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$ales and Marketing

Franchisor of the Year

Given the importance of goals one pursues, I find it important that the ambitious franchisors who value the highest industry recognition, have access to the evaluation criteria and have the opportunity to design their organization according to what is being considered, manage and operate effectively with a goal in mind, meet certain known standards, and score accordingly.  A basic path to pursue, just as they require their franchisees.

Ever since joining the IFA and attending some of those great events, I wondered what makes the best and most successful franchisors so different, what sets their company apart from others.  Over the years, I asked an endless list of other members and IFA folks how those Franterpreneurs are nominated and selected, who determines who deserves that award, what criteria have to be met to win the award over the rest of the pack.  When I asked about the system or process that may exists, the criteria that maybe established and the documentation about it, surprisingly, no one could tell me where I can obtain it or a link to download a pdf from. 

Could This Be The Most Efficient Maid Cleaning Service Franchise You've Heard Of?

There's a funny story about a lady who called the police that her home had been broken into and cleaned. Nothing was missing and everything was immaculately cleaned and placed.Her husband didn't do it. Nor her son. And she was certain she didn't do it. A month later came the reply. True story... Read it here.