Six Legal Trends in 2012 Impacting Franchisees

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Blue MauMau presents a slide show of six key legal developments in 2012 that are affecting franchisees.

This is taken from the article ABA Forum Presenter Names Top Legal Trends in 2012.

Peter Silverman and Jim Goniea presented the behind-the-scenes legal cases affecting franchising and distribution in 2012. Although there were no blockbuster cases this year, attorney Silverman of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick gave Blue MauMau a summary of key legal developments for franchisees.

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The argument has been made

The argument has been made that there is so much competition in franchise sectors that no one franchisor has monopoly control that can gouge the market place. From the perspective of franchised establishments, these businesses can be put out of business by monopolistic practices. A franchisor may reasonably justify franchisees paying one vendor in order to preserve the brand, even if that one vendor pays high kickbacks in order to become the required vendor.