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The UPS Store, Tales of Gore

Stories of ownership failure, carnage and regrets about The UPS Store (TUPSS), formerly known as Mail Boxes Etc. OH, and the rebuttals to those horror stories too.

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UPS Successes?

Hmmmmm - Three Franchisees - from various parts of the country (NY, TX, CA) opening at different times (1997, 2003, 2004) all operational. Hmmmmm

What do they all have in common???? They took the time - and recruited resources to help them set up to win!!! Do any of our resident UPS Zees know any of the 3? Perhaps one of the three visits BMM? Perhaps one of them could share their viewpoint of the UPS Franchise opportunity?

Hmmm -- Did you notice that David Diaz went to work for a Zee before investing? Hmmm hasn't that been suggestes here on BMM?

Is it possible - that perhaps 1 of the major problems with UPS ZOR is the same as with all ZORs - Some ZEEs just simply do not make it? Could the shear number of NORMAL failed ZEEs be so large that it makes it seem worse than it is? 20% of 100 is 20 and 20 might not make much noise; but 20% of 5,600 is 1,200 and 1,200 might make some noise. Is this Possible?


RichardSolomon's picture


Why don't you take that money over to Muldoons and have a nice evening. You will have no bitter memories. You will spend an evening amongst a lot of good fun people. The headache you wake up with tomorrow morning will go away tomorrow. That gal you thought was a 10 about 2 a m, and who looks more like a 2 when you wake up, will seem a lot prettier than your experience as a UPS franchisee. The Muldoons tee shirt you buy will be a lot more valuable than the franchise in two years. You will be able to afford to go back and repeat your experience at Muldoons - try that with a UPS franchise. The drink measurements at Muldoons are much more in your favor that the measurements at UPS.

There are seven great reasons to go to Muldoons instead of putting a deposit down on a UPS franchise. Do you need more than that?   

Richard Solomon

UPS Store & Jim Amos

2 Giant Failures In One Neat Package..Oh I Almost Forgot Dear Ole Heather...Now That Makes 3

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Owning a UPS store is sort

Owning a UPS store is sort of like the feeling the whole country will have after electing Hillary and Obama to higher office.   You will work long and hard only to have your wallet forcefully opened and the proceeds redistributed to people you never heard of.




A fool and his money are soon parted.

message to Mikey

29 store net growth 2005 to 2006. scale back of projected openings. this network if shrinking. can't wait to see next years. That is right Mike Eskew you don't have a business model problem do you.

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Re: UPS Store Sinks on Entrepreneur List ---from 5 to 11 in 2008

Unfortunately for the 'little guys', The listings take into account the overall financial position of the company, so trying to beat a multi-billion operation like the parent company off the list isn't going to be easy.

UPS Store franchises sold

Any idea how many UPS Stores were sold last year? Not including transfers, new stores, if anyone knows.


i am buying a store that already breaks even or actually makes 20k per year.

it has 3 employees and the rent and all cost are covered!

again does anybody see any real reason why this wouldn't work???

if it takes 3-4 hours it still would net over 10k a month.

don't work for them

the box's are very small 4x2x9. i don't work for ups.
what do you mean 200 packages per day from 10 customers??

or if someone approached you to split the profits
would a store owner do it? the space requirements are
approx 6 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet high

and it would only take a min wage person no longer than 3 hours.


UPS SHILLS all over Internet and TV to sell NEW TUPSS

Isn't is truly malicious for the franchisor to be selling NEW franchises to NEW prospects when they know the failure rate of these stores?

I wonder how many failures who tried to avoid bankruptcy are paying on DEBT that holds these stores up for UPS -- the billion dollar giant of industry who SHILLS its famous name and brand to sell new franchises and their stock to the public.

Let Brown Do It

They are experts at using their stores to make money for themselves, that's for sure. They don't lose anything and they can be malicious.

many wrong assumptions

Let's review your idea:

  1. UPS would NOT reduce your charge ,per package, by $1.10. 
  2. The Owner of The UPS Store does not receive $1.10- royalties are deducted.
  3. Process your 600+ packages per day would required designated labor, which they owner pays for.
  4. If you can drop-off 600+ packages per day, why not everyone?  The average store size is too small to be a warehouse.
  5. The $8/week pick up fee you currently pay UPS would not be a savings if you have to load, drive and unload your car daily.  Time is money. 
  6. I assume, like most drop-off customers, that you would expect to be able to receive immediate service.  That is to be assisted before paying customers already in the store.  Would you be willing to stand in line with your 600+ boxes?  If not,why not?  Would you pull ahead of other cars in the drive thru at MacDonald's because you had free coupons?
  7. Every package processed by a store, must be screened for hazardous materials.  The Owner is fined by the Dept. of Transportation if your package is found to contain hazardous materials.  You may be thinking that you don't ship Hazmat.  Has your UPS account rep reviewed what is/is not acceptable to ship?  NO?  You never met an account rep?  Did you print out and read the full agreement you have with UPS when you opened your account- it  is specific about Hazmat.

