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PMD Furniture Direct Switches to Franchising

Editor's Note: This article turned from a small news clipping with a few comments to hundreds of comments that are marginally related to the original posting. As such, I have moved it from a short-term news blog to a public forum discussion on PMD Furniture Direct. News stories come and go but forums are long-term discussions and debates on topics anchored around a specific company or issue. I would remind posters that this is a site that shares information to help readers make better informed business investments. It's not enough to say don't invest in this brand. The reader will naturally want to know from front-line operators what in this sector will make them the best returns on their investment. One last point: the Blue MauMau culture is one of civility. Readers like to focus on business issues, rather than individuals or personal issues.


Wow, invest $50K-100K and NET profit the first year is $269K!

Hosking [PMD Furniture Direct's CEO] added that PMD should stand out as a lucrative option when it joins the ranks of franchisors. He contended that franchisees of a national sub sandwich company have to invest $300,000 to $400,000 and make less than $100,000 in annual net profit, citing a PMD attorney who previously worked with the chain.

Some of PMD's current licensees, including startups, do much better. He said the company's top rookie last year was a Pacific Northwest dealer who made $269,000 net profit on an initial investment between $50,000 and $100,000. - Furniture Today

This is the best deal EVER! I wanna buy a franchise NOW! Where do I wire the money? If I wire $100K for 2 franchises, will I make $538,000 my first year?

Yet why are they losing so many licensees?

But with financial markets in turmoil, PMD's total network sales are down because it hasn't been able to replace the 20% to 25% of dealers it loses annually to attrition.

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Jeff Hosking or Sheila Vitale

Jeff Hosking or Sheila Vitale should answer that post. It may be a little sarcastic but it has substance that we want to know about. Can PMD run a company owned business like the franchisees and make a profit? Is Jeff just hanging on trying to sue people which might explain the need for an in house lawyer? Is PMD Furniture Direct in so much trouble that an in house attorney is needed even though they didnt have one from 1999 to 2010 when they had a lot more franchisees/dealers (like 7times as many)? Why is that? Why after someone sued PMD for fraud, bait and switch, not upholding their contract, and a lot of other things, did PMD all of a sudden need an "in house attorney" when they didnt have one before? Honest and transparent, thats what PMD said, sounds like the government to me, honest and transparent, yeah, we believe that one right?

I agree with the sugguestion

I agree with the sugguestion for Jeff and PMD FUrniture corporate in Columbus to open a legitimate franchise there and prove to us it can be done. People are tired of struggling with no new ideas in a market that has changed so much since Jeff first sold his program that something new is desperately needed. Doesnt Jeff think people get tired of hearing him bloviate with the same old same old when he promised so much new inovation for the franchise move? If he was actually running one that could be shown in sale materials as run like all others, then he would either prove it works or know how much change is needed. Help us Jeff, Help!!!!!

Bloviation Personification

Mr. Bloviation is not capable of helping. He is stuck on the script, the stop at the door, the mattress ladder sales approach and "if you take it today I can take a little off" the ridiculous price I'm trying to convince you that the mattress sells in a store for.
Understand that Corsicana sells the exact mattress to your competitors for 35% less and that your competitor sells it, in some cases for what you pay PMD for the mattress set. Good selling! But almost impossible. Maybe quote 6X the PMD cost and see if that works?

There is only so much room on

There is only so much room on a sinking ship who is walking the gang plank now? Ask Jeff on the next confrence call.

They better focus less on the

They better focus less on the gang plank and more on the life boat that a lot of the franchisees are looking to get into. Can PMD Furniture survive another exudus? Sha-na-na-na


Finding Ex's at PMD Furniture DIrect seems to be like finding a choice on a menue in a mexican restaurant. There are so many of them in so many different sections (departments) that its hard to know which one to choose. Ex-dealers, Ex-Franchisees, Ex-Managers, Ex-Trainers, Ex-FSD's, Ex-Leadership Team members, Ex-CMO's, Ex-National Sales Manager, Ex-National DIrectors of Placement, Ex-Regional DIrectors of Placement, Ex-Accountants, Ex-Warehouse Manager, Ex-Vice Presidents of Operations, Ex-General Merchandising Manager.......... With so many Ex-s, how come PMD couldnt find one Ex-Territory Manager who was paid as a PMD employee to run a PMD company owned business?

Dont forget Ex-Furniture

Dont forget Ex-Furniture Today Top 100 even though many educated insiders say PMD never did enough retail to make the list in the first place and it was just another fraudulent representation.

