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Teeth Whitening Business

I looked into the teeth whitening business for the past year and have followed some of the Mall stores that have opened up in my aread and none of them seem to have made it more than 4-5 months. Does anybody know of any Mall-based or Spa-based teeth whitening businesses that have worked?

I am still interested in this business (due to its low entry costs), but I am still surprised that none of the stores have worked out so far.

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whitening business

Hi Jessica! I am looking into the teeth whitening business opportunity and wondered if you still own a kiosk in Indiana?

Who would you recommend? I am

Who would you recommend? I am in Texas

Again, I would recommend

Again, I would recommend DaVinci Teeth Whitening Systems., 877-932-8462

teeth whitening

Whom have you found to be the most ethical to deal with? Whom have you found to be the least ethical?

What company would you recommend dealing with?

Unethical TW Distributer Warning!

I absolutely DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT recommend XpresSmiles!! They have recently changed their name to XpresShine. They operate out of San Jose, CA. It is run by one person and her name is Kelly Lanspa. She also has a few Sales/Distributers working for her. It is one of the most unprofessionally operated and disfunctional businesses I have ever come across. It took 3 1/2 weeks to get everything that I had ordered, which is ridiculous compared to other companies shipping schedules. They are pricey compared to most and their products were less than acceptable, not to mention her (Kelly's) blatant disrespect to the customer, who is only trying to create a business, especially in this economy. I have networked w/ a couple of other individuals who have also had the unfortunate experience of dealing w/ her. To my observation, the information used on the companies website as well as the "Customer Consent Form" that they have you use for your clients, is copied from another large TW distribution company. There were so many issues w/ XpresShine that made me discredit them. So far I have had good experiences w/ Beaming White and their gels are good quality and made right in their facility. I think their pricing is competitive as well. Hope this helps!! Good luck!!


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I purchased a teeth whitening

I purchased a teeth whitening franchise. I recently closed my doors for business due to the lack of customers. The local mall whitening business closed before I did. But I would like to continue possibly someplace that has a better economy. I did begin to look into oother companies offering more reasonable costs for product and also used a different process that was far more safe and better for my customers. It was truely rewarding when the whitenings were successful and most of them truely were. Could you contact me with companies you dealt with for product or any ideas to make my second endevor successful?
Appreciate whatever advise you can offer.

whitenning bussiness

hi jessica i will like to know how to star the bussiness of teeth withening, which are the best options?

Teeth whitening success

I can help offer suggestions too.

in need of help Finding the right Teeth Whitening Bus?

I am considering The Bus but have heard & read nite mares which companies are reputable have
great product and stand behind their Products? I need of some help

Teeth Whitening

I do not believe this is a viable business model. We live in Texas and have talked to several of the teeth whitening companies: iSmile, PearlBrite, XpresSmile, WOWSmile, etc.

First of all they all sell you on the low entry price point...less than $6K. What they do not tell you is that only includes the Lamp, some equipment and 2-3 months worth of supply. So great...where are you going to sell it?? So then they steer you into the need for a retail space...which goes against the low entry price point benefit.

Then they talk to you about needing to buy a Kiosk, and the rights to a mall, a buildout, etc. Before you know are looking at a $50K - $75K investment to open a store at a mall.

The results? EVERY store or kioks that has opened (that I know of) in the Dallas/Forth Worth and Houston area has closed.

People are simply NOT buying this product...believe me I have gone to those stores and simply NO ONE is there.

I thought this concept would work and simply it does not. It is tough to make a business work that is only one product and people feel that it is a "medical procedure" and do not like having an $8.50 an hour employee messing with their teeth. I would like to see if there is people out there that have made this business work to prove me wrong, but I am not hopeful.

Beware of this concept!!!

Whitening Biz

My name is Scott and I've been in the teeth whitening business for 9 years very successfully. I can help you start your business. call me at 561-313-8264 if you want.

