State Senator Calls for Fairness to Alabama Franchisees

When he was a franchise owner, Alabama state senator Chris Elliott (R) experienced first-hand the lop-sided relationship that is all too common between franchisors and franchisees. Now a senator, he wants to do something about it.

He writes:

Unfortunately, it turned out that my franchisor was not interested in the long-term success of my business. They were interested in corporate profits, regardless of how it impacted the small business owners who operated their franchises.

Franchisee Persuades Japan's Seven-Eleven to Adjust 24/7 Hours

What with Japan’s labor crunch, Seven-Eleven (7-Eleven is spelled out by the company in Japan) franchisee Mitoshi Matsumoto, 57, found himself working longer and longer hours. Something had to give. He asked his franchisor to allow him to close his 24/7 store for five hours daily, but corporate refused. He closed anyway.

Seven-Eleven warned he would be violating his contract and could not only lose his license, but also be slapped with a $150,000 fine. That's when Matsumoto took his case to the media.

A Legal Look at Area of Protection for Hotel Owners

Hotel owners generally have protection from their own hotel brand establishing another hotel nearby, but what about a different brand under the parent company? Marriott, for example, the world’s largest hotel company, has 30 brands. Accor has 33, while Hyatt has 10.

Hotel lawyer Bob Braun explains how changes in the hotel industry have affected area of protection (AOP) clauses and what owners need to know, remember and act upon going forward.

8 Franchisors Halt ‘No-Poach’ Hiring Policy

A report last year by two Princeton economists, stating that no-poach clauses could lock workers into low-wage jobs, caught the attention of the Washington State attorney general. Now Applebee’s, Church’s Chicken, Five Guys, IHOP, Jamba Juice, Little Caesars, Panera Bread and Sonic have just concluded agreements with his office to cease the previously widespread practice—not just in the state, but nationwide. Earlier in the year Arby's, Carl's Jr. and McDonald's made their own agreements with the Washington state AG to drop their no-poach clauses, also nationwide.

2017 AAFD Franchisee Leadership Summit Expected to Be the Largest Ever Gathering of Franchisee Association Leaders in History.

INDIAN WELLS, DECEMBER, 2016 – The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) is calling on all franchisee association leaders to participate in what it projects to be the largest ever gathering of franchisee association owners. The AAFD’s “Franchisee Leadership Summit” will take place on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, California as part of the organization’s three-day annual conference and 25th anniversary celebration.