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Teeth Whitening Business

I looked into the teeth whitening business for the past year and have followed some of the Mall stores that have opened up in my aread and none of them seem to have made it more than 4-5 months. Does anybody know of any Mall-based or Spa-based teeth whitening businesses that have worked?

I am still interested in this business (due to its low entry costs), but I am still surprised that none of the stores have worked out so far.

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I see you posted in January of this year and wanted to see how your first months of business are going. I've recently opened a store myself here in Barcelona Spain. (Pro Blanco) My location is great but wondering how to get people in the door. I also would like your take on these deep coupon discounts that are offered on social websites. I think they hurt our business in the long run especially when dentists can offer whitening for 45 to 80 euros/dollars. Since I'm in no way competition to anyone stateside any marketing advice is greatly appreciated as to what works and what doesn't.


I have been in the teeth whitening business for 2 years now. Had succesfull run with 2 Flagship locations in store malls to market our products. I now work directly with honest and respectable Manufactures here USA. I assist new and exsisting business with improved quality products at great prices. See more about us @ or emial me @ for more information.

ismile teeth whitening company

This is crap. I tried the ismile product and it does not work. I know several of several ismile locations that have gone out of business because the product just simply is no better than what you can buy in the store. It's companies like this that give teeth whitening a bad rap.

Teeth Whitening success

I just read your comment and wanted to let you know that I too, looked into buying a franchise. I now own a franchise that I started in MIchigan. There are right ways of doing this and wrong ways. The Mall type atmosphere is definitely not right. I can share more if you're open to a conversation. Let me know at the email address above.

Teeth Whitening Business

I am about t open up in Michigan and I want to knows more info on hi you marketed

Teeth Whitening Biz

I live in Michigan and I'm interested in starting a teeth whitening biz. Can you offer any advice on what is needed to get started?

Hi I'm starting a new teeth

Hi I'm starting a new teeth whitening business and I really need your advice

new business help

Dear friends
I have just started a mobile teeth whitening business last November in Scotland UK. Started with a few friends and one or two recommendations. The last few weeks i spent more time trying to promote for more clients and got leaflets printed and distributed through doors and on cars but not one replied. Last week i tried writing to Hair salons, beauty salons and spas but still nobody replied.Can anybody advice what's the best marketing procedure ?

Many thanks


Read your comments....

Hello Michael,

I was really interested to read your comments on the bluemaumau page.

I'm based in Glasgow and about to start a teeth whitening business.

Who are you working with on this? I have a few companies in mind, bu would be interested to know who you have gone with?

You can get me on 0845 325 1880 or 07790 046130

I would be really interested in talking with you.

Best regards

Stuart Monroe


Hi, I came across your post and I would love to find out more information on your experience!

I too am in the teeth

I too am in the teeth whitening business and stay away from the mall scene. I would however like to talk to others in the industry to see what is working for them and share information. You can contact me at the email address listed.


Did you find out information?

Did you find out information? Are you still open?

Hi, I just purchased a


I just purchased a franchise in Indy, not at a mall location either. It is an office space, I plan to advertise heavy. Can you provide any advice as I will not officially open until June 1st.

Additional Clients

Just read your post about opening your new business (as of June 1st). Are you still growing your business? Do you need new clients for your company? I can offer you a guaranteed way to reach out to your ideal clients to gain the additional customers you need for your business. Please email me if you are interested.

teeth whitening

Can you let me know about getting customer base?

Method To Reach Out To Teeth Whitening Clients

Please provided further information, on your method, to reach out to
teeth whtiening clients.

the best advice I can give

the best advice I can give you is call davinci teeth whitening systems for a free sample. the product is amazing.

Zap Whitening

Just a quick update on Zap Whitening. I have recieved numerous emails, all with the same content about an earlier posting on this company. I have emails from all around the world from people who have bought products from this company and have recieved SFA. I am currently building a profile so if you have a problem with this company, just pop over an email. I will be happy to assist anyone if I can. Send it to

if you have not dealt with this company yet, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. I spoke to a guy this morning in the UK who is still owed over $2000.00. and is at his wits end. I have plenty more stories like it.

smile labs

Heard anything about Smile labs?

