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Tasti D-Lite Licensees Need HELP to Protect us from JIM AMOS

I am a Tasti licensee and I am new to this website. I received an anonymous email from a licensee who did some research on JIM AMOS and how it will effect Tasti licensees and potential Franchisees. The email says the following (I'm sorry it's long):

"Dear Fellow Tasti owners,

I have been a part of the Tasti "family" for a long time and I am writing to everyone because everything we know and love about Tasti is about to change. While it was owned by Celeste, we knew we could trust her since she treated Tasti like her baby. This is no longer the case.

I was very excited when I heard Celeste was selling to new owners that will bring Tasti and all of us to the next level. My excitement continued through our meetings with Jim Amos, Peter Holt and the rest of the new team. However, before Monday's meeting, I decided to do a little research on the people that we will be placing our faith and trust in for our futureand our ability to financially support our families.

Tasti was purchased by a man and is being run by people who cannot and should not be trusted blindly. His only interest is to make money off of Tasti licensees and prospective franchisees, NOT to help us make money. He will use any means necessary. Jim Amos "wraps himself in God and Country and then soaks you for all you are worth".

"If you take a long look at Jim Amos' history you will see fraud, failures and lawsuits. You will also see that his "team" follows him.

Jim and his associates have a long history of being sued.

It happened at his last three franchises.

When Jim Amos and Peter Holt were at I Can't Believe It's Yogurt(owned by Brice Foods) they were "cited by a Texas 4th Court judge for a conspiracy against franchisees, but Amos settled out of court before trial. He was given a stern warning by the judge in his minutes. Here's a snippet from the minutes..."

"The jury found, inter alia, that Scott, Amos, and Holt were involved in a conspiracy. Amos and Holt had settled before trial, and, after the verdict, Scott settled by way of a non-dischargeable agreed judgment in his bankruptcy case for $1,500,000."

See also court document attached (pdf).

While acting as CEO of Sona MedSpa, "an arbitrator has issued a guilty verdict of "negligent misrepresentation" against franchisor Sona MedSpa, and its high-profile executives James H. Amos and daughter Heather Rose" The franchisee was awarded $400,000.00 in damages. See franchisee's attorneys comments.

Jim preaches to us about the benefits of us owning a business of our own and how we are going to do great things together and yet he always retained attorneys to write bullet proof franchise agreements, that get poor ratings from American Assoc. of Franchisees and Dealers, that enables the franchisor(Amos & Co.), in reality, to own and control your business in both success and failure in the interests of the franchisor's survival and the franchisor's profits, NOT YOURS. It could even allow him to sue you if you for damages if your business doesn't succeed or fails as he might have done to a franchisee at I Can't Believe It's Yogurt.

I'm sure his attorneys have drawn up a "killer contract", as they always do, that will provide for liquidated damages against the franchisees(us) in the event we are failing. He is already thinking how to profit from our failure, NOT TO HELP US SUCCEED.

We should all be questioning his past and each of us should have the right to be dealt with, fairly, honestly and openly. However, we all know that if we ask to many intelligent questions, we know that Amos & Co. would not like it and we fear that we will be retaliated against and they will not want work with us or with our individual business that we invested so much money in and worked so hard to build up.

We are being warned by all his previous victims to hire an attorney and protect ourselves and ask the questions that he doesn't want to answer.

Amos & Co. want blind mice and "yes men and woman" who will blindly, stupidly and foolishly follow him. Individually, we would be to afraid to stand up for what is right and fair out of fear, but collectively, if we join together as licensees, form a licensees association, and stand united, we can hire an attorney to represent all of us in order to protect our right to a fair and equitable francishe agreement that would assure that we profit together, not Amos & Co. profiting at our expense. This would be the only intelligent and logical thing to do by all of us when dealing with someone who leaves a path of destruction and shattered hopes and dreams behind him.

If you would like to see a Franchisee's Bill of Rights and what is fair and equitable and would be a win-win situation for both the franchisor and franchisee go to

Please give this serious attention and feel free to write back and futher explore the horror stories about Jim Amos on the internet and more specifically at

Our time is limited to protect ourselves. I'm sure either at the group meeting or at the one-on-one meetings we will hear the sales pitch and feel the pressure to sign and get on board. I'm sure the last thing he wants is for any attorneys to get involved and interfere with his "master plan".

