FranAd Bowl 2013, Super Bowl XLVII Ads

Taca Bell's Grandpa Goes Wild commercial pre-released for Super Bowl 2013
Taco Bell's pre-released Super Bowl commercial, "Grandpa Goes Wild". photo from YouTube video

NEW ORLEANS — Super Bowl XLVII is starting up. It's time for Blue MauMau's annual FranAd Bowl, where Blue MauMau watches the commercials from franchisors.

That could be a business format franchisor, like Taco Bell. Or it could be a product distribution one, like Coca-Cola, which has franchisee bottlers that mix and distribute their products. Some are even both types, like Mercedes-Benz.

We've already published the pre-released Super Bowl ads.

Here now are the commercials that weren't pre-released and that have just aired live on television. 30 seconds of ad space at the Super Bowl costs $4 million. Blue MauMau will publish them as soon as they are available on the Internet.

  • Subway "15 Years Story"


    Usher Kate Upton Willem Defoe Mercedes-Benz


  • Bud Lite "Journey"

  • NFL "Surprise"

  • Century 21 Mini Mart



    Jeep "Whole again"

  • Kia Hotbots

  • Pizza Hut "Hut, hut, hut"

  • Subway "Februany"

  • Budweiser "Brotherhood"

  • Coca-Cola "Mirage"

  • Ram Trucks "Farmer"


No electricity in half the stadium

In the third quarter, there are no lights in half the stadium. There was a sudden surge and then the electricity went out. The athletes ae stretching and trying to stay flexible and energized. Hmmm...

Update: Monday, Feb 4, 2013

Blackout inspires jokes and conspiracy theories (CNN video stream)
Will you ever forget where you were when the Super Bowl lights went out?

Best Super Bowl Ad for Geeks

GoDaddy isn't a franchising firm. But for all the Internet geeks out there, we know this ad hit a slobbering home run. Heck, forget the geeks. Here is a win for all mankind. Even we spectacled fishies appreciated this.

Jesse Heiman, actor in the Super Bowl ad, talks to CNN about how super model Bar Refaeli asked for more takes to get this scene just right.

CNN Interview Stars of Taco Bell Ad

Soledad O'Brien of CNN interviews actors Ernie Misko and Beverly Polcyn on not acting their age in the "Taco Bell" Super Bowl commercial.

My Favorite Super Bowl Ad: Ram Trucks "Farmer"

As a freshman attending a university in a rural area, I listened to Paul Harvey* almost every day as the dorm cafeteria piped in the popular program. It was my first encounter with the show and his trademark "Good day." The Ram Truck commercial brought back strong memories. It is my personal favorite. (I now work and live in rural Kentucky, surrounded by farmers. I'm also a photographer who loves great photos.)

Kudos to Dodge and all of the Ram dealers out there. This was a home run.

One day I'd like to write, "On the eighth day, God made a franchisee."

*Note: When I started college, there was no Internet that made looking up things so easy, Little did I know that the popular, eloquent and civil Mr. Harvey had been a close friend of Senator Joseph McCarthy and supporter of his hunt for Communists (see Time Magazine obituary). Don't like that but I did like his shows.