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Teeth Whitening Business

I looked into the teeth whitening business for the past year and have followed some of the Mall stores that have opened up in my aread and none of them seem to have made it more than 4-5 months. Does anybody know of any Mall-based or Spa-based teeth whitening businesses that have worked?

I am still interested in this business (due to its low entry costs), but I am still surprised that none of the stores have worked out so far.

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teeth whitening

Do anybody know it you have to have a certified whiten teeth in California

license requirements in Idaho for Teeth Whitening

I am a dental assistant in Idaho with full expanded functions. I want to start a teeth whitening business and need to know if this can be performed without the supervision of a dentist. I would like to use Zoom as my whitening system. Any help would be appreciated.

Call Your Dental Board

I would recommend you call your dental board for this question.

Looking to open a teeth whitening spa

Hello I am a dental assistant in the N.Y area. I am interstates in opening a teeth whitening buissness in my area. Do I need a license? I have a few companies in mind but I am open to suggestions would gladly appreciate any advice.

I own a successful teeth whitening business in a mall

Hello, I currently have been in business for 4 years now successfully selling teeth whitening at a kiosk located in a mall. I have proof of income averaging 80,000 a year net income. If your interested, call or text me at 219 484 8049. And yes, I own one of the only profitable teeth whitening kiosks out there.

Hello - I wanted to know if

Hello -

I wanted to know if one needs a business license to offer teeth whitening?
Thank you.

Overhead Cost and Profit Margin of Teeth Whitening Kiosk

What is the time intensity and overhead cost of running a Teeth Whitening Kiosk. Is the $80,000 your profit? On average, how many customer can you serve in a busy day. How many people help you? What is your initial cash outlay. What kind of contract do you have with the Mall. How is this all done.

I see a group of 5 young ladies in the mall near my home performing teeth whitening service. It takes about 30-45 minutes per client, per whitening. How can you serve enough customers per day alone to make a profit after expenses, rent etc.?



Teeth whitening

Hi! I own my own mobile teeth whitening company in Atlanta and I would like to email you a few questions if you don't mind

Hi I'm in the process of

Hi I'm in the process of opening a mobile teeth whitening business and would appreciate and tips or advice u can offer! Thank u Danielke

interested in teeth whitening business info

Hi, I'm interested in starting my own teeth whitening business in Atlanta also and would like to know how you got started and if you were able to get certified

how do you start?

hi I was wondering how you get all the information and the material to open up a teeth whitening spa?

Hello I would like to open a


I would like to open a business for teeth whitening would u mind to tell me what i need to have is their any classes or i have to go to school for that

Teeth whitenng

Hi Lukas,
I live in Australia and have a teeth whitening business. I am considering going into a shoppong mall and would be keento talk to you re your experience with this.
Would it be convenient for me to call you at some stabege.



qualifications and licensing

i'm doing an assignment for college and i need to know what qualifications you need and also the licensing for teeth whitening and i can't seem to find anything. also i need to know what Acts are used , e.g 1984 Dentist Act.

DaVinci Teeth Whitening System

I did plenty of research before choosing to offer DaVinci in my business. The trainig was very detailed and I feel confident in offering this service. Have already whitened my teeth, a friend, and a client. All had great results on zero sensitiviy! Very excited to add this to my services! My salon is located in Frisco, TX and appointments can be made at

teeth whitening

Hi I also live in Frisco and wondered how this turned out. I was thinking of getting a mobile setup...I know this is 4 years old so wondering if your still doing it.

Teeth whitening certification

Are you able to give me any information about where you did your training? I live in Southern CA and I'm trying to find a place here to take a course and get certification. I'm not having much luck!
Thanks so much!

Davinci Teeth Whitening Offers Training and Certification

DaVinci Teeth Whitening Offers Training and Certification for a reasonable cost. Give them a try,

More teeth whitening products I recommend spark dental store

Hi everybody,i am james,A dental whitening doctor,Teeth whitening is a promising project,i think,but Nice teeth whitening products that can help you develops business,so you can look spark dental store find you need product.

Dental Whitenint Doctor?

What the heck is a dental whitening doctor. Be careful about what you say...practicing medicine without a license is serious. Your grammar is poor for a "doctor".

Granville_Bean's picture

doctor yeah right

" you can look spark dental store find you need product"

Says "James" who claims:

"...,i am james,A dental whitening doctor,"

Yeah right, doctor of WHAT?