You should know that anything he has told us or anything that anyone from Tasti has told us about how great it will be, how they will help us and what they will do for us will be totally meaningless once you sign the agreement. If you read the links you will see that his agreements will always say that the franchisor is not required to do anything that is not specifically included in the written agreement and he will NEVER include any of these promises in his agreements. All oral promises and assurances he made and will make are nothing more than a sales pitch and he has no obligation to live up to it, either morally or legally.

Remember, he needs us to sell his franchises. If they original licensees don't convert to and become franchisees, how will he explain to any prospective franchisees why the licensees did not convert? This should give us baragining power as a group as long as we stick together and are properly represented by a top franchise attorney.

It may be possible to have an experienced Franchise attorney meet with us on short notice to address us as a group after the meeting and discuss how we can protect ourselves. Please tell me if you would agree to such a meeting.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

A Concerned Tasti Owner"


Does anyone have anything futher to add, any comments, info on other lawsuits, etc.?

Can anyone help us and can anyone recommend an attorney who could represent the Licensees before they become Franchisors and help protect our rights?

Are there any Franchisee attorneys who are in Bluemaumau who can help?

Will anyone come forward and help us stand up to him? I don't want to give up my business and walk away from Tasti just because AMOS purchased the company!


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The new owners of Tasti D-Lite will destroy the company and suck every penny from the new franchises and then they will leave and go on to their next venture until the world gets smart enough to stop being their suckers.

Read everything on this website about AMOS and his gang and what they did at I Can't Believe It's Not Yogurt, SONA MEDSPA, and UPS.

Do your homework and don't be his next victim!

Watch out

I see that Amos has his team in place. Most are from his day's at MBE, Brice and Sona Med Spas. The very same people with the exception of several. I am sure that his daughter is somewhere in the mix (Heather Rose) she always has a built in position. She was the CEO of Sona of which numerous litigation and lawsuits were the norm. I would proceed with extreme caution concerning franchise agreements and have a reputable franchise lawyer examine any UFOC. I would also expect the intergration of the family reunion, eagle awards and copies of several short books that he has written, including the idot's guide to fanchising? Be prepared for a strong christian ethic spin, a lesson on his service in the Marine Corp and a strong almost family like realationship between the ZOR and ZEE. I would read all the Blogs relating to The UPS Store, Sona Med Spas and Tasti D Lite to become educated about past legal proceedings concerning Amos and some of his team. They will also provide some insight as to how some of the franchisee's fared under his leadership. Sona had a high rate of failure, products that did not perform as sold. There are numerous Blogs concerning Sona and the judgement/settlement. There is a lot of information out there concerning Jim Amos/Heather Rose and their past involvement in franchising. I also know that both are or were on the board (IFA). Amos a past Chairman and Rose because of her father's position. I would suggest research. Please form your own opinion and I wish everyone the greatest outcome with Tast D Lite.

Tasti D-Lite's New Acquisition

Amazing as their brand identity is leaving NY and stores are closing that they could pony up money for this company.

Avoid these companies

Jim Amos

wish i found this website three years ago.......i have declared bankruptcy and liquidated all my assets plus lost my house in the process.......the franchise was just one pile of shit after accountability and zero experience running a retail business.........

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

I believe BMM will get bigger for the reasons you implied.

BMM was pretty much brand new.  I stumbled across this site.  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I am sorry you did not discover BMM sooner.  I hope you weather the storm after doing business with bad people.  I relate to all you are going through.  Until the system acknowleges what is wrong, more people will be taken.  Many good hard working people will be hurt.  It is horrific and very sad.   

Heather Rose-Elrod

She is back as the CEO of a company called Placecol USA. Something to do with Med Spas I believe. Name change to Elrod.

Heather Elrod Rose SkinPHD

Looks like she has moved on again. Do your research before doing business with Ms Elrod. Check out Sona Medspa and you will get some great background. If I remember correctlly the sister who is the Director was a bartender and real estate trainee. Check it out as you would with any vendor.

