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SC Chick-fil-A Gives Top Service, Does Top Business

A Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Chick-fil-A is rumored to be the busiest in the state, and perhaps even the entire Southeast. This is no accident for the greater Charleston area restaurant. Its service is innovatively honed, and franchisee Josh Malone and his team are constantly alert to ways to save a few seconds in the order-to-served time window.

Citing safety concerns, Chick-fil-A refused to confirm the Mount Pleasant store’s ranking. Malone claimed ignorance, saying he doesn’t keep track of fellow franchisees’ sales. He knows his restaurant is so popular that he recently had to close briefly for a major expansion. But when it comes to companywide stats, “I don’t really look at it,” he says. “I’m not sure where we stack up.”

…Chick-fil-A is drawing an astounding number of customers.

“Chick-fil-A is so successful, it blows your mind,” says Sam Oches, editor of QSR, a trade magazine for the fast-food sector. “It has one-quarter the number of locations as KFC, and it’s closed on Sundays, and it’s doing twice the sales.” — Hanna Raskin, The Post and Courier

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