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Nexsen Pruet franchise lawyers can help you replicate your success smoothly

Casual Dining Restaurants Gain Ground in Burger Wars

Order Your Customized McDonald’s Burger

Independent Restaurants Decline

Visits Highest in Six Years and Higher Average Eater Checks Pump Up Consumer Spending

Global Lunch Traffic Improves but Major Chain Visits Weaken

More Consumers Dine-In than Dine-Out

Strong Growth in June’s Franchise Jobs

Restaurants to Kick in Half-Million Summer Jobs but Hirings Dip

Same-restaurant Sales Soften in May

Restaurant Spending Up but Visits Flat

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Headlines from the 'Net

Desktop Sites Unnecessary, Says Google's Mueller

Sir Speedy, PIP and Signal Graphics Begin Offering 3D Printing

Tour Zoës Kitchen Mobile App

Restaurants Cope with Egg Shortages and Higher Prices

A Look at How Hotels Are Changing

Chinese Multi-Billionaire Jack Ma Wants U.S. Small Businesses to Grow Profits Using Alibaba

Why Apple Maps Is a Leap Forward for Small Businesses

Resolving the Hassle of Menu Labeling with Technology

Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Announce Partial Elimination of Artificial Ingredients

The Reason Small Businesses Are Turning to Online Lenders

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Expert Advice

All Day Breakfast Isn’t a New Thing

Cookies for Insomniacs, Delivered

How Profitable Will RevPAR Growth Be in 2015?

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