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The UPS Store, Tales of Gore

Stories of ownership failure, carnage and regrets about The UPS Store (TUPSS), formerly known as Mail Boxes Etc. OH, and the rebuttals to those horror stories too.

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UPS's Dirty Little Secret Is About To Be Revealed

In the not too distant future, representatives of UPS will have to testify in court under oath about what they did to unsuspecting UPS store franchisees. The dirty little secret will be revealed for all to see. Stay tuned.

don't do it

put you money in a cd you do better

No Travesty

No Travesty! Simply the risk of going into business.
If you fail - you lose money! If your capital came from retirement accounts & home equity then that is the money which is lost. If you borrow the capital and lose the capital you must re-pay the capital.
If you succeed - you enjoy the fruits of your efforts, the rewards for the risk.
If you hope to enjoy the reward - you must take the risk. You can not enjoy the taste of the fruit without first enduring the risk of climbing the tree to retrieve the fruit.


Remember The UPS Store....

Is The Scam Of The Century..Run Run Run Away From This Black Hole Of A Franchise..Unless You Like Losing All Your $$$$$

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Jim Amos on Mail Boxes Etc. Lawsuit

Jim Amos, past CEO of Mail Boxes Etc., was interviewed in his local paper, Nashville City Paper. He says this about Mail Boxes Etc. franchise owners suing UPS.

Q: There have been reports of Mail Boxes Etc. franchisees suing UPS for the re-branding to The UPS Store. What is your take on that?

Amos: While I am reticent to comment on litigation in progress, I would say that when you have a system that is nearly 5,000 stores generating $1.5 billion dollars in system sales, it is very difficult to please everyone all of the time.

His point is that it's amazing how few eggs have been broken in making such a great omelette of The UPS Stores.

Amos wants to bring back his team from Mail Boxes Etc. and plant them in beautiful Franklin, TN to help turn around his new venture, Tasti D-Lite frozen desserts.

Q: Of the numerous opportunities that you’ve reviewed over the past several years, why did you elect to get involved with Tasti D-Lite?

Amos: Over the last three years, I have worked with many private equity firms evaluating franchising platforms. I have invested in several, such as Sona MedSpa that we moved from Virginia Beach here to Nashville. Tasti D-Lite provided great economics in a segment that we view as very hot, much like Sona MedSpa. In addition, it afforded me the opportunity to bring together much of the team that worked with me to build Mail Boxes Etc. to 5,000 locations. We are going to move the Tasti D-Lite offices from Manhattan to Franklin, as well. Currently, there are a handful of employees in Manhattan. We are building a team in Franklin, starting with about a dozen people. And we are looking for office space in Williamson County.

UPS Store --Is there a market for old Uniform Shirts

As a failed store owner, I am wondering, is there a market out there for used The UPS Store Uniform Shirts? How about my degree from The UPS University in San Diego that won't get me another job and I can't compete with my hard earned knowledge of UPS's intellectual material under the non-compete provisions of the franchise agreement.

Tales of Gore is right. You'd have to have an IQ of 50 to buy a new The UPS Store. The franchisee that got my store for nothing is too "small" to wear my shirts, and he would want me to give my UPS uniform shirts to him for nothing. Just like the signage, the uniform shirts aren't cheap. Maybe we should "rag" them up and use them to protest at Board Meetings and at Press Releases, etc... when they are trying to sell these "pigs" to the public. Maybe we could sell them to BSA members who have failed out of business and they could wear them to court with their ragged jeans to impress the judge? Do you suppose that UPS gets these shirts wholesale? Sure didn't feel like it?


