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Is Tom Brady and NE Patriots vs. the NFL a Typical Franchisor Power Play?

The battle between New England Patriots QB Tom Brady and the NFL is reminiscence to me of a struggle that is played out everyday in Franchising. The management team of the NFL (franchisor) is flexing their muscles to prove that they are more powerful than any one player/team (franchisee).

The real tug of war is between Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL Players Association, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are the scapegoat.

The NFL has virtually no evidence other than hearsay.  They are conjuring a case to discredit one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game as well as embarrass the New England Patriots who have become perennial winners.

All this seems to me, a New England Patriot and Tom Brady fan, as well as an experienced franchisee/franchisor relationship advocate, as a typical occurrence in franchising.  The franchisor is “punishing” a franchisee (New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft) merely because the NFL feels the owners gave away too much in the last collective bargaining agreement with the players association. New England Patriot Franchise Owner Robert Kraft help broker that agreement.

Hopefully, the judge who will hear the case tomorrow in New York will see thru the thinly veiled attempt by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discredit Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Franchise Owner Robert Kraft.  

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