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Small Business Owner Scorecard on Obama's SOTU Address

President Barack Obama State of the Union Address, Beginning Second Term 2013
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President Obama made some proposals in his State of the Union address that will affect small businesses, but are they good ones? The Associated Press has come out with what it calls a small business scorecard that sifts through the pros and cons.

Obama's proposal for a simplified tax code was a hit with small business owners. On the other hand, the one for hiking the minimum wage to $9 was viewed mostly negatively. Overall the reaction in the small business community to his SOTU proposals was a mixed bag.

Immigration reform was mixed: owners liked some parts of it, such as making it easier to hire highly skilled workers, but some didn't like stronger borders because it would be more difficult to find illegal aliens who work for less.

Obama's plans for a network of manufacturing hubs seemed to get largely positive reactions. This is one area where small business owners liked the idea of government help.

Get the details on the President's proposals.

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