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MTY's Delayed Earnings Call Leaves Analysts Baffled with Few Answers on 'Whistleblower' Claims News March 18th, 2020 Janet Sparks
Franchisees Win Major Victory on Appeal against 7-Eleven News March 20th, 2019 Janet Sparks
Franchisees Consider Settlement to End Legal Battles with Tim Horton News March 18th, 2019 Janet Sparks
74 Percent of Economists Oppose $15 Federal Minimum Wage News March 14th, 2019 Janet Sparks
Company Insider Files Whistleblower Complaint against Domino's Pizza News February 19th, 2019 Janet Sparks
NLRB to Restore Traditional Joint-Employer Standard News January 28th, 2019 Janet Sparks
Hertz Global to Pay $16M to Settle SEC Charges over Accounting Errors News January 8th, 2019 Janet Sparks
Ex-Manager Sues Planet Fitness Claiming Sexual Assault, 'Debaucherous' Work Culture News January 4th, 2019 Janet Sparks
Subway Franchisee Settles EEOC Claims that Manager Offered Teens Jobs for Sex News January 1st, 2019 Janet Sparks
Former NLRB Officials Duke It Out over How Feds Should Define 'Joint Employment' News December 3rd, 2018 Janet Sparks
DOL Revokes Employer '80/20' Tip Credit Rule News November 15th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Motel 6 Settles Class Action for $7.6M over Claims It Shared Latino Names with ICE Agents News November 12th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Pizza Franchisors in Hot Seat for Labor Law Abuses News November 6th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Judge Dismisses Craft Beer Franchisor Trade Secret Suit against Glassdoor News November 1st, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB Releases Proposed Regulations on Joint Employer Standard News October 17th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Judge Rules Applebee's Franchisee Bankruptcy Can Now Move Forward News October 10th, 2018 Janet Sparks
FBI Granted More Time in Indictment of Franchisee Who Plotted Wife's Demise News October 1st, 2018 Janet Sparks
The Planet Fitness Transgender Case Is Headed Back to Trial Court News September 25th, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB Chairman Proposes Overhaul of Current Joint Employer Standard News September 17th, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB Rejects McDonald's Settlement Deal in Joint Employer Case News August 29th, 2018 Janet Sparks
DOL Exempts Franchisees from Joint-Employer in Healthcare Plans News August 27th, 2018 Janet Sparks
7-Eleven Ex-Franchisee Sues Marks & Klein for Malpractice, Negligent Legal Services News May 23rd, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB May Now Decide to Use Lengthy Rulemaking to Address Joint Employer Standard News May 16th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Jury Awards $8.8M Damages to El Pollo Loco Franchisees over Encroachment News Summary Blog May 4th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Domino’s Swiftly Settles Lawsuit with Multi-Unit Franchisee over Obstructing Sale of Stores News April 23rd, 2018 Janet Sparks
Subway Turns Blind Eye to Mayhem Surrounding Its Franchise System News April 22nd, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB Judge Listens to Arguments for and against McDonald’s Settlement News April 8th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Waffle House Ex-CEO Entangled in Sexual Extortion Trial with Former Housekeeper, Attorneys News April 8th, 2018 Janet Sparks
California Judge Dismisses 7-Eleven Franchisees’ Lawsuit, Orders Parties to Reach Joint Agreement News April 3rd, 2018 Janet Sparks
Judge Proposes Franchisee Pay Hard Rock Café $732K in Attorney Fees, Costs News March 30th, 2018 Janet Sparks
DLA Piper’s Top 10 Franchise Cases for 2017 News March 28th, 2018 Janet Sparks
McDonald’s Rushes Settlement to Avoid 'Joint Employer' Ruling, Judge Says No Approval Yet News March 20th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Anti-Poaching Clause in Franchise Agreements Is a Big Risk for Franchisors News March 19th, 2018 Janet Sparks
After Hy-Brand, Protesting Workers Demand NLRB Halt McDonald’s Settlement Talks News March 7th, 2018 Janet Sparks
NLRB Reinstates Obama-Era Browning-Ferris Joint Employer Decision News March 4th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Edible Arrangements Sues Google for $209M over Rival Ads News March 1st, 2018 Janet Sparks
Latest Liberty Tax CEO Fired, Demoted Co-Founder Hewitt Brings in Franchisees News February 26th, 2018 Janet Sparks
7-Eleven Inc. Sues Franchisee Associations Coalition after Tradeshow Protest News February 22nd, 2018 Janet Sparks
RE/MAX Co-Founder Dave Liniger Hands over Reins to Co-CEO Adam Cantos News February 19th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Jollibee Foods Now Majority Owner of Smashburger in $100M Deal News February 16th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Graphic Sexual Harassment Charges Filed against IHOP, Applebee’s Franchisees News February 14th, 2018 Janet Sparks
One Cannabis Ready to Roll Out Franchises amidst Challenges with Feds News February 8th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Franchisee Seeks $9.5M, Alleges Roasting Plant Used Fake Representations to Defraud News February 4th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Judge Allows NLRB Counsel Two-Month Stay in McDonald’s Joint Employer Case News January 24th, 2018 Janet Sparks
KFC Franchisee Can No Longer Serve Muslim Friendly 'Halal' Chicken News January 24th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Immigration Agents Raid 7-Eleven Stores amid Conflict between Franchisor and Franchisees News January 15th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Minimum Wage Hike Backfires on Employees, Costs Customers More News January 9th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Papa John’s Franchisee Settles with New York AG for Cheating Workers Out of Pay News January 8th, 2018 Janet Sparks
Washington State AG Sues Motel 6 for Giving Guests’ Personal Data to ICE Agents News January 5th, 2018 Janet Sparks
McDonald’s Beef with India Franchisee Drags Brand Down as Stores Shutter News January 3rd, 2018 Janet Sparks