Dont buy from SmileLABS

They are not honest and don't follow through on delivery and have the highest cost on whitening products. I purchased a silver package from them and when the product finally received it had two only months until it expired, when items where defective it was at my cost and time to get replacements. I invested to much for start up and the customer service and integrity in non existent.

Please help me !

Hi there, so where are you in the world ? and who would you recommend to deal with now that you have the equipment for ongoing suplies etc, and did you by the upgrades in there deal package ? ps what do you think of there lights ? kind Regards, Robert.

I know this company to be

I know this company to be very honest and forth right in their deals with their customers. Where was your SmileLAB located? I'd like to hear more of the details on your experience.

I would stay away from them.

I would stay away from them. The best company that I found is Davinci teeth whitening systems. They have a lot of clients and I spoke with several of them, many that had switched from other comapanies product. I find them to be the best. The results of their product is amazing. you should check them out

I ordered product from Zap

I ordered product from Zap Whitening, and on top of not delivering the products that were advertised, the quality of them was worse than poor; dried up gel foam strips, etc. When confronted with the issues, they made it seem as though I had done something to the product to make it this way and offered only another defective alternative of gel syringes that do not have the approved seal. I was ripped off of a lot of money, with less than acceptable garbage product to show for it. I only speak negatively of Zap Whitening to everyone.

Zap Whitening

Zap Whitening is going through the times of Economy of Mr. Obama... No Excuse but the company is just trying to recover from the spill of the economy tha has toppled.

This is untrue. It is down to

This is untrue. It is down to false promises and incompetant management and alot of lying.

Zap Whitening/ Zap Medical

I purchased various amounts of equipment from Jason Miller last October /08. I still have $3000.00 outstanding on some of the equipment. Tried to get a hold of him but could never get through. Total rip off artist. Everyone STAY AWAY, from him and his companies!!!

Need to get a hold of the

Need to get a hold of the actual owner not the representative.

They are one in the same

They are one in the same person.

Teeth Whitening Business is a Fraud

Whether or not Teeth Whitening is a franchisee or licensee matters little to me.  I am a small business owner and I am looking at this as a pure business opportunity. 

And believe me...when you look at it as a business opportunity this business IS a FRAUD!!

I live in the DFW metroplex area and I have personally seen people hard earned dollars go to waste due to the inability of this concept to deliver results. 

I have seen WOW Express, Zap White and other open either Kiosks or in-line stores in some of the best malls in DFW (The Galleria, Willow Bend, The Parks Mall, Stonebriar and Hulen Mall) and these stores do not stay open for more than 6 months.  Every one of the owners got sucked in by the "low investment" of $6,000...but when you dig into the business you realize that this only covers the price of one lamp.  You still need to buy the products (at hugely mark-up prices) as well as buy the "rights" to the mall. 

At the end of the day...what you thought was a $6,000 investment turns out to be over $50,000 ($25K for the right for the mall, three lamps for your store, plus product, etc)...and this $50K does not include the build out for the store. 

At the end of the day (franchisee or not) Teeth Whitening as a business opportunity DOES NOT work!!!

We have had some commnents here about how some of these companies say they do not sell malls (we at least they do sell them now since they were all failures), but instead "encourage" people to sell to spas or places of that sort.

Sounds easy enough, but you try moving two or three of these machines all over town doing teeth whitening procedures, all while the spa itself is taking most of your profit....why should'nt they?  After all they have a high rent to pay for...

At the end of the day...these guys make their money selling you exclusive licensee territory rights (like they are worth anything), mark-up equipment and product.  You will fail...they won't return your messages and then they hope you will go away....

So just a word of advice...stay away!!!

Common Sense

I think if the teeth whitening business has not been successful it's due to failing to launch the business successfully and yes, getting ripped off when you thought you had a good deal. In all fairness the 'fraud' you describe just sounds like people taking advantage of those with no business acumen, thus being their own fault as they are going in to business without research, cashflows, professionalism etc. It sounds to me that these failing business were run by people with no common sense, is that fraud?