Lets Get Real

Thats right! Lets get real and serious PMD! If you want to put all the franchisees questions to rest and quit seeing high level managment bail out of the company all you need to do is open a true "company owned franchise" operated just like all the others so you dont have to put a disclaimer about it in the FDD. Surley at this critical juncture Jeff Hosking needs to prove the validity of his system for selling a business model if he wants it to survive. Do it in Columbus where Jerry WIlliams and Rob Swan can help so they might be able to save their jobs. JUST ONE JEFF! Is that to much to ask for? are you scared to prove yourself and your business model? If you do it you can shut all the critics up. Take some personal responsibility big boy and help those few who stuck with you out. One year to prove and legitimize yourself, post the results, put them in the FDD, create a new script and rebuild the company from that success. Everyone who reads this knows that would be legitimate and if you dont do it they also know what to think of the opportunity that you dont seem willing to prove.

Wheres an answer from the

Wheres an answer from the "Big Kahuna"?

Don't expect any solution

The one consistant trait that Jeff always had was that he was a big talker and small time doer. He couldn't make a decision without someone helping him to decide. Behind that big bravado is Jeff the bully. Jeff the script writer. In three years he has made no strategic moves to better what's left of his company or put the past behind. He was lead into the Franchise move by the challenge to his false license agreement and the fact that every dealer would walk if he was conviced of fraud. He believed PMD with new lipstick was better. Unfortunately, nothing, truly nothing ever changed as Jeff still believes its working.

scott graham

good-bye scott ...please don't compete against me when you sell your high end memory foam mattresses. glad to know that your wife will be sticking around to help with warranty issues. good luck.. hope jeffery didnt beat you up to bad but then again i'm sure could hurt him and HELP the rest of us if push comes to shove

They were part of the lie

Everyone thought Jerry and Scott were the good guys. Many thought they were doing things in their best interests. The truth is they were serving their master (Jeff) and what he had them hide was the lack of perfomance of the company, the lack of success of the dealers overall and the failure of the company business model with no hope for success. They went to bed every nite knowing that good hard working dealers would eventually fail. They were benefiting from the failures of others and they didn't care.

Sad Individual

He help hide the fraud and had more contact than any individual with struggling PMD dealers. He always built the company up (misleading) and its leaders (frauds) to be something the company and its management never were. PMD an industry leader? Wonder what he thinks now? Can't respect him for looking the other way for the last 12 years! He help perpetuate the fraud everyday he was at PMD

Biggest fraud

Hid behind the PMD wall of lies and misrepresentations while trying to be the good ole boy. Just why did he believe so many dealers were failing over the years. He executed the churn and burn as well as anyone and he in most cases had the "final" telephone contact when a dealer was eliminated from the system. How did he feel when a struggling dealer was forced to work thru him to survive the final weeks of being with PMD before the law suit hit? He did exactly what Jeff told him: "Screw the dealer."

Scott Graham is gone? No

Scott Graham is gone? No way, who will tell the franchisees that Jeff Hosking designs each mattress individually and that they are not just like all the other Corsicana right off the line going to other retailers? Scott was the industry expert wasnt he? Well we know Joe, Mr. Wall Street / Bankrupt is gone and if Scott G is gone that means the finance and manufacturing experts have both been KIA dosnt it? What will Jeff and PMD do?

Get Real!

Wait a minute, I thought the business model was a success. Bert Harbin said so during recruiting. Sarah Thibodeaux raved about it. So did Cindy Castille. Barbara Clark was almost brought to tears because it changed her life so much. Rick Dooley said he was making lots of money, and couldn't thank Jeff enough. So did Mitch. Jason was doing even better with 2 locations. So one of two things much have occurred. Either these people were making the money they claimed using the pmd model, or they were standing up as representatives of a corporation and repeatedly lying (knowingly defrauding investors) about the money they were making. Since many of them have already testified in court to the latter, suing them all individually for intent to defraud should be a slam dunk. Add the many other managers and representatives of pmd that did the same for the past 8-10 years and you have a very long list of conspirators. The collective payout will be epic. These people were the orchestrators of the fraud and the fact that some of them now claim victim is laughable. Time to make them pay.

Get Real!!

Amen, brother. We were aligned with a group of liars and thieves.

Now that's an Interesting Story!

