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Postal Connections

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Postal Connections

Ken Sully sold me one in 2003, and he, Andy and Fred talked like I'd be breaking even within six months. Sales information provided wasn't not from a typical store, they failed to disclose lawsuits against them, and the truth was buried under other company names. Although my store closed a year ago, if you go to the Postal Connections franchise web site, my store is still listed as an open, operating store. This is because Fred and Andy like to pretend they've got all these stores open and operating successfully, so they can convince potential owners to buy one of their franchises. Out of 45 stores "open" in 2003, there were only 5 still open in 2007, and the ones left were losing money or for sale. I worked 14 hour days for five years and never broke even, never was able to pay myself even minimum wage (the last year I was open, I paid myself $13,000. and that was my top salary). These jerks also sued me for back royalties, which I could not pay because I couldn't even pay myself, and that forced me into bankruptcy. Other franchisees who got out have similar stories as mine. Fred and Andy are operating a pyramid scheme; they know the stores are losers--they are only interested in selling new stores to save their own shirts. I am over 55, and I lost my life savings (over $60K in cash) and am still paying the taxes and business loan on a store I don't have anymore. Next month I will be homeless and camping out. DON'T BUY ONE OF THESE!!!

Current Franchisee Owners?

Are there any current Postal Connections franchisees who would like to add any comments?

Postal Connections Just Say No

Postal Connections Were shall I begin:

Ken Sully Started it used to be a Sales Guy for MBE. Decided he could start his own Franchise System. Sales were week and then was recruited to I Sold It on Ebay it was growing like weeks but business model was untested sold 1000 now 900 are out of biz.

Ken turned over the business to Andy Thompson and Fred Morache again x Mail Boxes Etc. corporate employee's Andy was the head trainer Fred was vp marketing of marketing. Ok Ok there's a little history. Andy is a good guy at least he was 15 years ago. Fred little background when he worked for MBE would travel and make presentations to franchisee's instead of buying a Projector he would go to Office Max use it for the night and then return it the next morning. Yea can we say ethics. This guy was making 6 figures. And cant get MBE to buy him a projector.

Ok about Postal Connection there business model is circa 1985 Mail Boxes Etc. they can't compete in price, service, or anything else the majority of franchisee's are losing there shorts bad. Buy an existing business never start a new franchise to much risk.

Hope this helps.

Postal Connections

How is Postal Connections as a franchise? I'm not finding any comments on this site so far.

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