As we speak the annual UPS Store Convention is happening.Con is the key word.First of all good ole MIKEY ESKEW didnt even have the stones to show up..He did the via sattilite thing.Guess he couldnt find enough bodyguards to cove his sorry butt..LOL LOL In reality he would have been booed off the stage.From whats been reported to us...Stewie Mathis has been quite as a mouse OH BY THE WAY STEWIE MATHIS SAID PLANS PUT INTO MOTION BY UPS WHERE NOT TOLD TO HIM UNTIL THEY WERE STARTED...I MIGHT HAVE BEEN BORN AT NIGHT BUT I WASNT BORN LAST NITE...STEWIE RUNS MBE WHO IS OWNED BY UPS BUT HE CLAIMS HE'S OUT OF THE LOOP...MORE COMPLETE AND TOTAL B.S. from our wonder ONLY 29 NEW STORES WERE BUILT OUT LAST YEAR...NOT TO MENTION THE TITANIC TURNOVER & FAILURE RATE OF THE UPS STORE FRANCHISE...Dear ole Willa our F.A.C. Queen is still the little puppet she has always been.Owners were origially told the would only have 10 min. to question F.A.C....WOW UPS gave the owners all of 10 min to speak to their F.A.C. Reps...Owners got very MAD ..Then UPS said ok you can have 30 MIN for Q & A....After 2 yrs we get 30 WHOLE MINUTES...THANKS MIKEY THANKS STEWIE...SO IN REALITY ITS ANOTHER UPS SMOKE & MIRROR SHOW. THATS WHY WE SAY CON- AS IN CON JOB CON-VENTION.MIKEY HAS HIS PUPPET NAMED STEWIE AND STEWIE HAS HIS PUTTET NAMED WILLA..GO SO IT GOES AND MBE & UPS STORE OWNERS STILL GET SCREWED.THE SAD PART IS THAT 600-700 OWNERS ACTUALLY PAID TO ATTEND THIS UPS/MBE FARCE..P.T. BARNUM WAS RIGHT

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If you were to buy a UPS STORE

FIRST, let me say that I believe you’ve miss quoted the royalties that would be paid at $1,100, thus the biggest flaw in your current proposal.  But let’s move beyond that.

I understand your ‘theory’, and it is not without merit.  However, you should proceed with EXTREME caution, utilizing the services of a “Great” accountant, attorney, and franchise consultant (who represents you and your interest).

You’ve indicated that you’re currently shipping an average of 600 units per day.  Based on 21.66 days per month (5 day week) or 26 days per month (6 day week) your monthly volume would be 13,000 or 15,600 units respectively; annualized that would be 156,000 or 187,200 units.

The guest, who must be presumed to be a UPS store franchisee and therefore knows what they’re talking about, has pointed out that you may be paying less as a UPS large volume commercial account than you would as a UPS Store Franchisee, by approximately $0.09 per unit, my calculations suggest by $0.11.

UPS STORE: $12.00 (retail rate) – 45% (UPS Store Disc) = $6.60 + 1.02 ($12* .085 (Royalty + Ad Fee(s)) = $7.62.

EXISTING RATE: $8.50 (Book Rate) - 14% (Negotiated Volume Discount) = $7.51 or 11 cents per unit less. 

You’ve stated that you are spending more than $100K per month to ship between 13 to 15,600 units.  If we multiply 13,000 x $7.51 we get $97,360 which would seem to indicate that the guests estimations are consistent with yours.

We really do not need to do much in the way of calculations to conclude that ‘on the surface’ if we increase our per unit shipping cost by 11 cents our shipping cost goes up, not down.  AND we’ve yet to add in the ‘operational cost’ of the store.

One of the first questions I ask existing and prospective franchisees is “What is the purpose of a business?”.  The response is usually “To Make Money”.  To which I respond, that absolutely IS NOT the purpose of a business, I then go on to say: “The purpose of a business is to Attract, Retain and Grow customers”.  The reason we own a business IS NOT for the business to make money, but for the owners of the business to make money.  With this philosophy in mind, your ‘theory’ is not without merit.

You’ve got an existing UPS Store which you suggest is breaking even and you can acquire this business for $150,000 which is considerably less than the cost of a start-up.  It has enough business that it is ‘breaking even’.  Here’s a few quick off the top of my head questions, which need to be answered.

  • Does this break-even include a salary to the current owner?  If so, how much?
  • What is the estimated market potential for this location, is their room to grow?
  • Does the business have qualified employees who will stay?
  • Does your existing business have areas which might result in economies of scale thusly lowering operational cost of the UPS Store?
  • If you were to personally own the UPS Store and it were to continue to ‘lose money’ would this improve your personal tax situation?
  • If your existing business were to own the UPS Store how does it impact the businesses, bottom line?
  • If you were to allow your UPS Store to charge your existing business a higher rate, thusly increasing your operational cost in the existing business but increasing the gross sales of the UPS Store established as the right type of entity, would this increase the bottom line of the existing business, and allow more money to flow through to you as the owner of the two?
  • Does diversification of your portfolio make sense?  Would an added business venture detract from your existing business?
  • What happens to the bottom line if you were to shift employees from your existing business to the UPS Store thusly increasing employee productivity at both locations?
  • Based on the current turmoil within the UPS Franchise Network, IF the UPS Store franchise model were to go under after having made the investment and your existing business is now dependent on it as a ‘vendor’ how would it impact your existing business?