Everything they did was scripted. They signed a pledge to handle the problems individually so that a dealer group could not be formed. Making the money they claimed using the PMD model was a fraud! They all knew it. They all made the numbers look good. They were paid to make believe it was working and keep on ticking. Why do you think they never asked the dealers for Net Income yet claimed the average was $150K or an experienced dealer made 3X or 4X that average in their recuriting script? They took dealers on trips to make believe they were successful and their friends. It all worked to hide the truth! Jeff knew exactly what he was doing and he is still in denial. If you are part of the franchise group go after Jeff, Jerry Joe and Rob as they knew the fraud (have a recent conviction), recruited you and coerced you fraudulently to sign a new agreement knowing that you were signing based on gross misreprentations. That's the best play you have.

Get Real 2

Who knows just how many PMD managers or shouldnt you say ex-managers as they are all long gone, were paid to lie and toe the company line. Who knows when and if the PMD system ever really worked as there was a definative corporate change when Jeff made Joe Armetta the CMO and PMD became a different animal with Furniture Today, Policy & Proceedures, and a very organized sales program. Those things are years in the past and current franchisees or potential franchisees want to know what is possible right now in 2012 moving forward. If Jeff believes his system is real and valuable then it should be simple to open a Columbus corporate franchise, run it according to PMD's operations manual for franchises, publicize the numbers, and a lot of the banter on this site would be somewhat nullified. PMD Furnitures refusal to even attempt such a simple plan does a lot in making anyone question the businesses validity as it stands today.

A Company Owned Franchise??

Jeff has tried various Columbus clearance centers and it has not worked since Darren Conrad or Cliff Mast. They were not company owned and Jeff in 2006 failed miserably in his attempt to show the world he could still run a clearance center. The bottom line is Jeff knows the clearnace center model under PMD does not work. You can't overpay for product and then try to sell it for and additional 40% markup needed to cover expenses. He knows this, was told by Industry leaders that it would not work and still churned and burned 400 ex dealers. Armetta told his brother he needed to close his locations and get into corporate where they could feast on the dealers who were struggling. Nice guys! They were paid handsomely to hang with Jeff and be his friend. If you look at PMD over the last 3 years it is easy to see that Jeff has no plan and does not care about being legitimate. He has never ever thought about personal responsibilty and never will. How are all the new Franchise programs working?

You prove my point about

You prove my point about getting real. Over the last 3 years the time that Joe Armetta said franchisees would be a part of something great, it would not be hard to make the case that PMD Furniture did not deliver the goods if you will. That is why I say that Jeff Hosking needs to prove it right now. Who cares or even knows about Darren Conrad or Cliff Mast as that was even more ancient history than the group of former managers that left PMD 3 or 4 years ago. Franchisees and interested candidates want to know what PMD and its officers (those who are left as word is now 2 of the original 5 are gone) are capable of themselves. If Jeff, Jerry, and Rob can not run a successful franchise out of Columbus then its probably GAME OVER! If they can run one, PMD should be allowed to sell its model based on that success. I think forcing Jeff to prove his model does or does not work in todays market is a serious issue and should be of the utmost importance to him. Any good leader should have no fear in leading from the front especially in what has undoubtedly been a very tough time at PMD.

Company owned location?

Never had one and never will. Jeff testified in court he had a Dallas company owned location that did $18.0 million and lost money.No one, Jerry or Rob didn't know of it, believed him or the numbers. Don't think an operation could be successful when your day starts at 2 PM daily. Would Jeff have to work Staurday and Sunday? A clearance center is hard work. Jeff, Joe, Jerry, Rob and Scott didn't have the committment to even try to make a clearnace center work and they knew it would lose money so why try. Selling product to the Franchisees at inflated markups is the game to be playing. Armetta chose bankruptcy over running a furniture and mattress clearnace center. You won't see anyone mentioned providing any perfomance metrics anytime soon. Jeff doesn't seem to care about much.

PMD's appeal

Just read PMD's appeal and must admit their lawyers could make the courts believe Ohio State won the NCAA basketball championship Monday nite. They must believe the appeals court is dumb and the jury just didn't really have the facts.
Here is the Interesting story they want you to believe: That the jury disbleieved Hosking and Armetta as they tesified and found them wanting and not credible. Wow! How did they know?
Hey, you could be deaf, dumb and blind and realize that they were lying and not credibile. All four Defendants lied under oath and hoped that the jury would believe them. Its now time for the Appeals Court to say enough is enough and show Jeff some hand! Its over!