How to start a Teeth Whitening business

Hello Everyone,

I am very much Interested in starting a teeth whitening business. First I wanted to ask what are the best Companies; from reading the post that seems to be DaVinci, but I would still like some suggestions. Also what are typical cost for start up etc. thank you guys for your responses ahead of time.

Davinci is huge dissappointment

Do not be fooled by these Davinci posts. Their customer service is non existent. Kim at Davinci after 2 weeks would not return answers to questions because she didnt know
the answers and didnt have time to reseach. Keep looking I am!

Good Service for Over 5 Years

I've been with the Davinci Teeth Whitening Company based out of Colorado for over 5 years and know several other estheticians in the industry that use Davinci. I have had nothing but good customer service. I switched to them from another company because I was having problems with my products. I'm very surprised to hear you had any problems:-( Perhaps it was just an oversight?

Ripoff Report on Beaming White

Stay away from the companies: Beaming White (read the ripoff report on this company first, before you call anyone, or any company) also stay away from Bleach Bright, Pearly White Pro, SmileLaBS, dms smile in CANADA, I spoke to all of them and they are all incompetent , they acted like they are the best and they talked down on people = I did not trust any of them. Their prices are out to lunch.

You can call Kim at Davinci - they are professionals, that is why Beaming White and Bleach Bright said bad things about them. Beauty by Savi is too new and their prices are out to lunch. I bought my products from Davinci, you will be happy you did. I am very happy with Kim/Davinci.

Just like you guys - i want to be successful.. and do not want to be scammed.. oh by the way, people in CANADA told me to stay away from Spa-Dent in Waterloo... i was never able to get them to answer the phone and they have their office address at a UPS Store - so i stopped calling them.

Just to share what i have done before I got products from Davinci, I was spending so much time finding the right supplier. I now make $4000.00/ea month working part-time and weekend.

Spa Dent

FYI Spa Dent is sold in over 800 dental Offices in Canada and to the best of our knowledge the only product with a NPN License from the Government of Canada allowing us to market our product as a Natural health Product. We do have an address on Northfield drive which is a mailing address our offices are also located in Waterloo. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Nice Write Up By Kim at Davinci

You have to love the annomous poster who rips on all the other whitening companies but just loves Kim at Davinci.

I would bet that either Kim or one of her relatives posted this commical review

Products and Customer Service Speaks for Itself

The Davinci product and customer service speaks for itself. Anyone can say anything, but actions speak louder than words. I personally am happy with my service from Davinci.

thinking about starting mobile teeth whitening??

Please any and all advice or suggestions ....I am in California...What should I do it not do,starting this biz.Also who has the best products on the west coast.Thank you so much for any and all information!

Starting your Teeth Whitening Business in California

I am a distributor for the most amazing and effective product in the teeth whitening industry. I would love to share more information about my company, our product and a ton of advice on marketing and getting your business off the ground so that you can immediately become a profit center. :) That is the name of the game, raving fans is the way to get their, with the cosmetic whitening product we offer, our clients become walking billboards.
I am available to help you just give me a call. 888-786-4441
Make it a great day.
Michele Marie
Platinum Whitening

Starting my own Business

I'm an Estheticican and I'm wanting to start my own Salon in my home in Canada. There are a ton of Teeth Whitening systems out there but I'm not sure which one to go with. Has anyone used BleachBright? Any information will help!!

I have a teeth whitening

I have a teeth whitening business in Canada, and I have found that the BleachBright "light" and the Beaming White advanced whitening kits give the best results. I don't own shares in any of those companies, nor do I know anyone personally that works for them. I just found that that combination gives the best results. Good Luck!

Best that I have found so Far

I to am an Esthetician and I started with a company 4 years ago, switched to another about a year later, I have sampled several products and honestly....the best I have found is DaVinci Teeth Whitening System. A friend of mine is a dental assistant and they use the Davinci product and she referred me to them. The number is 877-932-8462 and they have great customer service as well. Me and my clients have been happy since switching over a year ago. The product is a natural whitening gel and yeilds amazing results. Hope this helps. Best of luck to you.

DaVinci causes sensitivity issues

The DaVinci product causes sensitivity issues so your teeth will ache for days and that is even for people without sensitive teeth. I don't recommend having your teeth whitened by any company using DaVinci at all. I think it's people who work at DaVinci who are posting all the positive reviews.

