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The Social Media Marketing Book

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Advertising is changing. Businesses used to typically buy an ad in a newspaper or on TV, but the results are changing dramatically. People just don’t use the old media the way they used to. Instead, people get their news online and they have  a DVR or TiVo for TV viewing which lets them zap commercials.

What’s a better way to reach today's customers? Social media is working out well for many businesses who know how to work with it.

But, you may ask, how many people are interested in social media? Look at this: in February 2010, Facebook had 400 million users. That was double what it was just one short year ago. Twitter has more than 14 million registered users, and YouTube claims more than 100 million viewers every day. More than 346 million people read blogs, says author Zarrella, and 184 million of them are bloggers themselves.

For many, the problem is figuring out what social media is about and where to get started. If you’re one of those who needs to learn more about the basics of social media and how it can fit your business needs, this book is for you. It’s easy reading and concise. Each page of text has a facing page of illustration to make visualization of the concepts and instruction discussed easy. The book is up-to-date, with a copyright of 2010. It starts with the basics, such as blogging, Twitter and microblogging, and takes you step-by-step until you’re ready for strategy, tactics, practice and measurement at the end of the book.

In short, the book is written by an expert on the subject, it’s easy to digest, concise, and will quickly get you to your goal: practical knowledge of the social media phenomenon and how you can work with it to improve your bottom line.

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