Paul Steinberg's picture

Medical service franchises are dangerous

TeethForLife wrote: people feel that it is a "medical procedure" and do not like having an $8.50 an hour employee messing with their teeth.

Yes, and some state regulators are touchy about this as well. Before you spend any money on a medical service franchise, you should make sure that your home state won't shut you down.

Look at the debate on Sona MedSpa (put the term into the BMM search engine for list of articles) and you can see some discussion about California's concerns. Another current medical franchise being offered is Vital Dent. Also there was a franchise case some years back involving eyeglasses (I believe it was Pearle Vision) and laypeople practicing medicine. In China a few years ago, there was a franchise selling pills for breast augmentation, potentially a serious medical hazard.

The IFA takes the position that franchising is franchising and that there is nothing wrong with Ma & Pa Jones plunking down a franchise fee and flinging lasers and chemicals around unsuspecting patrons. But I don't agree, and for the life of me I can't understand how medical franchises can get insurance coverage.

Paul Steinberg
Franchisee Attorney, New York City, Ph: 212-529-5400

Teeth whitening business

There is a lot of mis information in this discussion.

XpresSmile does not sell into mall or kiosks. We are a premium brand and focus on entrepreneurs that want to become dealers for XpresSmile selling into dentists, spas, salons and chiropractors. We steer our customers away from the malls as their is high hype and then a drop in interest. Customers prefer the privacy and knowledge of a spa/salon or medical practice.

You also need to choose a supplier that invests in research and industry associations like the CCTW. The Council on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening makes sure their partners follow best practices and invest in legal action to protect your business's right to practice cosmetic teeth whitening. As a member, I can tell you which states are safe and offer you legal advice and assistance if you receive a cease and desist. Vendors selling cheap products don't train their sales reps, know the products and technology inside and out and do't below to the CCTW to offer you legal protection.

You can make a lot of money as a mobile whitener or a dealer. I have many customers doing this safely and legally. Insurance is available and XpresSmile has several options that include professional liability from well recognized insurance companies. We are building a strong, reputable business that will be here for the long run nand we want our customers to succeed and flourish. And they do!

Practicing Law without a license by xpresSmile

I read the above and I copy verbatim for you to decide

" I can tell you which states are safe and offer you legal advice and assistance if you receive a cease and desist"

This does mean XpresSmile not only is practicing dentistry without a license but also is practicing law without a license.

It is a joke about CCTW, it is a private group (all of them facing problems with the Dental Board) is gathering to figure out where they can get the money for lawyer fees.  It was their intention to collect fees, dues from new members who are scared and intimidated about the uncertainly.  XpresSmile stated that they can give legal advise, i wonder what state this person is licensed under to give legal advice.  This is how the teeth whitening business has bad name and reputation - without legal and dental education, these people are claiming themselves experts - manufacturers etc..

According to the FDA websites, not a single company is listed - if they are a manufacturer or a cosmetics item, they should be, distributors also should be listed, none of the company is following rules.

I think the Attorney General shoud take a look at these companies and weed out the bads from the goods, the consumer's rights and safety must be protected - it is fair to allow the good companies to stay in business, and those bad companies should be shut down.  XpresSmile should be closed down for practing both legal and dental without any licenses.. I doubt it if the owner finished and dental or law school curriculums or even was enrolled in either programs.  Good luck!




Boudica Lawson's picture

Dangerous franchises

Xpressmile guest states:

" As a member I can tell you which states are safe" and that "the Council on Cosmetic Teeth Whitening .....invest in legal action to protect your business's right to practice cosmetic teeth whitening.."

This indicates to me that the legality of such practises are already under scrutiny.This should ring major alarm bells.

What happens if you have signed on for one of these franchises and further down the track teeth whitening becomes more heavily regulated? or banned altogether?

The answer is you have lost your investment and have a completely unsellable franchise. 

