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Franchisees Win Major Victory on Appeal against 7-Eleven

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit vacated both of the previous district court decisions in favor of 7-Eleven franchisees in a consolidated appeal on February 27, sending the entire matter back to the district court. Eric H. Karp, general counsel for the National Coalition of 7-Eleven Associations made the announcement, saying that the ruling states that two important errors of law were made by the district court.

Liquidated Damages Clauses, Franchising’s Unethical Hammer

The franchise industry is unique in so many ways, but that is not always good.  For most, buying a franchise, next to buying their home, is the biggest investment they will make.  Unlike all other investments they make, they risk everything in buying a franchise, every asset they own, and then some.  You ask, how can that be possible?  Besides the personal guarantees, many contracts contain a clause, or wording, that enables the franchisor to collect liquidated damages, or future unearned royalties.  If your franchise business fails, and you lose your investment and more, the franchisor has

Can Dickey’s BBQ Franchise Owners Survive? Franchisees Claim They Received Misleading Numbers

Franchise owners of Dickey’s BBQ are closing at an alarming rate.  Why is this, and can a franchise owner really make a profit owning a Dickey’s BBQ? 

Is Dickey’s BBQ Franchising’s Next Quiznos? 28% Systemwide Churn

It is not easy to forget the Quiznos saga. Once a darling of the franchise industry, Dickey's Barbecue grew through franchising to nearly 5,000 locations. But today, it has just under 400 restaurants in the United States. Many franchisees lost everything.

Shattering the Myth: The Franchise Industry Is Heavily Regulated?!?

All of us have heard the argument: franchises are in a heavily regulated industry.  Really? Let us look into what is regulated, what isn’t, and is it enough considering those investing in a franchise not only risk their investment, but likely all their assets.