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Against the Odds: How a State Law Protecting Franchisees Was Written and Passed

Ohio attorney Stanley M Dub
Ohio franchise attorney Stanley M Dub

Attorney Stanley M. Dub of Ohio speaks with Blue MauMau on the difficulty that franchisees have in revising state laws to be more favorable to their needs. He should know. Stan was the key draftsman of Ohio's recently revised Business Opportunity Law that launched important new protections for franchise owners.

His business background and his titles are impressive: Leading Lawyer in Northeast Ohio, Super Lawyer in Ohio, and now, a new title, Successful Lawmaker. Stanley M. Dub helped write the revision of Ohio's Business Opportunities Law. He organized support and then championed it on his own dime to get it passed.

Unlike many other states, Ohio franchisees have a right to sue a franchisor for false or untimely disclosure. The state has now also clearly told judges and franchisors that it wants disputes resolved in Ohio, not elsewhere. It took Stan years of effort before the law was finally passed and signed last autumn by Ohio's legislature and Governor John Kasich.

When listening to Stan one quickly realizes that independent franchise owners and entrepreneurs have strong institutional impediments to a true voice among lawmakers. Instead of having a seat at the table, unorganized and independent franchise owners are likely to be on the menu of institutions that are looking out for their own self-interests.

Click on the arrow below to listen to the six-minute interview via audio stream (flash player needed). Or download the mp3 formatted audio file (download link also on the very bottom of this article) to listen to the interview clip on your podcast device.

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