Baskin-Robbins Unveils New National Store Design

Baskin-Robbins new display case

Baskin-Robbins revealed the first peek of a new store design in a Fresno, California ice cream shop today. It plans to roll out the new store design nationwide in 2019.

The franchising company, which supervises a chain of 8,000 Baskin-Robbins branded ice cream shops in 55 countries, is showing its hand in where it thinks food retailing is heading. The company, a division of Massachussetts-based Dunkin’, is calling the new store design “Moments." Its intent is to have consumers create memorable moments where they connect with family and friends over an ice cream in a friendly environment.

Seating at new Baskin-Robbins store“Many people today live busy, always-on lives which means that a chance to unplug, spend a few minutes with your friend, partner or child, reconnecting over a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream flavor really matters to people,” said Carol Austin, vice president of marketing for Baskin-Robbins. “That’s why we are so excited about the new ‘Moments’ store design – it’s intended to be an inviting place for guests to come enjoy the best ice cream on Earth and create that pure and simple moment.”

In consultation with Baskin-Robbins, WD Partners, a branding agency, helped design the new retail shop concept.

The new store will have an expanded display case of ice cream flavors, a new digital menu board, a variety of seating arrangements and a colorful wall mural. The brand continues to expand in California. The Fresno ice cream shop that is affiliated with Baskin-Robbins features drawings of a forest campsite and local California parks, rather than a mural that's the same for all franchised shops.

Above photos of Baskin-Robbins new display case and seating both contributed by Baskin-Robbins

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