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Scottish Restaurant and Hotel Says Michelin Star Bad for Profits

Scotland hotel owners Don and Wendy Matheson say they appreciate the Michelin star the hotel's restaurant gained 10 years ago, but that the stress from enhanced expectations on them, which in turn has had a negative impact on their profits, is not worth it. They have asked to be stripped of their star.

Their decision closely follows that of chef Sebastien Bras, operator of a three-star restaurant in France, who asked to be dropped from Michelin's list for the same reason—high stress.

Mrs Matheson said: "Whilst we are extremely proud of the Michelin star we gained 10 years ago and it undoubtedly enhanced our reputation, our restaurant has consistently made a loss.

"We believe that the expectations from Michelin are at odds with achievable profit margins and put an enormous stress on a small family-run business like ours. — BBC

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