I made this mistake myself with a pool maintenance franchise. One minute I am fully qualified to perform all pool maintenance work and the next I am required to be licensed and the large sums I paid for training now a worthless piece of paper. Sometimes this can mean that potential buyers for your franchise are dramatically reduced. You may even find that buyers are non existent for a period while occupational courses to provide the correct qualifications are formalised and deployed.

 Potential franchisees must ask themselves some questions:

Can your business model sustain such interruption?

Will your own finances stretch far enough to see you through should tighter regulation become a reality?

Are you prepared and resourced enough to respond to changes in regulation your chosen industry?

Remember that sometimes a set amount of previous experience is required to obtain certain qualifications. For example to become a qualified pool operator requires two years prior experience in the field,  an $8000 AU training course and a certain liquidity ratio to obtain a license. So sometimes you will require more than just money- you may have to apprentice yourself for a period of time to qualify.

Serious thought must be given to the effect of govt regulation out of your control when purchasing a franchise whose activities have the potential to be regulated.

Re: Dangerous franchises

Xpressmile is a business opportunity and not marketed as a franchise in the United States and therefore is not subject to franchise regulation other than FTC and State BizOp rules.

Boudica Lawson's picture

Xpressmile not a franchise.

The same considerations need applying whether your considering a franchise or an independant business.

Its just that when people buy a franchise they tend to assume that the franchisor has considered the effects of industry regulation ( thats regulation specific to the business activity not franchising regulation) on the proposed business model when often they have not and that the effects of new industry specific regulation on a franchise business are often harsher than if you were an independant.

Think about how you will handle a situation where a franchise agreement states that you will be terminated for not holding the releveant qualifications in an industry where the qualifications are likely to change. Sometimes frequently and expensively.

Re: Xpressmile not a franchise.

In the US franchises are more highly regulated and the rules are different as opposed to BizOps.

This is a franchising site and I think it is pretty much dedicated to franchise businesses. Talking about BizOps is distracting and confusing, unless of course the BizOp is in reality a franchise in disguise which would be worthy of discussion..

Boudica Lawson's picture

Bizops distracting and confusing?

"in the US franchises are more highly regulated...."

More than what?

I merely referenced the quotes from the Xpresssmile guest to elaborate further the point made by Mr Steinburg that medical franchises are dangerous and to make my point more salient that even xpresssmile guest admits that "dealers" may recieve a cease and desist notice.

Obviously I have not explained myself well enough as you are still referencing franchise regulation.

What i refer to is what Mr Steinburg mentioned, that certain types of business activities come under scrutiny form relevant boards and councils whether you are franchised or not.

There is a risk with medical service type businesses that your govt authority may shut you down. 

I am attempting to demonstrate that this risk exists in a number of different business models, not just medical ones, and that the risk of business failure due to new regulation is sometimes greater for franchise systems than for an independant business.

Even if your franchised business survives changes to regulations, one must still consider how the changes may affect resale value or the abillty to sell.


Whether xpressmile is a franchise or not is irrelevant. 

The effects of industry specific regulation, whether it be from a medical board or a building and construction authority must be considered with regards to how any changes might affect your business model.

In franchising, the interplay between medical service regulation and the franchise business model must be closely scrutinised for conflict and for its potential to increase the risk of failure over and above what might be suffered for an independant business.

 The Irony here is, that the advert banner below all my posts today on this subject has been:

" Dont pay for white teeth, The secret tooth whitening product discovered by a Mom who spent under $3 click here"



Dont pay for white teeth, The secret tooth whitening product di

What is this " Dont pay for white teeth, The secret tooth whitening product discovered by a Mom who spent under $3 click here"

Please email me

Dont pay for white teeth, The secret tooth whitening product di

What is this " Dont pay for white teeth, The secret tooth whitening product discovered by a Mom who spent under $3 click here"

Please email me

Zap Whitening

Not a bad price on Gels and supplies. We got our supplies quickly. International always takes longer.

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