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Subway Suing Canadian TV Network over Chicken DNA Report

Subway is suing the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. over its Marketplace news program's report that tests showed the chicken in two of its sandwiches was 53.6 and 42.8 percent chicken DNA, with the rest of it being mostly soy. The tests were carried out at Trent University in Ontario.

Bob Grewal, who is a member of a two-generation family franchise company with over 2,000 Subway locations in Canada and the U.S., says in the New York Post that Trent University researchers told Subway officials that “the CBC twisted all the facts.” 

Grewal added that Subway’s poultry supplier in Ottawa, Grand River Foods, also supplies Wendy’s and Tim Horton’s [reported by Marketplace to have considerably higher percentages of chicken DNA in their sandwiches compared to Subway], raising doubts about the differing levels of chicken DNA found in CBC’s report. 

…Subway inspected its local facilities immediately after the story was aired, testing the chicken and finding only trace amounts of soy — less than 1 percent — as Subway has claimed, according to Grewal. — Josh Kosman, New York Post

Grewal is concerned about the extent of the damage caused by the CBC report. “I am very scared this could hurt momentum,” he told the Post.

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