There’s literally 100’s of questions which need to be answered which can not be answered in a forum like this.  Your idea might work, and you may do it quite successfully.  You may also lose a great deal of money and jeopardize what sounds like a potentially profitable existing business.

IF, reducing your shipping cost is your primary motivator, I’d suggest that there are far better ways to accomplish this.  If you’re truly interested in diversification of your financial portfolio, increasing your personal net worth, etc…. your idea MAY be worth further exploration beyond the surface.  BUT IT MUST BE, with care, caution, thought and a PLAN!!!  Not simply because you want to buy a UPS store ASAP, and you believe that you will reduce your shipping cost in doing so.

If you have an interest in discussing any of my thoughts, ideas or comments in greater detail, please email me or feel free to call me.  Until then….

Believe & Succeed,
FranSynergy, Inc.
Synergizing Franchising!


---What advice would you give someone who was interested in buying an existing UPS store?----

I would offer two options.

1) Give me your $250,000 and i'll kick you in the nuts hard. As I walk away laughing you can be secure in the knowledge that you did not sign any personal guarantees while receiving the same benefits as UPS franchise ownership offers.

2) Go to Vegas and bet your %250,000 on black. You'll have better odds and have a good time in between.


Its not nickle and dime ITS $50-$100-$200 TO THE POINT OF BANKRUPTCY! You certainly were not naive but more like swindled by one of the best crooks in corporate history UPS. UPS in the same league as ENRON,MCI,ADELPI ETC only have not been caught yet.

UPS would find a way to shut down your plan

At the point where you would generate $10k per month from drop-off, I am sure UPS would find a way to shut down/change/challenge your process. Read the UPS tarriff, it probably has something in it about requiring a large volume account to have a daily pickup.

Buying an existing store would be the way to go from strictly an investment perspective. However, these store are not appreciating in value at this time.

Again, I think UPS would find a way to shut down the 600 drop offs per day ( they are sneaky basta....s) but until then, would you have the room to accept 200 more packages per day from other drop-off customers? Or 200 packages per day from 10 customers, each and every day. Doubt it.

You seem stuck on your idea to the extent that it makes me suspicious. Do you work for Brown?

buying an existing store

You really need to check all aspects of the finance of the store as questions like:
How much traffic do you have?
How many drop off"s does the store get?
How many package does UPS pickup daily?
What are your local supply vendors?
What is the current margin for packing and service fee?

Just a few questions, but you really need to check on thentotal business of the store.

When a bargain is not a bargain! The UPS Store?

The UPS Store, at any price, is not a bargain today. But, if you know something that makes you think that UPS is going to stop competing with their stores and that they are going to work with the Brown Board to make these stores profitable, maybe?????

Probably means that he's

Probably means that he's losing money on the store. Basing price on STR only makes sense if STR is above $400,000. Does this store make money? If so, how much? The majority of UPS Stores lose money every month.

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Copyright infringement

Apart from the fact that most readers skip over long cut-and-paste segments such as the one above, there are also copyright issues.

Try actually contributing something to the analysis, and put a hyperlink to the other author's work. 

Janet Sparks --Franchise Article UPS --March 2007

If the statistics in this article that were said to have been put out by The Wall Street Journal are correct, and these almost 2,000 stores that left the system 2002-2005 were mostly BUSINESS FAILURES that were reported as "Transfers", shouldn't someone or some agency of government sound an alarm and warn new prospects of UPS?
Or, is this the normal and usual exploitive practices of the franchising industry.
When neither the success rate or the failure rate of the business plan is revealed in the UFOC, how can this be anything more than the licensing of churning visability on the backs of unfortunate franchisees of The UPS Store?
We have to thank these business papers for printing the facts that permit us posters to ask valid questions abou what is going on?
And, is what is going on perfectly legal?



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UPS zees on both sides

This morning's Dallas Morning News story  by Katherine Yung on the UPS franchisees is balanced, and worth reading for yourself. (And Guest, thank you for bringing this article to the Board, but please remember to put a hyperlink in your posts!)