Heather Elrod (Rose)

Wow, just came upon this post. Was hoping to find out what happend to the Sona folks. Hard to believe that she is back in the same industry. I was taken by the amount of negative post. I find it hard to understand how anyone would enter into any kind of business realtionship with Rose (Elrod) with all of the information that is out there. Must be "eyes wide shut". Wonder what Placecol is? Does her father own that company? Must be some kind of connection there. I would change my name fast too.

Heather Elrod (Rose) Placecol usa

I cannot believe that she would even show her face in franchising after Sona. I would only suggest that you do mucho research before having any kind of business relationship with whatever endeavor she is associated with. Many postings on the BM can give you some insight concerning her past performance in franchising. I can assure that you that Old man Amos is in the background of any business venture she is pitching.

Heather Elrod (Rose) Placecol usa

I cannot believe that she would even show her face in franchising after Sona. I would only suggest that you do mucho research before having any kind of business relationship with whatever endeavor she is associated with. Many postings on the BM can give you some insight concerning her past performance in franchising. I can assure that you that Old man Amos is in the background of any business venture she is pitching.

Correction, please.

Amos IS the "Master of Disaster" is well-known throughout franchising. All are hoping he'll soon depart franchising for the WWE. His background up to now has all been a good tune-up for his new career in the "squared-circle". His moniker, "Master Of Disaster" is tailor-made for the professional wrestling market and besides...wrestling fans are accustomed to facades, make-believe, phony and insincere comments and especially over-acting. Amos will be right at home in professional wrestling circles, don't we ALL agree?!!

"And now...entering the ring...the "Master Of Disaster" himself!!!!!!!"


Many franchise executives are embarrassed by Amos. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


michael webster's picture

Amos and Friends

Their embarrassment is not evident.

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

Re: Amos and Friends

Well the evidence would be relative to the company you keep and the to small amount of franchise executive posts on BMM. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


michael webster's picture


Fair enough. 

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

Tasti D-Lite franchise opportunity-NO OPPORTUNITY

I called Tasti asking for some information on the franchise and to talk to a few existing franchisees or owners and Tasti could not or would not provide me with any names or numbers. Apparently, what the previous poster is saying is correct. After calling one of the stores in the city, I was told that the existing owners do not want to sign the agreement until the new owners of the company resolve numerous problems with their businesses.

If the new Tasti D-Lite was such a great opportunity, why are the existing stores refusing to sign?

Re: Tasti D-Lite franchise opportunity-NO OPPORTUNITY

Dear Guest - Did you apply and request an FDD/UFOC? I have to tell you that if you called me and requested a list of franchisees without applying I would not give you one at that time and would wait until you applied.

The current operators are likely reluctant to sign a new franchise agreement which in effect would waive their rights for any past wrongs by Tasti D-Lite.

Heck I want to know how they sold these units without being registered to sell franchises in New York State in the first place? Did they not meet the definition of a franchise?

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


michael webster's picture

TIF and New FTC Rule

I don't believe under the new FDD Rules that you actually have to apply, only that you are interested in the franchise, to get the FDD.

In any event, the 2007 UFOC is at Caleasi - things that make you go "hmmm".

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

Re: TIF and New FTC Rule

Thanks for posting  the Caleasi link I didn't think of going there, good job!

The new FTC Rule and delivering FDDs...franchisors have to give the FDD out but as a practical matter it remains to be seen what information a franchisor can require before they go to the time and expense of sending it to any chucklehead that calls them up or sends an email.  

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


michael webster's picture

FDD Requests

Don't see any reason why a franchisor wouldn't make the FDD available electronically and then keep a record of questions asked and answers - much better idea than foisting a questionnaire on the franchisee to sign at the last minute. 

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

FDDs should be available in advance...

I am not interested in being a service to provide FDDs. A national version of Caleasi would be the solution. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


michael webster's picture

FDD and Caleasi

TIF writes: "I am not interested in being a service to provide FDDs. A national version of Caleasi would be the solution. "

Would you want to see all FFDs available? 

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Franchise News

Re: FDD and Caleasi

Yes, I would like to see all FDDs available and I think the FTC should make it`so. There is nothing better than true transparency. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


Barbara Jorgensen's picture

It grieves me beyond belief

That there are bad people out there that would conjure up agreements that is one sided. The agreements do not match their oral representations.