The question isn't could you share in the Owner's compensation.  In my mind the questions is should the Owner even accept any drop-offs, given the liability and expense?

Broke Idiot!

Have you not read a single business book? Do you not understand that MOST businesses fail to break even for 3 to 5 years.

Obviously you know nothing about business. You know nothing about franchising!

Obviously if you haven't already failed in business --- you soon will fail in business --- unless you gain some knowledge AND GET REAL!

Business involves Risk, it requires HARD WORK! UPS stores do make money! But give an idiot a million dollars and you still have an idiot --- and in short time you'll once again have a broke idiot!


The UPS Store RUN LIKE HELL!!!!!!

Some stores start to produce a $35,000/yr income for the owner at about $365,000 in
annual gross sales, but the medium store gross sales at present appears to be about
$280,000 (available numbers say about 60% of all US stores do not break even).
Taking an example from the PACE manual, it states that a store that does $550,000 STR
with a 60% margin should gross about $110,000 in profit. To simplify the math, they take
$550,000 and multiply by a 60% margin. Fixed and Variable expenses are estimated to be
$220,000. However, if you multiply by 52.5% (the average gross margin according to
Financial Planner), gross profit is reduced by $41,500 (to $68,500). This is a ridiculously
small return on investment for a store that is in the top 5 to 10 percent of the network.


have you ever been to congers,n.y.? if not, go rent deliverance.



UPS supports vision-impared franchisees

Blind men don't buy UPS Store franchises.

However, blind men are hired to conduct dimensional weighing at UPS facilities.


The Brown Board keeps crying while the BROWN SHEILD fights back. That is the simple truth. UPS does not even monitor the Brown Board any longer since they are not a threat to UPS any longer. Reality stings in this situation.

Anything Good With Owning One Of These Stores?

I'm think About buying a UPS Store, does anyone have anything positive to say about owning one of these....

UPS Advertises The UPS Stores Across the Internet

The UPS Stores are advertised across the Internet and Entrepreneur has it out there in 2007 as #5 and UPS uses Entrepreneur's endorsement to advertise and sell new franchises. Other sites pick up Entrepreneur's Picks such as Power Option.Com.
The blurring of identities goes on to the benefit of UPS and the truth of the viability of The UPS Store is hidden from view and new prospects are led to slaughter.
Power Options WeBLog says:
"In its most recent edition, Enmtrepreneur Magazine released its pick for the top nationwide franchises for 2007. The magazine takes an in-dept look at which franchises would make the best investment for its hopeful readership. In this installment of the Powe Options weblog, we take a look at some of the publicly traded companies on the list and research the potential option trades."
How can this kind of misinformation me stopped. Isn't it malicious to be selling new franchises when you know your business plan is in trouble. Does UPS use the blurring of identities and its position in Entrepreneur to mislead new prospoects and to mislead those who purchase their stocks.
Aren't there laws about this kind of deception of the public?

Tinker's picture

I don't mind..

climbing the tree for the 'fruit' of my labor; however it's quite another thing to climb to the top, have the fruit in your hand, and some fraudulent vulture chop that tree down, with you in it.  THAT's what we call a travesty and all the simplistic 'that's business' remarks don't hold water under the scrutiny of what some of these companies and people pull.

Rhino Super Center

Out of business - Bankrupt

Just add me to the list.
Brown is the perfect color for this shit company.

Travesty is Hiding the Risk of the Investment in UFOC's

The travesty is hiding/obscuring the risk of the investment in Item 20 of the UFOC's and the hyping of these franchises with high failure rates by Entrepreneur and the SBA Registry. The naive and inexperienced franchisee prospect has no idea of the actual failure rate of the first-generation franchisees when he/she purchases a The UPS Store Franchise or a Quiznos and many other franchises that appear on the SBA Registry.

