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Franchise Disclosure Documents (Free, And Without A Salesman Attached)

Blue MauMau loves to turn around industry practices from time to time. This time it is by giving away free franchise disclosure documents (FDD) that tell about things such as lawsuits against the franchisor by franchise owners, franchisor financial statements, the franchise agreement and even the contact information of other franchise owners.

These services will not charge $220 for each document. You can get a free franchise disclosure document by contacting the franchisor (always the most current way to go). But such action most likely will have a salesman attached. You can access free pdf files online by franchisor name if they are selling franchises in the state of:

Blue MauMau also has collected a few franchise disclosure documents that members contribute. The following are in pdf format:

Click here to access free  FDDs at

In return for getting such a wealth of information for free, if any reader has access to a digital FDD or knows of links to one, please help our free FDD library to grow by sharing the information. (Just post a comment below - anonymous guests can as well.)

Disclaimer: FDDs are public documents available at various state offices for free or close to free. These disclosure documents are posted for the sole purpose of assisting in research. The reader should contact the franchisor(s) directly to obtain the most current FDDs.

AnyLabFDD2012.pdf4.62 MB
DD_FDD 8.pdf7.96 MB
Dunkin FDD 11-23-10.pdf13.65 MB
DD_FDD_March_2011.pdf11.18 MB
Fatburger2006UFOC.pdf246.42 KB
iSoldIt2007.pdf1.98 MB
Quiznos_02_2008_FDD.pdf2.61 MB
2003 Moes UFOC.pdf1017.92 KB
2004 PostNet UFOC.pdf1.12 MB
2010 Tide Dry Cleaners.pdf1003.88 KB
Quiznos_FDD 3-28-11.pdf2.22 MB
MooyahFDD4-2013.PDF7.21 MB
QuiznosFDD.pdf1.87 MB
Kumon 5-14-2012 FDD.pdf8.64 MB
BrightStar2012.PDF7.79 MB
GNC2013.pdf20.63 MB
MCD 2013 FDD.pdf5.62 MB
QuiznosFDD2014.PDF1.77 MB
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Jinya Ramen Bar Franchise Disclosure Agreement PDF

Franchisor Jinya Ramen Bar prohibits local franchisee stores from having its own local internet presence. Contract specifically forbids franchisee from running a local website, local social media pages and local directory listings. Permission must be granted for any/all advertising, marketing and PR.

Jinya Ramen Bar. Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) are Public record. Dated 2014.

Jinya Ramen Bar Franchise Financial Disclosure Document -


I never know!

Wow! This site is an awesome resource! I've come across a number of Franchise Directory websites that speak of the FDD and UFOC as if you have to pay for them and actually try to sell them. I never new you could get it for free until I stumbled upon this site. Thanks!

I never Know???? Really?

I never Know???? Really? UFOC??? Really?

Free due diligence documents is a really good thing

Make sure you get an expert who knows how to interpret the documents and isn't set to benefit from a sale. Make sure you double check the credentials and record of your expert. Then make sure you get an independent non-commission review of the offering to ensure your ROI can be achieved within the term of the contract.

But it does all start with your suitability to franchising systems and the passion you have to be succesfful in the industry of your choice.

I strongly suggest you take particular attention to franchisee turnover rates disregarding all early presentation of excuses until you or preferably your expert have gathered enough information to evalute any excuses.

I very strongly suggest you also take particular attention to franchisor revenue/rebate streams that the franchisor receives from your business with suppliers, fit outs, uniforms, IT and everything else where the franchisor may choose to rip you off. Look for history of abusive rebates systems within systems remembering that the financial modeling you review before signing a contract can change at any minute and constantly and make that modeling absolutley meaningless.

Oh nearly forgot - you always want to consider the liklihood of the current franchisor selling you and the rest of the network off. If that happens and you are already signed up you don't get a choice and your term as a franchisee becomes pot luck with an unknown franchisor usually looking for a bigger return than your original franchisor. Unfortunatley they usually analise their acquired business model and work out that the quickest and easiest way to get that higher return is from you. Let BMM know how it all works out - good luck.

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