Defendant's stories

Listening to the stories from Jerry and Rob in court they wanted the jury to believe that they were not involved in the fraud. Listening to Joe and Jeff they wanted you to believe that they did not commit fraud. The jury voted that Jerry and Rob were not part of the recruitement fraud. The jury voted that Jeff and Joe committed fraud. Jeff claimed he would crush anyone who challenged him. He was wrong and his business since 2007 has suffered and is almost finished. All the testimony from the successful franchisees couldn't convince the jury that PMD was a viable business. Sorry Charlie it didn't help. If anything it hurt. What do you think the average Net Income of the Franchise Group is?

Trial vs Economic Concepts

Looks like the PMD boys convicted of Fraud in June 2011 will be going to trial June 2012 versus Economic Concepts and Hartford Insurance Company. Jeff is taking on some bigs boys and his legal pockets are not as big as the Defendants but look for Cooper and Elliot to bill some big time hours. What will they do when then well runs dry? Once again Jerry and Rob will tesify (misremember) on PMD's behalf. I wonder if Pino was covered by the Pension plan? Jerry signed the discloure form that eliminates PMD's chances of a win but watch out for the magic of Cooper and Elliot. Could Pension Plan fraud be the result of this June case. Stay tuned and see who Jeff throws under the bus!

Under the Bus

Heard the bus ran over someone yesterday!


If it wasn't for the legal issues Jeff would get rid of everyone.

Same guy who just filed bankruptcy?

You really can't believe anything from Joe Armetta and his bankruptcy. Raise your hand if you believe this is a lie!

Chief Revenue Officer The Access Agency, LLC Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Entertainment industry

February 2009 – Present (3 years 3 months)

I conceive, create, and execute initiatives that drive new revenue and income streams for globally recognizable "celebrity" brands and totally cool & emerging "lifestyle" brands.

1. Diversify and expand revenue streams
2. Extend longevity of revenue programs
3. Capture additional market share
4. Attract and inspire brand loyalists
5. Maximize enterprise value for shareholders

My celebrity clients (and partners) include:

NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony
Michael Mina (world renown chef; CEO of Mina Group)
MLB All-Star CJ Wilson
"Heroes" TV Show (producer Tim Kring)
International Management Group (IMG)
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
LifeTime Fitness, Inc. (largest fitness club company in world)
Celebrity CEO Bahram Akradi

Lifestyle Brands:
Brand Jordan
Denver Nuggets
Texas Rangers
Procter & Gamble
CJ Wilson Children's Charity
Carmelo CARES

NBC-Universal TV
NBC News
Yahoo! Sports

New Clients for Joe

I'm sure Joe will approach some his former contacts;

Bank Of America
Mercedes Benz
Chase Credit
Chase Visa
American Express
Capital One Bank
Capital One Insititutional
UPS Freight
Land Rover Financial

Case 9:11-bk-14383-RR and unsecured debt of over $300,000. He could probably do some Marketing for PMD Furniture Direct and Furniture Today. They certainly need someone who can develop and execute strategies that diversify business models (PMD) increase revenue streams (PMD and the Franchisees) and expand market share for emerging industry leaders (Furniture Today). Does that make sense?

Nothing he does surprises anyone

This just the next phase in his totally fraudulent lifestyle. In the bankrupcty court he stated that the Acess Agency did not have any revenue stream. Now he's the Chief Revenue Officer. He has a passion for fradulent activities. His Linked-in profile:

The 6 P's

Purpose ...................get over on as many people he can
Pasion.......................making money from others who have no chance of making money with him
People........................don't really matter and he truly doesn't care
Process......................sell the American Dream fro Wall St to Hollywood to Silicon Valley
Profit Payoff................only for Joe all others need not apply
Philanthropic payoff...........PLEASE! He a had $263 in his bank account.

He is a Strategic Genius in his own mind,

It looks to me like Jeff and

It looks to me like Jeff and Joe pulled off the perfect scheme and the layers of lies runs deeper than most know. If Armetta can pull off a bankruptcy and Jeff can move to being a "new company" that offers franchises instead of dealerships then the 2nd wave of potential lies has already been played. Wave three is probably already in the works as it seems there is nothing else Jeff can do. I knew him well for some time and I think he is to pig headed to fix his world so sooner or latter he will probably blow it up (good luck to those on the ship if he does). PMD used to add more new franchisees/dealers every year than are in existance right now. Who knows what lines, stories, promises, and other things are being told to franchisees to keep them hanging on. I cant imagine feeling good if they signed up for the franchise being told it would be one of the great franchise stories in history to now see that PMD can barely average two new businesse a year.

