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Perry Shoom, a seasoned business executive, quickly built a reputation in the advertising industry soon after graduating from University. Over a period of more than six years as General Manager and Director at Ad-Scan, Inc., he was on the leading edge of advertising based competitive intelligence where he worked with the nation’s top companies both inside and out of the franchise industry.

After the company was purchased by Neilson Marketing Research, Perry founded Electronic Resume Network, a pre-Internet era version of

Perry then joined Canadian Corporate News where he was tasked with migrating their press release distribution technologies to the Internet. In this role, Perry developed and successfully launched the first news services providing real time Internet access to news. Nearly fifteen years later, this technology remains in use throughout North America. During this time, Perry was a public speaker at various information technology conferences and a contributing writer for many print publications. His White Paper: A Model for Business - Consumer Relations using the Internet Moving from Promise to Reality remains relevant more than ten years after its initial publication.

In 1998 Perry opened a “bricks & mortar” business center. His Mail Boxes Etc. franchise became one of the most profitable in the country prior to separating from the franchise in 2008, and remained profitable until its sale in 2011 despite the worst business climate in more than 70 years. His focus on business services was a dramatic change from the history of a franchise that always relied on retail shipping services for its success.

More recently, Perry was a franchise owner (13 years) and ran a franchisee research business (FranchiseFacts).


- Expert in business and strategic development
- Planning, budgeting and bottom line P&L responsibilities
- Utilization of electronic information and technology to build sales, enhance marketing efforts, create information products and to improve business productivity.

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A former franchise owner (13 years) and franchise researcher (Franchise Facts), I provide consulting services to the franchise industry on a selective basis.


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