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Top Restaurant Executives Hear Startling Words about Reaching Success

Larry Winget, a professional speaker and best-selling author, is looked upon by many people as a bracing change of pace when he tells them what he sees working in reaching success, although not everyone appreciates his unconventional approach.

Winget delivered the keynote address, "The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth about Success," at the 2014 Fast Casual Executive Summit earlier this month to an audience who may have been wondering if anyone shared their thoughts on the cold, hard, ugly truth about success.

He took on the shibboleth about being passionate about one's work:

The concept of "being passionate" about work, said Winget, is "a total load of crap."

"I know people who are passionate but passionately incompetent," he said. "Almost all of the work in the world gets done when people are not motivated." —Alicia Kelso, Fast Casual

Hhhmmm. We've noticed that.

Observing that quality and hard work matter, Winget noted:

"Success comes from two things: Hard work and excellence. I know people who are excellent at what they do but they don't work very hard, and I know people who work very hard but just aren't that great at what they do," he said. "People don't want to talk about this anymore. 'Work' has become a four-letter word. Hard work and excellence are what really matter. There are no secrets to success."

Here's Winget giving one of his talks two years ago in a video posted online by the SME Entertainment Group, which books an array of impressive speakers.



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