Have You Heard About This Franchise Concept?


Have You Heard About This Franchise Concept?

Max Muscle or Nutrishop (Vitamin Franchises)

I've been looking into MaxMuscle which is a vitamin retail franchise and Nutrishop which is a west coast operation granting licensing agreements so you can use their business model and buying power

At Jim’s ‘Almost Everything In Service Franchising’

Editor's note: This news clipping has turned into a long public discussion on Jim's franchising companies of Australia. As such, it has been converted into a public discussion forum, which are long-term discussions on big issues or franchise brands. - Mr. Blue MauMau

A year ago Jim’s franchising apparently consisted of 2,700 franchises in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain, with a turnover of $200 million. In just one year Jim Penman now reports 2950 franchises with an approximate turnover of $250 million.

Seeking information about Goin' Postal

Hi, I'd appreciate any experience/comments you can share regarding the Goin Postal franchise. They don't seem to be included in the "News" picklist, so I'm not sure if that is good or bad.