What goes around

Jeff got caught up in a wealth of lies and misrepresentation and will never be able to recover. How he could allow his business to be eroded is still very confusing. A smart guy would have cut his losses, solved his legal issues and moved the company forward. A pig headed guy digs his feet in, is inflexiable, spends thousands on legal defenses that are indefensiable and believes he can lie his way out of any problem against any foe. This is a case study for the Harvard business school on what not to do with your company when times are difficult.

Lawyers claim Jeff a freeloader

Rumors that Jeff is no longer paying for legal services. I guess he's got Shelia working the legal side as he realizes he wasted $400K to try and lie his way out of the legal issues. Franchisees are all looking for a way out as nothing......................nothing has changed since PMD promised the American Dream, an Internet driven business and expansion of the business model. No one believes Jeff has the ability to change or improve the business. Armetta admits to old PMD dealers that Jeff just wanted to churn and burn and Jeff is the one who got burned. Would love to see Ohio, hope they lose to the Jayhawks bigtime!

Justice in Columbus

My favorite team is anyone playing the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes just seem to have the unfortunate circumstances that always make them a loser. Who does that remind you of?? That old bus seems like a real waste of money nowadays. Looked like at halftime the Buckeyes were in good shape but they found a way to lose. Did Jeff stop and see Cindy and Sarah's clearance centers on his trip to NO? I'm sure they would love to see the old boy again. How Mitch doing with buying direct?

While that is funny, I

While that is funny, I believe what Jeff Hosking, Sarah T, Cindy L and her brother Mitch did to contribute to the PMD fraud story is disgusting and disgraceful. How many times did Sarah testify for PMD before she decided to sue the company for fraud? She seems to have one type of character or set of standards when being paid as a PMD manager and another set when she wanted out to do her own thing. Did she help more people make it as a PMD manager or see more people drown in failure while recruiting others to replace them? I bet she, Cindy, Mitch, and a bunch of others are out recruiting somebody else for something else as this all unfolds.

The Naval oath taken by all managers

When Jeff provided all the managers with the Naval Academy oath swearing all to take a bullet for PMD before you provided help for the dealers or problems for PMD everyone believed he was crazy and it didn't really matter. Jeff believed it was a the cultural foundation that made his organization great. Sarah, Cindy and Mitch worshipped the ground that the big fellow walked on. Jeff said jump they said how high. It wasn't until Armetta cut their compensation and PMD threatened to sue Cindy's father (yes that's also Mitch's Dad) did feelings change. Character??? They are what Jeff wanted them to be..............weak loyal supporters who benefited personally while dealers failed, and in some cases destoryed their own families. Sarah and Mitch knew many, if not all, of the +400 ex dealers who are no longer part of PMD franchise group. Wasn't Mitch the guy in charge of training dealers to be successful. How did that work out? Read the telephone script word for word, no deviations! How successful was Mitch?

Is this real?

We know about the Naval drop out but please don't tell me he had a "oath" that the managers took. This story gets more screwed up the more you peel back the layers of the group. Did they chant and pray to the God of Mattresses? A dealer told me once that Jeff was not qualified to be a CEO and that he would never be able to grow the organization. He was so right!

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Adjust your cost estimate

Thousands? In the last four years Jeff Hosking and PMD Furniture have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Cooper & Elliott attorneys. They hired one (Sheila VItale) away from Cooper & Elliott to be PMD's full time legal gun and continued to use Rex Elliott and Chip Cooper for trial and other work. The company also hired another firm to deal with a brief law suit PMD filed against a defendant that has since been dismissed. In the last four years between those attorneys mentioned above dealing with two fraud cases, IRS tax investigations, complaints PMD filed against former dealers/franchisees, and complaints PMD filed against consulting firms and attorneys, they have probably spent close to $800,000. Estimates are that they spent over $400,000 alone on the one big fraud case they lost. In a business school case you would also have to figure what the company lost in operational income and how much they had to spend in company man power through Rob Swan, Jeff Hosking, Joe Armetta, Jerry WIlliams, and others who most likely put hundreds of hours into things relative to trying to fix the legal problems they faced. A case could easily be made that whoever directed PMD's legal course has cost the company millions in both actual expenses and lost revenues. I dont know if I would trust a company with that kind of decision making track reccord. Attorneys love them though.

Failure stalks Success everyday

Most Company CEO's know that they must work hard everyday to continue to be successful. Jeff never believed he had to work hard because he believed his business scam was legally protected. Look around PMD and you still see Jerry, Rob and Scott and you find loyalty to the Fraud not management that can grow a business or rework a declining business. CEO's must find replacements that can bring new concepts. Jeff still believe's it a $200K opportunity.A very tragic story that is no longer interesting!