I am happy you investigated and came up with the right conclusions. I sincerely hope you and the many others will seek good legal advice to help you with your situation.

As soon as the bad zors are corrected the better off the good zors will be. People will get into win win situations. Until this is done people should proceed with caution.

Thankyou for posting this story so many may be saved from financial hell..

Re: FDD and Caleasi

Yes, I would like to see all FDDs available and I think the FTC should make it`so. There is nothing better than true transparency. 

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


Tasti D-Lite Franchise-existing NY owners NOT signing agreement

I heard that the exiting Tasti D-Lite owners/licensees all met and they are refusing to sign a franchise agreement with the new owners.

Bob Frankman's picture

Licensees May Need Help

There are some top-notch franchisee attorney names being bandied about.

I hope our power blogger Paul Steinberg, who is obviously keeping in touch on this issue, doesn't mind me pointing the New York Tasti D-Lite licensees to his office should they seek legal help.

Paul Steinberg, Franchisee Attorney, New York City, Ph: 212-529-5400

Send the check for 2 cents into my inbox, Paul.

Lawyer Recommendation

Call Michael Garner of Dady and Garner in Minneapolis, MN. He won the Arbitration case against Amos et al and Sona MedSpa. He understands their modus operandi. Get other franchisees together and hire him to protect your interests.

Due Diligence

I want to thank you for your comments posted here. While doing my own due diligence I am finding conflicting perspectives with the viewpoints on this site. While your personal experience and positions are well taken into consideration, it would be irresponsible of me to ignore the weight of the credible sources that I have found which are providing me additional information.

The people quoted in this article have interesting things to say.

I don’t know if any of you served our country, but as a veteran myself, I found this interesting as well.

Again I thank you as your postings have encouraged me to dig deeper and perhaps see a side of the story not represented here.

Barbara Jorgensen's picture

This made my day

I believe the average person does not understand the word due diligence to it's fullest. If my posting has saved one person from financial hell it was worth it. Digging deeper is the key to finding the truth about a bad zor.

Paul Steinberg's picture

Do, it was snarky

DoDil: if you click on the links they are PR pieces, and badly-done ones at that. I think the original post was a snarky comment on Amos.

BTW, what made my day was the "I speak Les" post. Still laughing from that one. 

Paul Steinberg
Franchisee Attorney, New York City, Ph: 212-529-5400

Barbara Jorgensen's picture


Calling me DoDil is so classless. What is wrong Paul? If you want a forum on just lawyers and zors just admit it. I am sure there are thousands of people out there who have been messed over by a bad zor. Why aren't you standing up for them? Instead of saying it is all our fault.

People should be allowed to write their stories to warn people. You have to agree Amos is not a good person. I admire people who are willing to write what they know about con men like them. Heaven knows our system is filled with con men. The public has a right to be warned.


What would happen if all Licensees Refused to Sign with Amos?

I know its not necessarily realistic but what would happen if they already refused to sign?

According to the conversion document posted at CALEASI, if they convert the franchise fee for each store would be waived ($20-30K per store), the opening logistics, training and software management fee for each store would be waived ($15k per store), the grand opening expense required for each store ($5k) would be waived, the the 5% royalty for each store is waived until 10/1/08 and the convertees would receive a $5k credit towards converting stores design. Sounds great, right, but wait, that's not all, they will even give a computer system for each store you convert for free, that's right free. You will receive all this if you convert by March 31, 2008.

A lot of the licensees may find this hard to resist because it looks like they are saving 40-50K per store.

But let's say hypothetically they all don't convdert or at least a substantial majority don't? What would happen next? What would he do? Wouldn't it make it extremely difficult for him to get new franchisees? How would it all play out?

Understand Sona MedSpa Situation

Do not sign any new agreement which waives your rights to go against Jim Amos et al as the new franchisor leadership. In February 2006 at the "Sona Franchisee Family Meeting" in Tennessee many of the franchisees did the same. Also use Dady and Garner of Minneapolis, MN as your attorneys. They understand and indeed wrote much of the franchise laws which protect franchisees. Get together as franchisees to protect yourselves. Cooperate with each other and share your legal expenses. There is power in numbers. Also read the article "The Rest of the Story" on Blue Mau Mau under Sona MedSpa. It tells the story of what happened at Sona.

