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Survey: Small Businesses Weighed Down by Ever-Growing Mass of Regulations

A recent survey by the NFIB shows that small business owners consider burgeoning and burdensome government regulations one of their two most severe problems, second only to health insurance.

The survey asked 20,000 members of the National Federation of Independent Business to evaluate each of the 75 potential problems presented to them on a scale of “1” to “7,” ranging from “critical problem” to “not a problem,” respectively. Unreasonable government regulations ranked second behind only the cost of health insurance as the most severe issue facing small-business owners.

…Currently, one-third of respondents consider it to be a “critical problem.”

When asked in NFIB’s 2012 Regulations survey of small employers, 62 percent of small-business owners said that their main problem was the accumulating volume of regulations emanating from all levels of government agencies rather than specific regulations from a few agencies. — William Dunkelberg & Paul Bettencourt, Forbes

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