As to "Loose Lips", "Believe & Succeed" and such: There is a funny TV commercial for Royal Bank of Scotland (link) in which a group of people are stuck on an aerial gondola and one of the characters suggests "positive thoughts" to get the gondola moving. Another one just hits the "Emergency Start" button.

A positive attitude is helpful to succeed in life, let alone business. Equally important (if not more so) is a pragmatic view of current reality and future options.

UPS Lawsuit

What great news! Corporate Greed is alive and well and it is good to know that some of the UPS Store owners have survived to file a lawsuit in the federal courts and that the Federal Court accepted the ammended complaint.

Those store owners who are standing on the side, looking in, are hoping, I'm sure, that UPS will now understand that their stores are unprofitable and are hoping that they can survive until UPS takes positive steps to make The UPS Store a profitable enterprise.

It is not fair and not right that UPS should reap great profits from the labor and capital of the small investor who put his/her personal assets and life at risk, and who work long hours, to try to make a living in the UPS Store, and who, in the great majmority of cases, is barely breaking even or working for nothing, or is operating in the red.

It is understandable that many of the franchisees who didn't join the lawsuit felt that they couldn't afford to join and support this lawsuit and still keep their doors open. But, I'm sure that they are confident that UPS will get the message that THE UPS STORES ARE UNPROFITABLE because of an untested and flawed business plan that UPS advertised and sold to the public after they acquired MBE at a bargain price.

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Good to See Hankes' name

on the lawsuit.  He's an extremely passionate ally for franchisees and certainly a force to be reckoned with in franchise litigation.

We're cheering you on UPS Franchisees!

UPS Class Action Lawsuit?

Is this the same class action that was filed by Robert Shapiro's firm in the California court?
Will these 200 litigants represent the class if the federal court grants class action status; i.e., will those who are not members of the BSA lawsuit be able to opt in or out of the lawsuit if class status is granted by the federal court?

UPS Fiasco ---failure for UPS and Tragedy for Franchisees

UPS is pushing document copy services, etc.. as the solution to profitability of the stores and Fed-Ex Kinko who actually have a very substantial investment in Fed-Ex Kinko stores, who are premier in this field, are going to be very aggressive in trying to solicit small corporate customers for their stores because individuals are using their computers to produce copies and graphics and the copy/graphics business of service to individual custmers is dropping off.
How could UPS compete against the expertise of Kinko's in this field and do they intend to solicit small corporations to use the copy and graphic service in the UPS stores? FedEx Kinko is a division of Fed-Ex Kinko in which FedEx has a very substantial investment of capital that is ungoing but the MBE Stores were acquired by UPS so cheaply and UPS is using the capital of new franchisees to build their stores and have no capital investment in these new franchised stores that bear their name.
What will all of this this mean for this sector and for the franchisees who are just barely hanging on in The UPS Stores? Is UPS still selling MEW franchises and building NEW stores, and sacrificing franchisees, to remain competetive with FedEx amd the other large shippers? Are The UPS franchisees knowingly sacrificed to the competition between these two giants? Doesn't this look like malice when MBE-UPS acknowledge that there is a problem with the profitability of their stores under their current business plan?

I think you should buy

I think you should buy one.
It sounds like an awesome plan, and hell, you don't have to put out $150K on it.
These dogs are on the market for next to nothing!
Just looking for a low life bottom feeder to buy them!