Teeth whitening system

Dear Julie,

My name is Liliana Cova, I want to start a small business with teeth whitening, and read you posted about Da Vinci, I am doing a research about with is the best, and I want to ask you in your opinion Da Vinci is the best?. I will appreciate if you can answer my question.
I look for hearing from you soon.


davinci Teeth Whitening

davinci Teeth Whitening is a complete fraud. The product is ineffective for most customers. DaVinci trains their employees to lie to their customers about "you went from this number of shade to this number of shade. After paying close attention, no change is brightness. Also the procedure in my opinion was, very evasive. My gums were hurting for three days. I explained about the pain. They replied "everyone is "different". The procedure calls for some damn "vitamin e gel". This stuff doesn't work a crap. Be careful

Can't base the Whole Company on One Experience

Davinci sells their products to hundreds of Dentists and Spas. You can't base the whole company and product off of a bad experience you had with someone offering their products/service. That's like saying that XYZ Hair Coloring is bad because your stylist didn't do a good job on your highlights.

Your personal teeth whitening business

I purchased teeth my own personal teeth whitening business from They were really nice and thorough. I've already booked 5 paying clients and charged $150 per client. It's a really good deal. They also sent me a few extra kits so I could whiten my own teeth so my teeth are really white and I can show my clients the before and after results. Also some of the extra kits they sent me I used for practice on my mother and father, which I just charged them $100 each. Man, I feel so excited about this new business. I practically made my money back within a few days. Geeze, I'm about to get my family involved in the business. Man I'm excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to start a teeth

I would like to start a teeth whitening business. Did you have to get any training?


Teeth Whitening

I just started looking into this as I have seen first hand how much money it can make, I just need to know who is the best supplier and are all the lamps pretty much the same?

I run Smile LABS of Omaha and

I run Smile LABS of Omaha and I would be willing to talk to you if you had any inquiries. is my website and contact info is there.

Smile Labs in Omaha

I have some questions about Smile Labs, since you have been in business with them for a while.
I will contact you on your website as well.
I would like to open up a business in Rural Southwest Nebraska.

Thank you.

Question about smile labs

Please send your phone numbers I would like to ask you couple of questions about smile labs
If you don't mind


Succesful Store

I own 5 BleachBright LED teeth whitning lights in Indiana and the business opportunity has been great for me. I was in the auto industry for 20 years, but my job was cut in 2008 when GM was restructuring. I took a gamble and used my severnce pay to go into business for myself.

I do event days and consign my lights with salons, spas, gyms, tanning salons, etc. We share the profits, but it ends up working out well because I have no overhead besides the product. The salon has no investment, makes money and brings in new faces, so they're happy as well.

I'm not a millionaire, but I can say that my life has improved because I'm making enough to live the same lifestyle I was living while at GM, but I have a significant amount more free time. I pay my bills, fund my retirment, and have 2 kids in college. Don't get me wrong, it takes some work to get going, but once you get going, it's pretty easy to maintin.

If you're intrested in getting into the business (and are not in my area od course) contact me. I can get you the same prices as directly through the company, but I'll be willing to help you out.

teeth whitening

Interested in business

hi rich, please give me a

hi rich, please give me a call

BleachBright LED Teeth Whitening Lights

Hi. I was inspired by the story you shared in the forum. I'm interested to try a small business similar to what you have. Can you give me an idea how much is the initial starting capital for those lights and the supplies needed to do the treatments? Do I need to hire a dentist or I can do it myself, by the way I'm an RN here in California. Thanks and more power.


BleachBright In Indiana


Thought I would share with you.....I used to be with Bleachbright but I was not happy with the results that the product yields. I recommend calling the company that I am with now. I switched over the davinci teeth whitening system. The product is amazing and the people there are really nice. I could never get anyone at Bleachbright to respond to my requests.

Teeth Whitening Success is all about the product

Being successful in the teeth whitening business is all about the product and the training. If you do not have product that yeilds great results you will fail. I have several locations including mall locations and they all are doing good. The key is good cleint referalls. If you want the best product and a company that you can be successful with call DaVinci Teeth Whitening Systems. The phone number that I have for them is 877-932-8462. They have been wonderful to work with and all of my clients are happy. My dentist is actually now using their product.

I am opening a teethwhitening Centre

I am opening a teethwhitening Centre soon, I am a little nervous to how people will react when they know I am not a dentist even though I have been fully trained. If this was not safe (for those who feel the need to protest) then you could not buy home kits which are self administered and usually high in peroxide and therefore bad for the teeth.
Can you give any tips on the way my business should be conducted in order for it to be a success?
Thanks, Lorraina

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