There appears to be no failure rate at which the SBA will not guarantee loans for franchisors because, of course, they, also, don't have to know the true failure rate of the first-generation franchisees who provide the capital and labor to build the network. The banks, also, don't know the true rate of failure of the franchises upon which they lend money and adjust the rates only on the basis of the SBA Default List when making SBA Loans.

Because there was a DEAL between the government regulators and the regulated, it has been possible for networks like The UPS Store and Quiznos to hide their abetted third-party acquisition of failed first-generation franchisees, and other generation failures, from the new prospective franchisees and the government in the Item 20 transfer columns.

These failures, disguised as transfers, do not, of course, constitute a failure for the franchisor, the banks, the community, or the government. Only the first-generation franchisee, who loses everything, is the loser and is a calculated sacrifice to the success of franchising that is considered to be vital to sustain our economy.

The travesty is that prospective franchisees would be better off having no regulation at all than this pretense of regulation by the FTC that lulls prospects into a false sense of security. The UFOC becomes a license to steal for predatory franchisors who don't mind building their networks on the backs of first-generation franchisees who have no idea of the true failure rate of the franchised business opportunity in terms of the failure of first-generation franchisees when they invest their lives and their life savings.

The actual failure rate of first-generation franchisees is a MATERIAL fact needed to be known by new prospective franchisees to determine the material risk of investment in the franchise. If the risk is 10% or 30% or 50%, this risk should be disclosed to new investors. Instead, there is a cooperation in the franchising world through skewed research and rhetoric to obscure the risk of investments in franchising. The franchisor KNOWS the failure rate of first-generation franchisees in the network and could disclose this rate under law if required to do so.

The travesty is that people like FranMaster who make their living off of franchising don't want to see effective regulation with disclosure of the true failure rate of franchises because this could dry up some of their income.

The government and the Congress apparently don't want to take the chance of inhibiting investment in franchising and they continue the DEAL of Item 20 that obscures the actual failure rate of franchisors from the public.

Interestisng Response from Jim Amos re UPS Store

Did Jim Amos build that network of 5,000 stores through the process of Churning, and standing on the backs of failed first-generation franchisees who in great part built the network and the appearance of viability and profitability of the stores?
What about the Wall Street Journal info that Janet Sparks of Franchise Times talked about in her article about UPS in March?
What is the explanation for the almost 2,000 transfers, terminations, etc... between 2002 and 2005? Want to bet that most of those 2,000 transfers and terminations were due to the business failure of those who sold-transferred their businesses for very little or almost nothing?
Isn't there trouble with both Sona Med Spa and Tasti D'Lite that isn't reflected in the UFOC's?
Don't these franchisors use the newspapers for PR and Sales and, unfortunately, don't most human beings still believe what they see in print. Too bad reporters don't know the right questions to ask.

Yes there is a conspiracy

...between the IFA/sba/aafd/afa/Landlords. Franchisors cheat the litte UPS Store guy and I was cheated. I was an idiot.

The Big Squeeze ---UPS and their Return on their Investment

One picture is worth a thousand words. This is exactly what UPS has done ----They have held The UPS Stores in their hand and under their complete control and squeezed profits for themselves at the expense of their franchisees who are failing or just hanging on and hoping things will get better.
When litigants and others franchisees picket the annual meetings, this would be a terrific "Protest" sign but I'm sure UPS would sue them for using their "intellectual" property.
The "marketing" person probably had no idea of the irony and the truth of this particular advertisement.
Thanks to Believe & Succeed, Dale, for providing this to us on Blue Mau Mau.

Reality AD of The UPS Store

If this ad didn't hit a nerve, it would be funny. I am not laughing because I own one of these stores. There isn't a squeezy ball big enough to squeeze my worries away and never will be. There is probably 1 in every 100 or more stores that really does make a good living but what about the other 99?

I hate it when those stores who do well tell others and are spokesmen for the sale of new stores; that this is a great business to be in. If you are a business person, you know that location is everything and some luck thrown in always helps. It is always a gamble and even the best researchers didn't see these dead end stores coming. Some stores take off quite well, for awhile. But soon their profits are increasing at a decreasing rate and they are not growing like they should. The drop offs pile up faster than the paying ones and you begin to hope for more drop offs just to pay the bills...every $1 helps they say.

