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Queensland MP Calls for Franchising Tribunal

Qld ParliamentIn Australia’s state of Queensland, David Gibson MP has delivered a speech to parliament tonight calling for the introduction of a law that regulates franchisee and franchisor relationships.This will be the third state In Australia to introduce a Private Member's Franchising Bill in recognition of the federal Small Business Minister’s disinterest.

In the absence of any willingness to address concerns raised by the various inquiries and the clear public concerns about cowboy operators we have recently seen the South Australian and Western Australian governments take action …..

Interesting it has been a Labor government in South Australia and a Liberal National government in Western Australia that have both felt the need to act.   David Gibson MP

Hear David Gibson’s speech here

David Gibson MPMr Gibson announced his intention to take a more moderate approach in 2011 to WA and SA.  He is to consult with all industry stakeholders and draft a Private Members Bill to address the needs in franchising through a state based Tribunal to avoid ‘the annihilation in adversarial litigation.’

Franchising stakeholders across Australia might even begin to collaborate to achieve a more prosperous franchising environment and address what needs to be addressed. We should all try to be nice especially when the FCA gets upset yet again.


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