Our Social Media Issues


News and issues about Blue MauMau's social media. This is where we discuss platform problems, posting issues, and reader suggestions on how to make the site better.

Complaints of the Site's Content, Dynamics and Organization that Skews the Truth

Discussion and complaints about how a news story, reader comment, or forum posting skews the truth by being poorly arranged or presented, e.g. a news report that reads more like an advice blog.

New Tool to Keep Discussion Threads on Track

Dear esteemed readers:

We want comment and remark threads to keep on subject. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Blog comments are largely for engaging the author
  • Forum threads are for more long-term discussions with the community

We support the writer of a news story or article by keeping on track of the subject matter, whether we agree or disagree with points made. So we don't post about Item 20 of the UFOC if we are discussing new point-of-sale technologies.

The moderator (me) now has a new tool in which such out of place remarks and comments can easily be moved to the forums in which they are more appropriate. In the past, the moderator was not able to move postings by members - only guests.

Posts will be published. But the moderator may put an occasional wayward thread in a forum thread in which it better fits. This helps us keep organized the oodles of information and discussion that inundates this site and that some can find daunting.