A lot of us piss and moan about it and that is all we really have left that makes us the least bit happy...when we can stop one more store from going up or to be sold to an unsuspecting buyer, we love that and that is what drives us...sad, very sad. We are losing hope and that manifests itself in how we start to do business. If we just would understand that together we could change the shape of things just by saying NO MORE and standing by that decision. No more drop offs, no more corporate accounts, no more helping someone find the closest store to them, no more explaining that you don't know where their driver is today and you cannot call them on the phone and see if they are going to deliver a package at their house, no more, no more, n o m o r e!!!

People go on strike all the time and many times it works. We are a union of stores, a union that can cripple the image of UPS if we should choose to unite. Sorry, we are closed this week; sorry, we don't take drop offs; sorry, I thought I put your package in at 4 lbs, how it got to 80 lbs I have no idea-UPS must of misbilled you; sorry, you must call UPS for a refund; sorry, I am only doing USPS today- UPS is tomorrow; sorry, UPS should not have lost your package but if you come in, I will give you a $3 coupon to ship FedEX-they are less likely to lose it. The things we could do are endless and really put UPS out there for all to see.

Don't buy into this store or the potential promise to make money, you won't and you will be miserable like many of us. If you want to open a business, do your homework and open something you really love to do. You may love working with the public and shipping and copying, etc. but once you see that you are set up to fail, you come in one day and hate it. Once you hate it, you can never get back the happy feelings you once had. If you are a Vet or a retiree..don't do it to yourself. You have fought for your country or lived a long time, this scam is not the perfect ending for your life. It will slowly kill you.
So I said all of that just to get back to the little ball. Is it an ad or a warning from UPS? Do they try to squeeze those undesirables out so they have some that what the ad really says? Squish those who choose to confront us? Does all of upper management in UPS and MBE carry those balls around with them and when they hear of another store making waves, do they squish it and say "go away, go away"? Could the person who found this ad let the rest of us know where it came from, the link? I want one of those balls...I want to color the "The" and the "Store" red (so I just have UPS) and squish that thing all day saying..."go away, go away, let me live to see you pay"

Con from the Convention of UPS Stores

Will be waiting for more information on this convention.

The Art of the Con and the Art of the Convention have a lot in common when there are common goals.

Those 600-700 owners who actually paid to attend the UPS-MBE farce are probably trying to save their stores and are looking for answers and must be break-evens or profitable franchisees who can afford to party at a convention.

But from the standpoint of Mike Eskew who couldn't even take the time to make an appearance, it looks like UPS has already made their decision and this doesn't look good for The UPS Store Owners who are teetering at break even and trying to hold on until things get better.

It's a true shame and pity that the pain and stress of trying to keep a losing business alive or the pain of failure and losing so much can't be bottled up and sent to the leadership of MBE-UPS who appear to take no responsibility for the MESS they have created out of their greed for profits. The UPS lack of concern for their franchisees is further demonstrated in the immorality of their continued presence on Entrepreneur as #5 and their efforts to continue to sell The UPS Store franchises to new victims on the Internet. Have they no shame?

I guess not!

Dale, thanks, but that takes

Dale, thanks, but that takes me to page not here, that is where it was, but it seems to be gone!

l.5 Billion in Sales The UPS Store ---Obscene Exploitation

This quote by Amos demonstrates the arrogance of corporate franchisors who use other people's labor and capital to generate system sales, and then hang these same people out to dry!



Brown Worker --Diversion from new UPS Lawsuit

I think this is probably a Brown worker who wants to divert attention away from the negative reports on UPS and the new lawsuit that was filed on Nov. 2nd in the Federal Court in San Francisco.

This complaint can now be viewed on the Internet.

Maybe UPS would flatten his packages down and reassess him and he would pay more than he is anticipating if he were to buy a UPS Store.

For the last 2 weeks

The big secrets are being reveal as we speek now for the last 2 weeks. The big monkies will have to tell the truth or go to the hoooskow themselves. Kinda wonder why mikey eskew calling it quits. Could it be from billon dollar lawsuits crawling up his brown but!

Profitable Concept for MPC Industry


Why don't you talk to UPS about your idea?

If it is as hot as you say, they should be
willing to reward you handsomely.

If they are not willing to do this, it would be conclusive proof that they really don't care about the zee's, would it not?