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Cara Denning 136 N Holden Rd Avon, CO 81620 970-471-5183
Ernie Johnson 312 Whittier St Highland Village, TX 75077 972-318-0224
Sean Trident 696 Conisburgh Ct Stone Mountain, GA 30087 678-471-5329
Sparrow, Inc Clyde B. Osborn, Sr 43160 Alto Drive Hemet, CA 92544 951-927-5453
Stead Corporation 13407 S 88th East Ave Bixby, OK 74008 918-369-1867
John Riffaud 11003 Chester Lake Rd E Jacksonville, FL 32256 904-363-3551
MTM Raja Inc/Taha M Raja 21427 Sand Bunker Cir Katy, TX 77450 281-398-2152
Nasco, LLC PO Box 324 Springfield, NH 03284 603-763-2723
BRP Enterprises LLC, Breter Poloyn Andersen 693 Janis Way Burley, ID 83378 208-678-8015
Larry L. Lesniak 6393 Sand Rose Ct Castle Rock, CO 80108 303-814-2805
Todd Trainor 2285 Ore Creek Lane Brighton, MI 48114 810-599-4035
Tri-State Visions Inc 572 Quarry Rd Bunker Hill, WV 25413 304-229-2605
Brent & Jane Kostiw 401 La Canada Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 805-481-1042
McCrimmon LLC 734 Dexter Dr Broomfield, CO 80020 303-460-7327
Bruce & Corinne Grant 1085 Pine Knoll Dr Estes Park, CO 80517 970-586-4020
Micro World LLC 4852 Summer Grove Circle Fairfield, CA 94534 707-864-6353
Kyong Y. Park (JKSC Inc) 6354 Giovanni Way Palmdale, CA 93551 661-718-1060
Larry Seab – D & L, LLC 748 Duff Drive Winter Garden, FL 34787 407-267-5700
F & W Investments, Inc Danny Wong 5763 N Via Ligera Tucson, AZ 85750 520-299-7449
Joel Meadows 7827 W Peakview Dr Littleton, CO 80123 303-979-4186
Shamrock Corp of Carmel dba The UPS Store 14492 Cotswold Ln Carmel, IN 46033 317-937-9534
Shanta Ent Inc 16718 New Providence Ln Charlotte, NC 28277 704-540-7333
James Stewart 5209 NW 52nd Topeka, KS 66618 785-246-0972
Stephen H. Friedman
2324 E. Old Shakopee Road Apt 204-C Bloomington, MN
55425 651-206-9388
Audrey Ritt 6865 Joy Rd Dexter, MI 48430
Island Business Systems, Inc. by Rick Loy,
President 16125 Shellcracker Rd Jacksonville, FL 32226 904-714-6322
RJU Corporation 11435 Lemmond Acres Drive Charlotte, NC 28227 704-545-6321
Harold J Walker 8482 Vera Drive Broadview Hts, OH 44147 440-526-1710
Cheri Golden – Northwest Business Solutions
LLC 31217 Pacific Hwy S #335 Federal Way, WA 98003 206-399-2933
Roma Enterprise Inc 5255 Stevens Creek Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95051 408-243-1855
Barry Linnens RR1 Cedar Point, KS 66843 620-340-7220
TR Visions Inc 7557 N Dreamy Draw Dr #259 Phoenix, AZ 85020 602-749-9387
Steel Morse Enterprises Inc 133 Dewey Drive Annapolis, MD 21401 443-482-9884
North Dallas Franchise LLC 7 Ashmere Court Dallas, TX 75238 214-616-9853
CKM, Inc 321 NE Scott Gresham, OR 97030 503-661-7123
Charley Sissney 207 Dogwood Ct Piedmont, SC 29673 864-845-6010
Mark W. Nealy 7117 Steepleview Rd Woodbury, MN 55125 651-739-5807
Mid-Life Marketing Inc 134 Suffolk Rd Boiling Springs, SC 29316 864-578-8421
Dylan T. Fager 11711 Princeton Pike, Suite 321 Cincinnati, OH 45246 513-233-1452
Steve Watmough Shiptime Inc dba The UPS
Store 947 Old Annapolis Neck Rd Annapolis, MD 21403 410-263-9118
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Shelley Levine 21081 Paseo Vereda Lake Forest, CA 92630 949-855-8566
David D & Kelly C Kirkwood 1877 E 1000 S Price, Utah 84501 435-637-1357
Edwin D Cox & Donna S Cox 3041 Doughkeepsie Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80911 719-589-8088
John Greenwood, Maxim Mgmt Corp of GA 2521 Meadow Grove Way Libum, GA 30047 678-580-2663
Greg Hund 878 West End Ave #16D New York, NY 10025 212-932-0157
Quicksilver Enterprises Inc 11432 Harcourt Terrace Richmond, VA 23233 804-270-5088
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Kerry Smith 1419 Southworth Dr Griffin, GA 30224 770-412-0794
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Richard E Fogelsoncer 111 Fogelsoncer Rd Shippensburg, PA 17257 717-530-5494
Donna Bryant 327 Calvin Blvd Seymour, IN 47274 812-522-4757
Gary Nicodemus & Loran Atkinson 5206 David Street Indianapolis, IN 46226 317-545-8520
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Dee Parrish & Andrea Allen
17 Singing Wood Ln Poquott, NY 11733
15 Singing Wood Ln Poquott, NY 11733 631-831-4844
Greg W. Morton/Jeffrey D. Bunger 3616 Flagstone Dr Carrollton, TX 75007 469-789-9060
Cansel LLC Michele Seltman 146 Nassau Rd Huntington, NY 11743 631-367-4572
RTM Enterprises LLC 455 Monte Vista Court Ft Lupton, CO 80621 303-901-5408
Kuz Enterprises Inc (Kenneth Conlon) 1524 San Ysidro Way Vernice, FL 34285 947-408-1991
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BDJ & Associates LLC (Bill & Diane Thomas) 13 Hayden St Essex, Jct. VT 05452 802-878-3990
Fontenot Properties Inc 18933 E Pinnacle Circle Baton Rouge, LA 70810 225-752-7676
