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Popeyes Spins Chicken into Gold

CNBC's finance guru and co-founder of The Street Jim Cramer speaks with Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder. Popeyes chief alchemist shows how the franchise system can spin chicken into pure gold with same store sales in the double digits!

That is for the first quarter of 2014, when her competitors —uhm, that especially includes you, Yum Brands and KFC— were complaining about the harsh weather harming their store sales. It sounds like "harsh weather" just might be corporate speak for "Help! Popeyes stealing my market share."

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is also the only player among the major QSR franchisors to monitor franchise store profitability (EBITDAR), report on it and improve it. It looks to this journal like Bachelder's focus has the winning recipe. Mr. Cramer seems to think so too.

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