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Tips from Groundbreaking Leaders on Guiding a Company to Success

The leaders on Forbes' list of "Next Billion-Dollar Startups" have pioneered unique companies that have grown spectacularly. Here they offer tips to ease the path to success.

The founders and CEOs featured in Forbes’ second annual list of Next Billion-Dollar Startups have built rapidly-growing companies (some in just two or three years) while bringing groundbreaking solutions to market. Scott Crouch, founder of Mark43, for example, leverages software to provide instant data to police departments–systems that can empower first responders and improve safety.

Chieh Huang, founder of Boxed, is changing the way millennials shop for bulk items via app technology. He also made headlines this year when he announced that Boxed would pay for all employee weddings. A year earlier, he’d already agreed to pay for their college tuitions.

“My parents taught me if you’re going to do well in this country, you better give back,” Huang told Forbes in a video interview. The perks, he said, are an investment into building a loyal workforce. — Tanya Klich, Forbes

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