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The UPS Store, Tales of Gore

Stories of ownership failure, carnage and regrets about The UPS Store (TUPSS), formerly known as Mail Boxes Etc. OH, and the rebuttals to those horror stories too.

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Tinker's picture

Suggesting organizations and franchisors taking Responsibility

The same as always. Call me a dreamer but a veteran or retirement group should NOT jump into bed with a company and/or opportunity that it hasn't thoughly investigated. Don't represent something as a benefit or an incentive if you don't even have a clue as to the ACTUAL risks and rewards. I'm way beyond having confidence in large scale corporate ethics or responsibilities but there MUST be a barrier between these companies and an organizations members if they are sincere in the organization's mission.

BTW.........just a simple question here, but have you served in the military? The only reason I ask is that if you haven't, perhaps that is why you aren't understanding the analogy I used to demonstrate the mindset that vets have when looking at benefits and incentives.

Rhino Super Center

Holy Toledo! There's Trouble in River City

I can't wait to read what Z Guest writes next in reply. Hold onto your hats people there is a big wind a brewin! Until the next round; same Bat time, same Bat channel!

Bruce Wayne

P.S. Hey little Tinker don't hold back!

Too sad...

You just don't get it do you! You have to get a judgement that agrees with your case and evidence in order to win! Your opinion of the facts in Tinker v. Meineke are just interesting and amusing commentary that prove nothing of import as it relates to the case.

P.S. Ask your momma again about your birth...did she ever consider that you may have been switched with another baby in the hospital? It does happen you know.


Franchisor, SLEEEZEEE You make me sick!

Tinker's picture

Judging from your lack of intelligence

as well as common sense, I'd say you got switched  with the after-birth.  I suppose I could do a few 'your mama' jokes but that would be too easy.  Besides, given your rationale of arguing that I might not be who I am, because I 'could have been switched at birth' put's your desperate and warped view in proper perspective.  Thanks.  You grasping at such far out straws says more than I could possibly say myself.


Rhino Super Center

RichardSolomon's picture


I happen to be the father of an obstetrician/gynecologist, so I am speaking Ex Cathedra. Due largely to the defective nature of the physical symptoms of those born in the last ten years, it is important that the placenta-cord blood be extracted and saved to be used upon discovery that certain critical constituent segments of corporeal well being dribbled away and failed to make it into the finished product.

This means that it is becoming a great deal more difficult to differentiate between people and their afterbirth. With respect to the obesity epidemic, one can easily recognize that a great number of people are so obese that they actually start to resemble a placenta.

The selection of baby names is following this trend. There will soon be drivers licenses and social security cards issued by the thousands in names like Placenta and Fetus. Your son will one day bring home a girl who may be named Placenta Ferguson, which will be explained to you as a new fad Catholic name. Fetus Steinberg will no doubt be graduating soon from Harvard Law School, but that name will be less frequent amongst Jewish people because it sounds so Latin. Fetus McGillicutty is probably a more to be expected construct.

The point of all this is for you to understand that calling someone afterbirth may no longer be the angry epithet you intend it to be.

Richard Solomon

Tinker's picture

Well DAMN!

Thanks for pissing in my cornflakes there Richard. 


Rhino Super Center

Made me Laugh! ---Muldoon is around today! Tears of Laughter!

But the government shouldn't throw the Placentia O'Riley's and the Vaginia Smiths and the Penileandors to the wolves through pretending to regulate franchising in the interests of the stupid ZEES who have their heads up their ......!

I think there is new research and a Poll out (commissioned by the Amazonians of America) that indicates that the American people are getting more stupid and that boys who are named after their body parts become dysfunctional and can't use them ---but that girls who are named after their body parts are sexier and more intelligent and are busting out all over and taking over the world. Hopefully, the female gender will always be influenced "by the needs and notions of her kind" and feel that certain "ZEST" to hold a man upon her breast and the "fume of life" won't be relegated to the province of sperm banks. (Thank you, Edna!)

This poll was precipitated by the ERA -pushed government research into the fact or fiction that men fall in love more quickly with women with big BOOBS and small BUNS and BRAINS and why was this? and women fall in love with intelligent men with big brains and/or big incomes, and why was this? Is this because women most often think with their equipment above their waists in the matter of love and procreation and men so often think with their equipment below their waists in the matter of love and aren't thinking at all about procreation.

