Sink Your Teeth Into this!

If there ever was a News Story which members and guest of Bluemaumau could sink their teeth into, this may be it.   It has all of the components.

  • New QSR Franchise Concept.
  • An experienced Franchise Veteran,with ties to Popeye's, Subway, and Wendy's.
  • A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.
  • Quiznos & Subway Business Model Comparisons. 
  • Opportunities for Veterans & New Americans.
  • Territory Franchisees
  • Rapid Growth Plans
  • Comics

I see the ideal unit-operator franchise candidates as people who are aspiring to the American dream, who want to be their own bosses and work hard but also want the comfort and security of knowing they are part of an operation that provides an expansive, solid foundation under them,” Berry said. “They may be New Americans or veterans. Many folks have access to a couple hundred thousand dollars, whether through a group of family members or business loans.” And, Dagwood’s intends to provide financing and leasing support through third-party resources.


Dagwood’s builds upon the Quiznos and Subway business models and takes them to the next level. A franchise company, Quiznos – which grew 41% in number of units in 2004 according to “Nation’s Restaurant News” – relies upon area developers to secure and develop franchises. Subway, ranked the 12th fastest-growing franchise in 2004, uses a similar concept and added 14% more units that year. Neither concept has area development territories available any longer.


The concept seems to have a lot of good things going for it.  However, I'm not quite as optimistic as Young and Berry.  This will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.  I've always wanted to sink my teeth into a DAGWOOD, I guest that opportunity will soon be in a town near by.

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Will Dagwood be Deadwood in this century

Or is Dagwood Teak! Have your read their UFOC, FS? I notice they are going after veterans and new Americans and this worries me. Doesn't this worry you? This must mean that they want prospects who are willing to work for nothing.

Survive? Thrive? Be Devoured?

No, I haven't read their UFOC, but look forward to the opportunity!

Personally I would not interpret their interest in Veterans and 'New Americans" as an interest in, as you say, "people willing to work for nothing".  I will agree that in todays business climate I would hope that I would have chosen better wording, in several places.

It would seem as though they are focusing on the right 'consumer' market, at the right time, with a highly recognizable name at least to that maket segment.  Again if I were trying to appeal to prospective franchisees, I don't think that I would have advised referencing the Business Model to Quiznos & Subway.  Nor would I have so casually stated that 'most' people have access to a couple of hundred thousand dollars.

Will they Survive, Thrive or be devoured like a good Dagwood should? .... Hmmm only time will tell!  I'll take a wait & see attitude! 

Believe & Succeed,DaleFranSynergy, Inc.Synergizing Franchising!

How rude!

What do you think that legal immigrants to the US are somehow stupid and would sell themselves cheaply? And veterans are so uninformed that they would fall for a less than desirable franchise opportunity? What is wrong with your thinking?

I am almost afraid to tell you that the U.S. has signed a treaty to allow immigrants to gain residency if they purchase a business or franchise called E-2 Treaty Status or E-Visa. Oh my god, the government is at it again helping the big bad franchisors to dupe foriegners as well as homegrown american citizens. Say it isn't so!

More Government subsidy for franchising ! Rude!

Will some of the experts get us some information on franchise E-2Treaty Stastus or E-Visa.
I knew that the franchising industy had been lobbying to get the 403's and 401's and IRA's of the middle class by pushing for the removal of the 10% penalty when the funds are invested in a business.
But this is news!
Thank you! I'm sorry you interpreted my comments as rude! What is wrong with your perceptions?
But, you are right, the special interests have gotten to the government, again, perhaps.
I will save my further comments until I learn more about these franchises and the initiatives.

Favored Status Immigrant Investors in Franchising

We can see by the new laws that immigrant investors will be favored under immigration laws because this will increase investment activity in this country, especially in Franchising.
I assume this is where the Dagwood Franchisor believes he will get a good share of his investors aince they indicated they would target new Americans and Veterans.
The laws regarding immigrant investors deem that it must be shown that the immigrant will gain a "minimal" wage or living from the investment in an American business.
It is obvious that "franchising" will result in the economic colonization of the world and that many of the franchise owner-workers will donate their hard-earned savings to bad franchisors who will operate legally and with immunity under the FTC Rule and UFOC disclosures.
Because franchise owner-workers are not covered under employment laws or the minimum wage laws, we can see that "minimal" as defined under immigration laws will mean what????
Franchising is a new frontier and a new source of capital for economic development that uses the capital of the little guy on the bottom and therefore franchising should be regulated at least as well as securitities are regulated by the UFOC.

Chuck up this up to voter clout

Wall Street Journal (18 Apr 07, p. A8) reports that Sen Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Sen Jack Reed (D-RI) are proposing to give money to "nonprofit" groups that would make mortgage payments for people who borrowed more than they could afford. (Seriously, not making this up!)A tribute to the clout of voters that Congress is even thinking about making people's mortgage payments (much of which would end up subsidizing speculators who guessed the housing boom would never end). It goes to show what franchisees could accomplish if Congress thought that franchisees would get out the vote.

Both the capital and the labor of the little guy!

Yeah! those churning and predatory franchisors use both the capital and the labor of the little guy and the little guy has no protection under employment laws or franchise laws ----no health insurance ----no vacation pay ----no sick leave ----etc. --no overtime -----and much of the time ----no profits on his capital or his labor. It is interesting to note that the franchisor generally has all of these protections that also cover their employees.
There is no doubt that "franchising" is a clever method of redistributing money from the pockets of those on the bottom to the pockets of those on the top while eliminating most of the risk for those at the top. True American Ingenuity!

Immigrants new meat for the Piranha!

Yes, many new immigrantw will swim in the Pirahna Pond and live over the store or under the store or in the bathrooms of their businesses --or their cars, and some will survive to occupy separate living quarters.
Just like the old days! Mom and Pop businesses are back in style under the franchising concept.
'Tis the circle of economic life and times!

No Doubt that Commerce talks to Immigration!

We can see the cooperation among the various departments of government that is needed to codify the intent of the Congress, but, unfortunately, we casnnot see the mechanism under which these initiatives are enacted into law! We are not invited to the right cocktail parties, or the garage sales where "legislation" is up for sale.