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Elkins, Inc 282 Inwood Trail Lawrenceville, GA 30043 770-995-8051
Four J’s Inc Richard and Mary Cecil 4720 Phyllis Road Roanoke, VA 24012 540-977-7084
James T, McGill 856 Puddington Ct Westerville, OH 43081 614-899-7612
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Chandler Business Solutions, LLC 16006 S 39th St Phoenix, AZ 85048 480-759-8811
Brian Shirley 20 Waterstone Way Acworth, GA 30101 770-529-9731
Kevin W. & Karen A. Lancaster (Nicton Co Inc) 4255 County Home Road Paris, TN 38242 731-644-2978
Cara Denning 136 N. Holden Rd Avon, CO 81620 970-471-5183
Catlar LLC
13771 N Fountain Hills Blvd Suite 114 Fountain Hills, AZ
85268 480-221-2717
Sureshbhai H Patel 2445 Early Settlers Rd Richmond, VA 23235 804-330-3731
Box It Up Ent Inc dba The UPS Store #3560 11856 E Saguaro Crest Pl Tucson, AZ 85747 510-615-1875
William M Watson III – P.O.A. W. Marvin
Watson 1300 Old Trail Drive – P.O. Box 1604 Wilson, WY 83014 307-739-2550
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Durkin) 150 Calle Ensueno Marathon, FL 33050 305-289-8080
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703-535-5805 (c)
703-519-6949 (o)
Jerry Leung 11 Pearce Pl Great Neck, NY 11021 917-880-8660
Rob Pinter
Stonebridge Stables 1 Brookview Rd, Whitehouse Station,
NJ 08889
E Scott Harwood & Melissa M Harwood 2710 Knob Hill Dr Reno, NV 89506 775-771-7485
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DB2 Business Services, Inc. (Harry E Norman,
President) 121 Walona Ave New Lenox, IL 60451 815-485-5403
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RJP of 2753 Broadway Inc 170 E 92nd Street – Apt 54 New York, NY 10028 212-876-8295
Smith Business Centers Inc 9711 S Quindaro Rd Sanday, UT 84070 801-232-4430
IFA Investments Inc The UPS Store #4404
Faisal Malany 925 Trace Ln Lawrenceville, GA 30045 678-698-3893
P. I. Investments Inc (Steve & Cynthia Boykins) 1237 W Ivy Terrace Torrance, GA 90502 310-320-2919
Nice Package LLC/Brian Deecken and James
1402 Locust Dr Asbury Park, NJ 07712
1319 Locust Dr Asbury Park, NJ 07712
Fernando Rey – Communication Stations of
DBM 376 Ansin Blvd Hallandale, FL 33009 954-473-1188
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Slater Enterprises Inc/ President: Joseph P Slater 4120 Cornwallis Camp Dr Charlotte, NC 28226 704-541-3888
Upside Business Services LLC (Chris A
Kennedy) 27633 172nd PL SE Kent, WA 98042 253-631-6627
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JK Carlisle & Associates Inc 422 Paraiso Ct Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 805-481-0383
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JP Justin & Co LLC/Jean Dacanay 161 Wood St Rutherford, NJ 07070 201-779-0989
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T&C Nguyen Inc (Amy C Nguyen & Trang
Nguyen) 2233 Arklow Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Costello Holdings LLC 1 Old Mill Ct Ringoes, NJ 08551 908-788-5955
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Scott & Maureen Kiefer, Greg & Julie James
3550 Cedar Lake Rd Howell, MU 48843
1017 Burns St Howell, MI 48843
BRP Enterprises LLC 643 Janis Way Burley, ID 83378 208-678-8015
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Backoffice II, Inc 875 Tremont St Duxbury, MA 02332 781-934-5348
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Rodgers 5503 Sandy Folly Court Fairfax Station, VA 22039 703-250-8957
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571-259-0311 (c)
Emerald Ranch LLC 2009 Gladewood Dr Midland, TX 79707 432-699-5879
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S & P Postal Services LLC 15420 West Hardy St Houston, TX 77060 281-451-7065
Lois C Newell 10 Spicebush Ct Sicklerville, NJ 08081 856-728-6636
Pine Tree Holdings Inc dba The UPS Store
#5158 826 Sunset Dr Glenwood, IL 60425 708-754-4078
Debbie Branson 126 Riverwood Way Dallas, GA 30157 678-363-4648
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Jaw 4 Group Inc 6531 FM 78 Ste #110 San Antonio, TX 78244
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Rivera) 3044 Heron Ridge Drive Virginia Beach, VA 23456 757-613-4289
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Turano 304 Lake Avenue Nesconset, NY 11767 631-265-0263
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Mail Boxes Southeast Inc 3000 Old Alabama Rd Ste 119 Alpharetta, GA 30022
Winmail Inc 309 Blue Run Rd Cheswick, PA 15024-4005
Lawrence J Rogoff Inc 7000 Shea Blvd #258 Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Jaw 4 Group Inc 5152 Broadway #209 San Antonio, TX 78209
Gator Leasing & Franchise Dev 6860 Gulfport Blvd S St Petersburg, FL 33707