These polls and this research are necessary for governments and society to determine the actual affect and effect that "sex as recreation" and "sex out of marriage or domestic partnerships" will have on world populations and world economies when the committment to procreation and to the support of the children of our species becomes threatened ---and the courts and governments in secular democracies will not be provided with the funds to collect from delinquent parties who have departed marriages and domestic partnerships and have defaulted on their contracts and their commitments to the children who become the poorly loved and nourished next generation of citizens who will pay taxes to government to protect them from evil forces within and without the nation. Those who default on their contracts and those who formed no contracts to begin with may present an overwhelming problem for government.

Also, The new names that involve body parts and functions may result in more sexual harassment in the work place and more government regulation of names in the future. This will be difficult for the regulators because pornagraphic names will be hard to define and especially under local community standards. This might really f..k up the workplace and interfere with private profits and government revenue.

But, back to research, do big BOOBS and small BUNS contribute to the epidemic of adultery and abortion in secular democracies ---and to the NEW poor of the USA ---the single Mothers and their children . What is the solution? Can the brains of men be fixed? Can the brains of women who believe that the double standard has been abolished be fixed? Do women really believe that men admire a woman who has been around and want her to Mother his children? Would we have a better world if there were no women with big boobs and small buns or if men had better and bigger brains and bigger private parts that they used to benefit humanity, beginning with their own families. If women become more intelligent and have bigger brains and smaller boobs and become world leaders and there is less testosterone in the world and more sperm banks, will this kinder and softer gender influence in government and the law provide a better world and a lasting peace?

As a species, we know where we have been but we seem to have no idea of where we are going. Have corporations, through btainwashing and advertising and sponsoring shit changed the decent and life-nourishing values of our nation in the interests of maximizing corporate profits and making people fat? Do we all contribute because we, who own the stocks of the corporations, don't care about all of the "trash" our children or other people's children are exposed to through modern media. The brain of a child is like a sponge and if exposed to trash and ignorance instead of truth and knowledge this brain produces a trashy and ignorant adult. But, of course, those of us who perform their due diligence can protect their children from these bad influences on their brains.

Will our species survive when we become purely secular and we believe in the existence of ONLY our five senses and that we are only organic substance that exists to feed our senses, and we have no obligation to future generations? Can mankind live on bread and sex alone and goods from China?

Can our species with our wonderful brains survive without an abiding faith in a higher power with a bigger brain?

Are we hard wired at birth to look for that bigger brain and that higher power? especially when we can't understand or control the the pain and the joy of life that is so randomly distributed. Isn't the miracle of human life and growth and the presence of the other species of the earth and the wonder of our natural environment proof that that higher brain is out there?

Isn't it inevitable that human beings in their infinite variety will try to connect to that bigger brain and that higher power through the limited power of the human brain? Isn't it wonderful that "faith" and "grace" and "hope" and "charity" are defined in the human vocabulary and aren't they wonderful names for babies. And, the old names like Moses and Jesus and Judah and Muhammad and Buhda and hundreds of others still influence our ever smaller world and are the product of the human brain.
These new names that Richard is worried about are definitely a sign of the times and we should be worried about these new citizens who will be named for their body parts and/or functions.
We can't blame this on franchising, huh!

RichardSolomon's picture


Of course. 

Richard Solomon


Richard your behavior of late is looking more and more as that of a man who spends too much time at Muldoons!

Is business slow?

Have your rantings and insults not paid off?

Are you disappointed that your phone is not ringing off the hook?

Do you think that maybe this might be a direct result of your insulting, superior attitude towards those not holding a law degree, or just that you are all over the place?

Didn't you blame R&D for not informing the MD. AG?

For taking bad advice form thier attorney?

For "Pissing on Tinker's corn flakes?"

I think that it is obvious that you and JD and the unidentified poster in Tinkers case are a prime example of "AMBISSION BITING THE NAILS OF SUCCESS

Well sort of like franchisees that...

grab defeat from the jaws of victory?

I think Richard, JD et al are doing just fine. If you don't like logic and reality then maybe you should start your own anti-franchising blog?

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