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Starting up your own business can be a scary thing for a lot of entrepreneurs. That is because there are many unknowns about the process, such as: how much money will you need in order to get your business off the ground?

How will you market your business? How much money will you need to maintain profits? How do you know if your business model will be profitable?

It is the fear of these unknowns that push some prospective business owners towards a franchise model instead. As we have explained before on this blog, a franchise model is great for first-time owners because it gives them a business structure that has proven successful elsewhere, oftentimes quelling the concerns that prevent some entrepreneurs from following their dream of owning their own business in the first place.

But some within the franchise industry are looking to shake up the standard franchise model by offering what is being called quasi-franchising. As a recent Wall Street Journal article explains, quasi-franchising gives entrepreneurs the "existing, well-oiled operation" they come to expect with a standard franchise model but with one difference: they also get the flexibility to customize the look and feel of the business to meet their own purpose.

To put it simply, the quasi-franchising model gives entrepreneurs the ability to start their own business without the fear of whether their behind-the-scenes parts will sink their dreams or not.

With newer generations moving away from the typical McDonald's franchise model in exchange for a more customized, almost mom-and-pop feel, quasi-franchising might become a more common option -- if not the norm -- a few years from now. As the Wall Street Journal article explains, this franchise model gives prospective business owners the opportunity to tap into the wants of this niche group of people while still staying true to a franchise model that promises to maintain the integrity of their business.

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