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Sandwich Makers of World Not United

Industrial Workers of the World strike at Jimmy John's
A Wobblies poster showing workers as cogs, IWW photo/snuffbox

Workers of the world don't always unite, at least in Minneapolis.

The radical Industrial Workers of the World (commonly known as the Wobblies) attempted to organize 200 workers at Jimmy John's sandwich shops in Minneapolis, according to the New York Times. According to the Socialist Appeal, workers chanted "No Justice? No Sandwiches!"

About 60 percent of the workers signed pro-union cards, but in the secret ballot the Wobblies lost by 87-85.

Some workers were bluntly realistic about the realities of the job: "How much do you expect to get paid for making a baloney sandwich or cutting a pickle in half?... This is not rocket science" said worker Steven Smith.

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