Brown Board vs Brown Shield Association

The Brown Board is an organization of UPS Store owners who believe that UPS will someday negotiate with them. They are publicly against suing UPS. The BSA is a group of store owners who are actively suing UPS/MBE. There are 3 groups of store owners with active lawsuits ( class action). Lest you hear that this is only a small minority, it is well over 20% of the network. Many, many others would have joined, but cannot afford the cost.

Among those who are/have sued are stores with the very highest annual sales, stores that have been in the network over 15 years and there are even owners who opened as UPS Stores who believe that they were grossly deceived when being sold their franchise.

iam in

we have a ups store in covina ca and its frighteneing
were going into our second loan and only one year in pls

UPS Store Sinks on Entrepreneur List ---from 5 to 11 in 2008

UPS has sunk from 5 to 11 on Entrepreneur 2008 Listings of Franchises ---but is No. 10 on the Global Franchise Listings of Entrepreneur. UPS advertises in Entrepreneur and rides on its famous name and misleads potential franchisees because of its ranked position in Entrepreneur.

UPS is still recruiting new franchisees and selling UPS Stores on the basis of their ratings on Entrepreneur, and still using this rating to sell their stock, no doubt! But, there was little domestic growth this year in new franchises and we don't yet know how many

This circumvention of Truth in Advertising laws is not addressed by the FTC who permits franchisors to advertise their ratings and use their SBA Franchise Registry presence as a sales tool on the Internet.

The capture of the regulators by the big corporations needs to be looked at by The United States Congress.

FranSynergy's picture

Unintended UPS Humor!

 I stumbled across this online ad today, and I could not help but see some humor in it, which I'm sure was not intended.

I'm sure some of the UPS alum here on Bluemaumau will be able to interpret the humor for themselves.

In light of all the Negative press surounding UPS one most wonder what the marketing person was thinking.


Believe & Succeed,



UPS Entrepreneur Rating

The criteria for this Entrepreneur best rating in postal services is based on the success of MBE-UPS as to THEIR profits. There is no doubt that a good percentage of the Network of stores is in trouble but remains standing because MBE-UPS can sell discounted units out the back door and sell NEW franchises with the SHILL of the famous brand name. When franchisors can survive because they collect royalties, commissions, and fees etc.. on the gross sales of the units in the Network, a franchisor can survive nicely while the Network franchisees are struggling and taking the entire risk of building the physical network that wears the brand name.

Those stores standing at break even have to remain standing in order to avoid the loss of their entire investments, or try to sell their break-even investment and take a loss. Those who fail generally fail into obscurity when they don't have funds to join lawsuits.

Unfortunately, it appears to be public policy for the business media to be concerned only with the success and visibility of the franchisors, and franchisees are considered to be merely a resource to contribute to the visibility and viability of franchisors.

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Good story!!

There still are good people out there. We just need people out there that will control the bad one's in business.


Whoever you are, you get the award for Producer of the Year.