I have been in malls for over 2 years

sounds like the people you know where just simply with the wrong company. I have been in business for over 2 years and I am still very successful. It's all about the product and the results. People want what they pay for. If they do not see good results they will complain to others and your business will not succeed. You have to offer a product that you can garantee satisfaction with. I use the davinci teeth whitening product and will support it all the way as it has allowed me to live very comfortably for the last 2.5 years after being laid off from my corporate position. there a lot of posers pretening to be davinci so make sure you have the right company if interested

Whitening business

I too have been ripped off by Zap Whitening, over $800 worth of product that turned to water, or maybe was water, who knows. They're smooth. Easy to promise and slow to deliver. Then once there is a delivery, it's less than satisfactory.

Let's not let the "losers" of an $11B industry ruin it for the rest of us though. There are ways to achieve financial success in this industry. Believe, me I've tried them all. It's NOT in the malls and salons though. Instead of investing in a high license-cost already established franchise, I started my own business. I'm doing well after some bumps and bruises of the learning curve of "how" and "where" but found a really nice niche' that is successful. I'm looking for business partners in the Chicago, Metro Detroit area and Grand Rapids, MI for those who are interested.

Teeth whitening

Hi, I just read your post and am interested to hear what is your niche for teeth whitening. I live on the Gold Coast Australia and am looking at starting a teeth whitening business. Keen to hear your thoughts.

Teeth Whitening

Hi Wendy,
Just saw your post. I am also in Australia and I was wondering how you going with your business research? I am lso looking into starting a business!

Business Partner

Would like to discuss your ideas?

Business Partner

I am replying to your "I am lloking for business partner." I live in the Grand Rapids area. Please respond with business information.

Thank you,

Interested in discussing the opportunity

Were in Northwest Indiana. Interested in the Teeth Whitening Business and your valuable experience . Please contact us.

I am also interested in the

I am also interested in the business. Did anyone contact you with good info?

Teeth whitening products

Package Includes: Professional FDA Approved Dental Bleaching Light, 25 All Inclusive Whitening Kits, 50 Brochures with Stand, Wall Poster, Website Location Listing , Marketing Materials Access

Pays for Itself in Initial Order When Charging $149 - $199 for Whitening Treatment

New Revenue Stream from Existing Clients
Attract New Customers
Generate Referrals
Freshest Tinted Gel
Easy to Use & Portable

Shown at Spa Trade Shows

Only $1995 Save $1600+
Regular Price of $3999

Limited Offer & Quantity

FREE shipping saves you an extra $125

More Info:

PayPal & CC for safety . - checks held till cleared



davinci teeth whitening

davinci teeth whitening systems offers the best products and customer support. they have really helped me a lot and I have been with them for over 2.5 years.

Thought You Might Want to Know (Zap Whitening)

You need to Try this company Zap Whitening!!
They have everything, it is like a Teeth Whitening Mall online.

Pretty cool! Very reasonable prices too.

Just a FYI
Teeth Whitening Supplies and Equipment for your Teeth Whitening Business.

Zap Whitening

Hi, Although the products that Zap whitening are great and very well priced, the people that are running the company are a nightmare. We have dealt with Jason Miller and as soon as we eventually receive the products that we paid for nearly a month ago, we will never be dealing with them again. If you need more information, please feel free to contact me on


Zap Medical

Zap Medical is out of business. The company has gone out of business, and the reason is the economy.




Granville_Bean's picture

a not so great reason

Low entry cost is a bad reason to want to be in a certain business. If it is cheap for you, then why wouldn't it be cheap for the next person also? If you manage to do well, you will just attract numerous copycat competitors now that you have tested the market for them.

Perfect reason to be scared

Perfect reason to be scared of money. That's not a reason to invest, that's just good old fashioned procrastination; Am I right?

Hi there, It depends on your

Hi there,

It depends on your market and of course the economeny is not helping. I own a kiosk in Indiana, going on 6 months now, and even though it was a slow start, we are doing good. I have only 1 employee and we share the hours. About half of my business come's from referals. Even though you probably won't get rich, you will make some very good income. And it's nice to start a business with low cost. Also, be very careful were you buy your products from. I have lost thousandsssssss of dollars going with wrong companies. Best of luck!


teeth whitening products

Hello. Can you please send me the best places to buy my products from? I'm thinking about getting into the business. Have you ever heard of White Science World Wide? Or do you know of the best company to go with, in the teeth whitening industry? Thanks a bunch. Denise

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