L.Michael Hankes UPS Lawsuit

I thought I read on Blue Mau Mau that Hankes went up against MBE in the past, before UPS acquired MBE to increase their profits!
Anyone have any background on this? Was this when Jim Amos was the President of MBE?
Tinker, how do you know he is an extremely passionate ally for franchisees?

Class Action Lawsuit UPS

Are all Class Actions now heard by the federal instead of the state courts?
What is the reason for this?

In the most current FOC

In the most current FOC there are 56 different suits in the litigation section.

Who exactly do you think you are going to outsmart? UPS? a multi-billion dollar company?

Add me to the list

I owned two of these stores. What a scam. I tell everyone I can about UPS and how they make money off the sweat and savings accounts of unsuspecting middle class people.

I am sure UPS/MBE will tell

I am sure UPS/MBE will tell you that all these transfers are because the stores are sooooooooooooooo successful.
I would say, these stores are BAILING OUT!

2006 UPS Store Transfers Represent a Lot of Pain and Suffering

This long list of transfers hides a lot of pain and suffering.

While, to MBE-UPS, these names represent just human resources and capital that were used to serve UPS and their bottom line, these human beings didn't deserve to be exploited and cheated out of their "good faith" investments in a famous and respected brand name.

Want to bet that almost all, if not all of these transfers represent LOSS to the tranferors and that under the disclosure information provided in the UFOC's, a prospective 2007 The UPS Store franchisee would have to interview every person on this long list of transfers in the UFOC to determine the actual and true failure rate of The UPS Business Plan. Naive and inexperienced investers who are impressed with the high visibility and fame of the brand name who try to do their own due diligence might surmise that transfers represented gain and not loss.

The 2003 UFOC for The UPS Store indicated sale-transfer columns and, of course, many of the transferors were silenced by confidentiality agreements when they sold-transferred their stores at a total loss of their investments and faded away into debt and often bankruptcy and silence.

The truth is that prospective investor franchisees and government regulators, both, do not know to any degtee of certainty what these transfers indicate and hide from view, either from a negative or a positive aspect. This gives the government deniability and they can turn a blind eye to the hiding from the public of the risk of the investment in the franchises on the SBA Registry. This permits Franchisors to build their networks disproportionately on the backs of failed franchisees and to continue to sell flawed business plans to the public.

FranData who runs the SBA Registry on which The UPS Store is Listed indicates that the SBA loan default rate of loans on a franchise is material to the assessment of risk of investment in a franchise and Fran Dats uses the SBA default rate as a factor in preparing objective Risk Profiles on franchises who are on the SBA Registry for clients of FranData.

But, does FranData do any deep research on the Item 20 Transfer Columns to determine the true rate of failure of the franchised business plan?

If not, FranData, together with the franchisors, is committing a kind of constructive fraud on the public and the banks, are they not?

20% of Network UPS Stores are Suing UPS/MBE

Apparently, when the UPS Store became a franchise and UPS devised the plan to profit from the franchisees through shipping fees as well as royalties, etc... they didn't realize that their untested and unproven concept offered as "unprecedented" would incite so many actions against them.

The turnover (failure rate) of the network has been dangerously high and yet there appears to be nothing on the horizon to do anything about the profitability for the store owners?

Are they not even looking for solutions or, as one poster said, are they counting on their superior financial position and on churning and attrition to solve the problem and make it go away?

Bob Frankman's picture

The UPS Stores: 120% Store Turnover in 10 Years

From the 2006 terminations and transfer list that our guest has provided, The UPS Stores has seen 12% of its stores turnover in 2006. If that rate continues, in 10 years it would see 120% store turnover. Here's the math:

(170 terminations + 420 transfers) / 4700 The UPS Stores Total = 12% Store Turnover for 2006

Note: It is possible that 2006 was just a really bad year.

I'm so sorry! UPS Victim

Did you build a new store for UPS ----or did you take over a transfer store? What kind of loans are you getting? It would appear that the bank wouldn't give you a loan unless they thought you had a chance of breaking even. Maybe this is good news.

But probably you will be really squeezed if you are just a few years into a lease and have purchased a new store. I read here on this site, in one of the business articles, that UPS is trying to help struggling franchisees so you might tell them of your distress.

If you have purchased a new store within the past few years and have signed a long lease, I think this was a malicious thing for UPS to do to you -----but if this is true, get yourself an attorney. They know by their experience that their business plan is not viable.

FranSynergy's picture

Dear "iam in.