Good to laugh instead of cry for a change for all of us victims of the sham franchise, The UPS Store.

The UPS Store

Lucky! you would be if you lasted ten years. Did you make any actual profits during those ten years or did you just work cheap. Let us know.

If you only make it through a few years and can't survive with the highly negative cash flow, MBE-UPS will find a third party to get your store for nothing to continue their visibility. Mr. Mathis was out there on the Internet in 2005 urging "Entrepreneurs" to look for "hobbled" and "used" stores,

Your $300,000 is down the drain and you will appear in the transfer columns of their next UFOC. You were "terminated" in a transfer in which you signed a general release and a confidentiality agreement.

Don't be stupid. Stay away from this sham of a franchise.

that method of evaluation

that method of evaluation sounds really risky to me. without knowing the margins and expenses associated with generating a given amount of revenue, subject to royalty means nothing. keep in mind that this is the number that MBE corp uses. it does not address profitability. anyone purchasing any business should start with three years of the owner's personal income tax returns, profit and loss statements and balance sheets. if the seller is reluctant to produce these nine documents he/she is hiding something. run like hell.

What should it be worth?

If you have no lease and no business what is the fully depreciated value of these 10 year-old used fixtures on the open market?

What should it be worth?

If you have no lease and no business what is the fully depreciated value of these 10 year-old used fixtures on the open market?

UPS Retail Fallback Stradegy in US

Looks like UPS is teaming up with Staples in China. Some are speculating that this is part of their fall back strategy when the courts dismantle the current UPS Store network.

Only time will tell, but it's certain that UPS's retail plans for the US are blowing up in their faces. They cannot sell new stores and existing stores are closing everyday. And then there's that pesky little group of class action suits...

I'd Be Satisfied.....

If I could sell my UPS Store :(


I worked for the guy at MBE in the 90's and his "god, country, marine corp" act is BS. He along with his crew (Holt, Herskowitz, etc...) are nothing but corporate raiding egotists who can somehow sleep at night while they rape their franchisees and employees for as much as they can. If I ever saw him again on the street I'd go off. I hope he gets his eventually.

Hi Dale We just purchased a

Hi Dale

We just purchased a PakMail in Florida. I would be very interested in hearing your idea.

Carol Cappelluti

Jim Amos Lawsuits

He sold MBE down the river. Do you think he knew that UPS wanted the brick & Mortar for drop off/pick up hubs with no competition? MBE was a good system but I think Tony deserves the credit for that. US Office poroducts was a joke. It was a slash and burn by Jimbo. Check out the litigation that he is involved in. Daughter (Heather Rose) remember her from MBE. I think that is called nepotisim. I still have me eagle pin, should have been a jackass.

Chairman Demeritus Amos

When Amos thankfully left MBE, after many painful years, he negotiated for himself the title, "Chairman Emeritus". was HIS idea, not the gracious, spontaneous idea of a happy franchise system. What a hoot!

At that point, the MBE/UPS executives would have likely given him the title of the "Wizard of Oz" just to get him out of the system once and for all.

In hindsight, we now all know that he should have been dubbed..."Chairman Demeritus" or "Chairman Devaluedus" or perhaps "Chairman Discreditedus".

Good riddance to a first-rate flim-flam man and slight-of-hand phony.

Re: Pak Mail

We are purchasing Pak Mail. Can you tell me what is the commercial segment you are talking about.
And Info would be helpful

PAK Mail

Hi Dale,

My Husband and I atr looking at purchaseing at PAK Mail. Can you please tell us about the segment you are speaking about.


Carol Cappelluti



Hi Dale,

My Husband and I were looking into purchasing an exsiting UPS store and after researching UPS we found out they were havinga lot of problems. We decided to look into a PAK/MAIL and are seriously thinking of purchasing an exsiting one. You mentioned something about the commercial segment can you give me more info. on this. And also what do you think of PAK/MAIL



Do yourself a favor and dont allow yourself to recieve this years #1 STUPID AWARD for what you may think is a bargin. This franchise is an abortion and top honor for that goes to the UPS SCAM ARTISTS IN ATLANTA.

Takes the stupid award for taking the "a" out of bargain, and thereby the gain out of franchising. They most certainly did "Barg In" and messed up a good thing.


i know an mco that is having great success
he would use them
you should sell them on ebay
youd be surprised how many franchise cheapos that would buy them

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