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Survey: McDonald's Franchisees Disgruntled

McDonald's ManoaA survey of McDonald's franchisees by well-known Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski has revealed dissatisfaction over the expensive new changes that corporate is requiring and also over what is perceived as the company making light of franchisee concerns. Kalinowski pointed out that just 27 franchisees with 241 locations were questioned, so the survey results may not be representative of the views of franchisees as a whole.

McDonald's has made a major push over the last two years to modernize the chain. However, changes such as adding kiosks, remodeling locations, and adding more gourmet options such as espresso-based McCafe drinks to the menu add complexities and cost franchisees money.

…"Our relationship with Corporate is the worst I’ve seen in my decades as an Operator," a franchisee said.

"The partnership is dead, as franchisees we are essentially employees with a lot of debt," said a different franchisee. — Kate Taylor, Business Insider

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