Finally, "Hold on to your wallets, you are in for a ride with Amos et al!!" All franchises they have touched ended up terribly hurting the franchisees.

SPG Partners and Steelpoint Capital and Tasti D-Lite

What good would it do to contact majority stakeholder SPG since AMOS is operating partner there. They probaly are very familiar with his slimey tactics since they are "in bed" with him as

"SPG Partners Acquires Majority Stake in Tasti D-Lite.

SPG Partners LLC, a New York-based private equity firm, announced it has acquired the New York-based Tasti D-Lite brand through a newly formed entity called Tasti D-Lite LLC. SPG Partners and co-investors have capitalized Tasti D-Lite to acquire the Tasti D-Lite assets and to provide capital for future growth.

SPG also announced today that James H. Amos, one of the firm's operating partners, will serve as Chief Executive Officer of Tasti D-Lite.

Co-investors will include Steelpoint Capital Partners, Mr. Thomas H. Lee, and related parties. SPG was introduced to the former owner by Mr. Lee."

Won't the SPG Partners be "partners in crime" with Amos.

SPG Partners was founded by Ian Snow and Ogden Phipps. The firm also features seven operating partners, including Jim Amos (former CEO of Mail Boxes Etc.), Paul Chellgren (former CEO of Ashland Inc.), Andrew Megibow (former COO of Ellen Tracy), Halsey Minor (former CEO of CNET Networks), Joy Schafer (former CEO of WFS Financial), Leif Soderberg (former CSO of Motorola) and Jay Twombly (former president of SPX’s Edwards Systems Tech division).

Do you think Steelpoint Capital is aware of AMOS and by investing an Amos run franchise aren't they smearing their name and reputation?

Steelpoint Capital Partners Executives are:
Louis Crasto [Chief Financial Officer]
Adam Dell [Managing Director]
James Sullivan [Managing Director]
Roy Thiele-Sardina [Managing Director]
James Caccavo [Founder and Managing Partner]

Are all these people aware of what is going on? Do they care?

What about the investors in SPG's equity fund? Do they know or care?

Which of these people should be contactd?

Tasti D-Lite Franchise

One of the licensees was trying to organize a meeting for the licensees with an attorney who would explain the proposed franchise agreement to licensees.

Tasti response was to send a threatening letter to the person not to interfere in their relationship with their licensees. Her are some excerpts from the letter:
and stating that they will "protect"

"In response to your our licensees, I
offer the following thoughts. Tasti D-Lite LLC wants to be clear to you that
it is ill-conceived, inappropriate and not in the best interest of licensee
community...Further, it should be noted that we will defend with vigor our

"It has been stated multiple times, it is the right of each licensee to
make his or her decision about whether they accept the offer to become a
member of the Tasti D-Lite franchise family. Each licensee's situation is
unique (e.g. some do not have licensing agreements or if they do, there are
various versions) and merit individual attention. This is why we are meeting
with every licensee to discuss their specific situation. It should be
reiterated, that if any licensee does not want to accept the franchise
offer, then they have that choice and we will honor their current
licensing arrangement and/or will work with that licensee to exit the Tasti
D-Lite system."

"Tasti D-Lite LLC does not condone, approve or support the meeting with
your legal counsel that you have scheduled to take place...
We are not soliciting, nor do we want your assistance or interference
between the Tasti D-Lite license community and Tasti-D-Lite LLC. We will not
negotiate on a collective basis. We encourage each licensee to obtain
professional advice. It is important that each party clearly understand
the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement and make an informed



In response to their vague threat of law suit, the meeting was cancelled and everyone is back on their own.

Tasti does not want the licensees "obtain professional advice" or to make an "informed decision". If they did, they would have had no objection to the licensees collectively receiving professional advice so they can make an informed decision. Instead, they are counting on the individual licensees not getting the proper professional advice or not obtaining any advice at all. They don't wan't the licensee to make an informed decision. They want a decision out of fear what will happen to them without Tasti, not what will happen to them if they sign the one sided and unfair agreement.

