he was beyoond the dealers and people in the company. He also did not like the dealers asking for more, requesting help and telling him that the model did not work. So he hid and chose Joe to deflect all the problems and issues in his arrogant and obnoxious way. Joe talk down and belittle everyone (except his brother) and the company statrted to die. While it was dying Jeff and Joe were lying and lying about the results. Joe never went to Columbus because he was a big time Chicago boy and had his escape route back to Calfornia if the PMD fraudulent business was uncovered. Jeff doesn't start work until two and Joe was usually done by 11:30. Furniture Today was enamored by Big Jeff's claims and his advertising support so they looked the other way. Their legal department and Editor investigated PMD, read the documents in the two fraud cases and they know that they were lied to big time. They want nothing to do with Jeff, Jerry and Scott and know if they get involved their liablity in the frauds can be exposed. Goodbye Jeff!

Is it true then as some

Is it true then as some people have said that Jeff would rather let his company die than do the right things for the franchisees and fix PMD's problems (righting some wrongs) and change the programs admitting they need changes/up-dates and additions? He should care enough about those who are still with him to do at least that and if not for them, for the life of his own company.

Jeff do the right thing?

Good luck as you do not know Jeff very well. First he believes nothing is wrong. Second he believes his lies and probably still thinks his model and its unique system still works. That's all he has. No creativity, no analysis of what's wroking and what's not. How dare anyone claim they are not successful? He has very poor management expertise, no management vision, no personal characteristics that might make him review and correct problems and he answers to no one. Asking Jeff to care? Good luck. His company died three years ago and with the Fraud Conviction it will never come back. Some believe it died 6 years ago. Jeff's a front runner with fradulent results not a fighter and is not capable of fixing because he doesn't believe anything is broken. If you are still a franchisee get out while you can it can not get better unless you break and go it on your own. What are you waiting for??


They interview people and lied about the results, the Net Income and the potential to succeed. They were losing 35% of their 100 dealer base and what did they do? They decided to build up the recuritement story. $150K Net Income some dealers 3x and 4x that amount. Made belief that only 10% failed. Fastest grwoing when they were in a serious decline. Armetta is the biggest liar and nothing in his life will ever change that. He's a loser!

PMD website

Last News posting April 2011 Spring News. I thought Jeff said the website would be the reason PMD would have an advantage over the stores and other furniture outlets. Some advantage as its not even timely. If anyone is looking at this franchise debacle they must be laughing. I am not sure anyone would sign up if it were free to try????? How many franchisees on the map are still in business?
To answer your question about successful sales? Unfortunately, none were successful! Running well? Not under PMD business model and legal intanglements! Call Jeff and ask him to provide a dealer retention document 2001 through 2010.

After 12 years

Looked at the website and it is unchanged in the last 3 years. As a matter of fact the PMD franchise story is unchanged after 3 years (12 years overall). Do they believe it will just start to work one day and all will be great. Please someone tell me how doing the same thing year after year and knowing the results were a lie would make you continue to do the same thing.

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