PMD was setup to defraud

From the early stages Jeff knew that, like his Vector experience. the setup needed to be protected by an over the top legal contract that would be defended by opportunistic lawyers who were part of the fraud. If Jeff put half of his energy into building a business that he put into creating a legal story and defense he would have 300 dealers selling mattresses and furniture today. He was assured by his legal team that they could defend the defenseless. The mistake they all made was that the defense was built to protect their unique business model from competition not from a fraud claim that exposed their perfomance lies and msirepresentation. They didn't believe anyone knwew the facts. Maybe the lawyers thought Jeff was telling the truth about his company success???? Jeff still swears today that the sales and the unique metrics he claimed were truthful. He just doesn't know how they got in Furniture Today, the recruitment brochures or the company website. That Pino might have hacked into the company website when he was in Dallas that year. Why didn't Jeff lawyers have Pino testify in the fraud case??

You must not be in the know

You must not be in the know on franchisees because once they converted dealers to a new contract (no other real change except it is more binding and waives more PMD liability), I dont think they have come close to 2 a year. In fact Jeff, Jerry, and Rob would probably be real happy with two a year given the lack of growth and success in recruiting without the old job ad scheme..

Franchise agreement

Agree that the Franchisee signed a "fraudulent" contract and PMD also misled them in the FDD. Looks like the PMD concealment of their fraudulent acts can be attacked by all Franchisees to get a settlement out of PMD and like the DA get rid of PMD once and forever. PMD knows its liability and is praying the Franchisees don't challenge them. Jeff doesn't care but its Jerry and Rob biggest nightmare once again. This time Jerry recruited all of the Franchisees with lies of PMD's success and future.

Legal Status

PMD has an appeal their conviction of Fraud and the Plaintiff has an appeal on the Business Opportunity decision that was rendered early in the case. Look for PMD to lose both their appeal and the BO decision as PMD became a Franchise becasuse of their BO and Franchise law violations. Once that is out of the way the Class Action will be filed to get every ex dealer the license fee that was charged under fraudulent terms. Let's see 350 x average of $20,000. That's a cool $7,000,000 PMD/Jeff will need to pay out. Wow! Get your license agreement out as its time to collect from PMD.

Fallen Franchises

What is the legal recourse for the soon to be fallen franchises. I would think that if you sign up with a franchise opportunity, and then the company owner is convicted of fraud shortly after you sign, you should have rights. Especially if you were one of the few who were not with the old company. Those guys ought to be filing for bankruptcy soon enough and may need legal support.

This pretty much sums it up.....

Raise your hand if you ever caught JOE ARMETTA in a lie.

Class action suit being developed for the Franchisees

PMD attempted to have all the franchisees give up all prior claims in their Franchise agreement. However the conviction of Fraud and their willful knowledge they were committing fraud changes the game. Stay tuned!

Granville_Bean's picture

A funny thing...

As some who is merely a customer and not in the furniture industry at all: The only time I have ever heard of PMD Furniture Direct is from here on BMM.  I have also never heard anyone I know mention PMD Furniture Direct.  Of course this is just anecdotal, but what could a franchise with so little recognition among the public be worth? Anything? This is definitely NOT a major brand, so what is the value in affiliating with it?

Let's see??

Close your eyes! What you see is the value! Afiliation allows you to pay an very high markup. Cheaper to open and buy from your local furniture store and resell claiming it fell off the truck. When you have 23 active franchsiees its doesn't matter. They did fraudulently induce over 400 ex dealers.

Is Furniture Today taking the

Is Furniture Today taking the annual surveys on sales and performance information for its LIST publications right now? Who from PMD Furniture Direct is putting one together this year? WIll Jeff have Jerry WIlliams, Rob Swan, or Scott Graham get information from franchisees? Will Sheila Vitale make sure anything PMD submits is honest and transparent? Potential franchisees want to know about things like inventory turns, gross margins, retail sales, and a lot of others. How is Royal Herritage doing? There should be some good history on company owned franchisees now. Didnt they start out saying they had 3? How have those 3 done? How has the Columbus franchise done using Jeff's super system and Royal Heritage product line? The year to year sales, margins, inventory turns, and net income on those stores should be available for everyone to see in the FDD if PMD is really a good and honest opportunity dont you think? If Jeff cant prove hes able to make his own system work why should anyone buy it?

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