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Self-Made Management Titan Teams With Franchise Development Leader

Chicago, IL (October 15, 2009) — Craig Slavin, a well-known
innovator, entrepreneur and 35-year veteran in the field of business franchise
development and deployment, is pleased to announce that Steven Titus has become
a shareholder of Franchise Central LLC. 
Mr. Titus is a forty-year senior management veteran for Sears Holdings. Slavin
is the President of Franchise Central and inventor of the Franchise Navigator, the only market-validated profiling system that
measures the potential of franchise candidates and helps companies optimize recruitment,
selection and individual performance. Ove 14,000 Franchise Business Surveys have been conducted by Franchise Navigator.

the heart of this new partnership is the Franchise
, a five-step process which benchmarks a company’s existing operators,
identifies who their high performers are and why they do much better with a
particular business model, and redesigns their growth and marketing strategy to
recruit new candidates who resemble their high performers. More than 100
organizations are currently using the Franchise Navigator. Slavin invented the Franchise
Navigator process nearly 15 years ago and has used it to improve the franchise
strategies and bottom lines for such high-profile companies as Sears, Ace
Hardware, YUM Brands (Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W Root Beer, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's), FASTSIGNS, Buffalo Wild Wings, Huddle House, Del Taco and
Foot Solutions, just to name a few.

has previously used his powerful people skills and innovative management
techniques to boost the operational performance of dozens of business
departments at Sears, including the development of new business models, called
the Sears Hometown Stores and Sears Appliance Showrooms.

can attest to the effectiveness of the Franchise
, and it was his experience working with the groundbreaking system
that compelled him to invest in the company. Titus worked with Slavin beginning
in 1994 to re-evaluate and reposition the Sears Hometown Stores, as well as
reinvent recruiting materials to attract the right operators, and he saw,
first-hand, how the process increased unit sales, optimized efficiency and slashed
costs. “Franchise Navigator was absolutely spot on,” Titus said.

“Working with Slavin
increased the success rate of Sears’s operators by 35%, which is phenomenal.
Even 3–5% would have been statistically important.” With high performers running
the stores, average sales increased 38% within 18 months. Titus continued, “Thanks
to Craig and the Franchise Navigator, we got the right people who enjoyed the
work, and our performance rocketed up. The investment in Franchise Navigator
paid for itself many times over. We want to continue to make the Franchise
Navigator the industry standard. There really is nothing like it. I can look
anyone in the eye and explain what Franchise Navigator did for Sears.”

For more information on the Franchise Navigator, visit

For more information on ConnectMe and how it works contact Craig Slavin at  


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Over 40 years of solid experience creating, marketing; franchising or growing worldwide organizations (Franchise Architects).

Assisted hundreds of companies improve their competitive position by:

Repositioning their concepts; learning how to better respond to changes more effectively, streamlining operations, developing new operating concepts, products and services, implementing automation and educating franchisors how to find more high performing franchise operators. (Franchise Navigator)

Strengths are divided into five broad categories: 

1.    Concept Development,

2.    Human Behavioral and Coaching Aspects of Business Ownership,

3.    Operations and Management,

4,    Franchise Sales and Recruitment Strategies

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