GUEST WRITES: "we have a ups store in covina ca and its frighteneing were going into our second loan and only one year in pls help"

You have the franchise, so your options are:
1.  Make it Work.
2.  Fail.
3.  Find legal grounds to terminate the agreement.
4.  Find a buyer.
Each has its own pro's and cons, and specific strategies associated with them.

For the purpose of this post, we'll assume that you're only considering Option 1, Make it Work.  Prior to opening the franchise, did you prepare a Business Plan?  If so, did your cash flow projections show that you'd need an additional cash infusion into the business at this stage or did it show that you'd be profitable at this stage?  If it showed that you'd be profitable, what has prevented you from becoming profitable?

Keep in mind, "If we continue to do what we've always done, we will continue to get what we've always gotten".  You've got to identify those things which have prevented you from being where you should be at this stage of the game.

If you did not have a business plan, you need one NOW!!!!  "A man without a plan is like a ship without a course --- no where to go & disaster a very strong probability".  Your plan will need to be the your road map to Increasing Revenue, and Decreasing Expenses, while maintaining positive cash flow, even in times of reduced revenue and profits.

Talk to your franchisor.  Explain your situation to them.  Explain your fear, and your concerns.  Ask them to work with you to develop a game plan that will put the ship back on the proper course.  HOWEVER, do not wait on their help.  Expect their help, but do not expect them to do more than the contract says that they will.  You own your business and you are responsible for success or failure.

If you'd like, fill free to contact me and my company for a free - no cost - no obligation consultation.  There are also many other good organizations, some represented on this board who offer various services which you might find helpful.

Regardless of what you do, or whose help you solicit, recognize that it is insane to continue to do what you've been doing and to expect the results to be different.  However, being only 1-year in, it is possible that you're doing all the right things right but simply have not had time to become profitable.   Reaching profitability inside the first year is extremely difficult and unusual in any business.  I'm guessing some changes need to take place, otherwise there would not be so much fear, and you would not be surprised by the need of additional cash, it would have been planned!  REMEMBER: FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.  FEAR is also natures way of saying "HEY CAUTION IS CALLED FOR!!!!

Believe & Succeed,
FranSynergy, Inc.
Synergizing Franchising!

Just from looking through

Just from looking through the list, I am able to pick these out. There are a lot
that I can't pick out because I don't know what corporations belong to whom. If the name is listed more than once, it is because it is in the above 2 lists more than once

Current or Former Committee Member (FAC/AAC)
Richard Smucker
Thomas Dance—Approved the UPS Store conversion
Jeff Dewitt-- Approved the UPS Store conversion
Kent Hart-- Approved the UPS Store conversion
North Dallas Franchise LLC (Brian Wharton)-- Approved the UPS Store conversion
Loren Heiniger-- Approved the UPS Store conversion
Thom Dance-- Approved the UPS Store conversion
Thom Dance-- Approved the UPS Store conversion

Area Franchisees
Fernando Rey
Fernando Rey – Communication Stations of
DBM 376 Ansin Blvd Hallandale, FL 33009 954-473-1188
Gator Leasing & Fran Dev Inc
Larry Rogoff
Lawrence J Rogoff
Comm Stations of DMB
Gator Leasing & Franc Devt Inc
Lawrence J Rogoff Inc
Lawrence J Rogoff Inc
Gator Leasing & Franchise Dev

Things that make you go HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Item 20 Ranter, I suggest...

that maybe a better course of investigation/justice could be the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the British High Court or the European Court of Justice.

You know there's no justice like European justice where they care more for the common good of the people.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!



The ups store network is in full bailout for the ones that can hide the atrocities put upon the network buy UPS. MBE president showed at the CONvention that UPS need not inform him of anything they wish to do. PUPET CEO STUIE MATHIS is just finishing out his employment contract with UPS and the franchisees are the casualties.


There is a way if you are foolish enough to think is it realy that bad. VERY SIMPLE do not personaly guarantee any business loans, copier leases, postal meter leases or for that matter any leases. Make sure the people who tell you how good things are are the guarantors especially with the landlord. Now you have a chance!

Ditto here.

Hope you are getting back on your feet.

I too lost my UPS Store, my saving, my home, everything.
I had to file for bankruptcy.

I found a job out of state, moved and I am trying to rebuild
my life. But now there isn't enought time. I will be 60 in a few months. I lost everything I had worked for because of UPS/MBE.

former UPS store owner, sm

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