How can licensees or franchisees every get shake?

I'm confused?

What is the difference between you being a licensee and you converting to becoming a franchisee?

My understanding is a franchise is a franchise by definition irrespective of intention.

Johnny Come Lately

RichardSolomon's picture

The license is really a franchise,

but it was sold to you improperly. That means you may have a way out of the relationship. If you sign a franchise agreement, you are probably screwed. Make your stand before you sign the franchise agreement.--

Richard Solomon,,  has over 45 years experience with franchise litigation and crisis management. He is a graduate of The Citadel and The University of Michigan Law School


I am also a Tasti store owner. Can someone help us?
Mr. Solomon said we we have a way out of the relatioship. I assume he means don't sign the franchise agreement. He said we should make our stand before the agreement but if individual licensess make a stand he would just let us walk away. I noticed your an attorney, can you help us?

You STILL have the power. Do

You STILL have the power.

They will use high pressure tactics and bring out the koolaid
drinkers that will tell you how wonderful it will be if you sign.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Tasti D-Lite Licensees Need HELP to Protect us from JIM AMOS

Why not go to the attorney that Jim Amos is all too aware of.
Michael Hankes has had many dealings with Jim Amos and his schemes.
Little to NO education would be needed.

Tasti D Lite licensees "we must stick together" ...

I Agree ..... With all of this... I agree...

Remember, he needs us to sell his franchises. If they original licensees don't convert to and become franchisees, how will he explain to any prospective franchisees why the licensees did not convert? This should give us baragining power as a group as long as we stick together and are properly represented by a top franchise attorney.

It may be possible to have an experienced Franchise attorney meet with us on short notice to address us as a group after the meeting and discuss how we can protect ourselves. Please tell me if you would agree to such a meeting.


Does the AAFD voluntary score the agreements if they are public or do you have to submit it and is their a fee? Also, is there score beneficial and can they be trusted to help protect franchisees? I read on BMM that they appeared to have some conflicts concerning Meineke.

Since the agreement is public, has anyone reviewed it and do they have specific comments, warnings, analysis, etc.?

Your next step!

Concerned Tasti Owner - Do NOT wait..... call Michael Hankes, Richard Solomon or any of the legal minds recommended here.
This is NOT a need competent legal help before signing anything! Don't do anything before protecting yourself and your business...legally. You have just got the some of the best recommendations available. It undoubtly is the best free advice you will ever receive - act on it to protect yourself asap. I wish this site was available back when.

W. Michael Garner for Tasti Licensees to go Against Amos

What about W. Michael Garner. He went against hims in Sona MedSpa. I don't know if he only does litigation or if he would represent licensees in negotiating the franchise agreement. Maybe he will respond? He contributes here.

Why pay lawyers?

All of this discussion about paying high priced lawyers to negotiate with Jim Amos is nonsense. No matter what you "negotiate" this man has a track record in franchising and it is not good.

Tasti is no longer a tasty investment. Sell out now while you can, and let Jim Amos be your buyer's headache.


Don't do anything until all or you are represented by a highly respected Franchisee attorney like the ones mentioned in this post.

The longer you put if off, the more pressure you feel!

No one is safe from him. It doesn't matter if you have one store or several stores that you own, if you sign his agreement without an expert franchisee attorney respresenting you and all the other licensees, you will be bleeding money.


Do a search on him on this website and read everything he has done to everybody and then read it again, and again and again until your hands are shaking so hard that you could not possibly sign anything without an attorney, not your own personal attorney, who may be a good attorney, but a top franchisee attorney who is an expert in dealing with him and people like him.


I agree with all posts. Do not sign anything without an attorney.

Don't let this vulture pick you apart.

How come no one and no authorities have come forward to stop him? Has he been brought up on criminal charges anywhere? Wasn't found guily of a conspiracy to defraud investors and franchises? How come he is still being allowed to conduct business and how come he is not in jail?

How do you separate from AMOS from Tasti D-Lite?

In New York, Tasti customers are very loyal. How do the licensees separate from Amos and still keep Tasti?


I meant the licensees should BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID!!!

I am sorry for the misunterstanding. I know he is not afraid because he's been done this looking enough that he knows he will find suckers.

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