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Quizno's 2007 UFOC

Here's the latest FREE Quizno's UFOC or Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (pdf file, also attached below) as of January 2007. It is 427 pages long.

Of interest is the Earnings Claim, Item 19, on pdf page 72 (page 64 of the paper document). Average annual gross sales for the system was $414,625 with 42.1% of units meeting or exceeding the average.

Quiznos Franchise Agreement starts on electronic page 86.

And starting from electronic page 342 to 362 is a list of Quiznos owners and Area Developers who left the system. It contains their contact information. A prospective franchise owner will want to speak with a number of these Quiznos ex-franchisees.

Quiznos_Jan07_UFOC.pdf3.2 MB
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