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ReBath LLC

98% of current ReBath franchisees rate the helpfulness and communication between fellow franchisees as Excellent, Very Good or Good!

Franchise Description: Re-Bath specializes in One-Day, Stress-Free bath remodeling.

Read FranSurvey's one page franchisee satisfaction review below (pdf). Free Adobe Reader software is necessary.  For the full report click here.

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Rebath is bad

Re-Bath does a dog and pony show to get a potential franchisee to buy a protected territory and once they have your money treat you like dirt. Next comes the threatening letters from some *** named Heidi who is a puppet to Dave Sanders. Dave Sanders is a punk who needs to get his *** kicked for treating paid dealers like crap. I feel sorry for his wife and family because he is known as a little Hitler in the network, the whole office staff is afraid of him when he sticks his head above his desk. He has a paid audience whom is afraid to say anything as they have a lot of money on the line and now cannot afford to be cut off. Once in the system, showroom requirements, bogus qoutos based on unreal #'s for a down economy, and advertising requirements to promote their name will break most new business owners. Sanders protects dealers he likes and kiss his ***. The best comes when they sell the area you were promised when you signed up and yet they still expect dealers to make it. Go figure. I've seen too many good people close shop and all corp says is they were a lousy franchise, they never take any blame. I'm sure the same is said for me after I left. If Re-Bath is to succeed, Sanders has got to go !!! The guy is a joke. Save your $. So glad to be on my own again. Kinda like taking a big sh_t, wiping, flushing, and then feeling whom again. Moving on in a different way to get my life back after being sucked dry. What comes around, goes around, his turn is coming.

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