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Tutor Time Forks Out $220,000 to FTC


Had a bad experience with

Had a bad experience with them in the early 90's. Looks like karma certainly bit them in the end. They got what they deserved, and will again, and again.


Yes. It's the same owners...and yes they are still screwing up.
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Odd FTC News

I am not sure why Don posted this bit of news, as it over 11 years old and Tutor Time is no longer franchising.

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Misleading Advertising Law

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Tutor Time Web Link

For the clarification of Blue MauMau’s readers, the above, “Tutor Time Forks Out $220,000 to FTC,” is in “Recent Web Links,” not “Latest Articles” or some other news section.

Blue MauMau's “Recent Web Links” section is a database of links related to franchising that members share because they think the hyperlinked page is important. The “Recent” in “Recent Web Links” doesn’t refer to the recency of the link going on the Web or the news it may contain, it refers to the recency of the link being posted to Blue MauMau’s site.

I would ask if members see something on the Web that they feel is important to franchising, they will share the link (see Share Info) in our weblink directory. Blue MauMau does not have "bots" or "spiders" searching out such links. We depend on humans. You. So if enough of you share neat franchise links that you have discovered, Blue MauMau then becomes the site to find anything franchise related of consequence on the web - not just an online news journal and forum.

By the way, Tutor Time is currently listed on the Franchise Gator and Entrepreneur web sites as a franchisor.

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Speaking of the folks at Franchise Gator..

They must like what I have been writing about, and how I am marketing my firm.

A guy who works for them commented on a post on MY blog. It went like this:

"Another resource for franchise opps is".

Class act.

I have heard from others in the industry about this practice byGator. It is not the way things should be done. A comment is a comment. A blatant ad on someone else's website,disguised as a comment is just wrong. It is spam, and will be reported.


The Franchise King Blog 

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Tutor Time

They got out of franchising about a year ago. Don't know why the ideas are still around.

Michael Webster PhD LLB
Misleading Advertising Law

Tutor TIme

Tutor Time is not franchising but Michael and Richard Weissman have started The Learning Experinece and are still franchising.


They should be watched very closely.


Can you give me more information on them.
Now they are called the Learning Experience.
Is there success rate?

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