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Use Inspections and Social Competition to Boost Store Profits

Quickly, do you know the condition of your remote locations?

Are the restrooms sparkling and fully stocked? Are employees dressed in the appropriate attire or uniform? Inventory stocked and arranged correctly? Lighting and bulbs all in working order? Floors mopped and spotless? What about outside? Exterior signs all tip-top and working? Parking lot clean?

Inspections can provide the framework for answering these questions.

Usually in the form of a list, an inspection can be performed on a regular interval by an owner, a district manager, or a manager. You can even allow employees to self-inspect in order to establish operational habits, open procedures, or close procedures. To see a sample inspection sheet, click here.

Inspections offer a clear insight into how your remote locations are truly presenting themselves to customers. Not knowing the quality condition of your locations can have a significant impact on customer experience and also on your bottom-line.

Inspections save you money by reducing inefficiencies and negligence. Simple things like regularly changing A/C filters can cut back on utility bills as much as 15% per month. For bigger items such as food refrigeration units or gym fitness equipment, you can lower or delay replacement costs with regular maintenance. You can even limit legal liabilities by fixing infrastructure issues before accidents occur.

Inspections make you money because they insure that all your locations are in-line with your corporate operating guidelines. This, in turn, makes for happy, satisfied customers. Based on a recent study by InfoQuest, “totally satisfied” customers spend 2.6 times more than just “satisfied” customers and 14 times more than “dissatisfied” customers.

Inspections go beyond just clean bathrooms, and can help guarantee a total experience with customers in all areas-inside and out. And satisfied customers are more likely to repeat-visit or mention your business to others.

Social competition comes into the picture when you really want to boost the quality of your locations. Try publishing inspection results publicaly within your organization and you will see a marked improvement in inspections. Social competition is at work here and creates an environment where locations strive for top marks. Besides, nobody wants to be the location that got an “F” on their weekly inspection.

To easily manage inspections online, you can use a Multiple Location Management system to record, track, and monitor inspections. Having all this information stored in one central place cuts down on paperwork, provides a social competition platform, and a history of inspections over time across all locations.

As the old adage goes, “people respect what you inspect.” So try using inspections and social competition to boost your performance overall.

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