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Veterans share their franchise experience

Are you a military veteran who bought a franchise? Years ago franchisors collectively took steps to entice veterans to buy and own franchises.

Veteran, this forum discussion is set up to hear YOUR experience in owning a franchise. Please share it.

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Seek Legal Advice

By all means! It is your right as an applicant to seek legal advice. Beware when the franchiser does not allow you to bring the agreement contract outside their office. Prior to sending to your lawyer, please read several times. Never be afraid of the technical and legal terms. Underline statement or phrases vague. Do write questions as you read. You can only lose your franchise if you violate the agreement and ignore the operations manual. The franchise fee will not be refunded to you. However, unless the infractions are serious, there is normally a “curing process” where the franchiser gives you a chance to correct your mistakes. The Franchise Maker

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Military Duty, a Franchise Contract and Stuck

Hello everyone, I wanted to get some eyes on my situation. I am going to make it short just to start a conversation. Back in 2012, I purchased a franchise license. I was shortly after put on active military duty. The franchising company agreed to extend my 180-day window to open my business or come to another agreement for an undetermined amount of time.

So, here I am clueless of what is to come of the $25,000 I invested in this franchise or my career, so I had to start working. My life has completely come to a point where I have no way of opening the business. This unsaid franchising company has stores across the U.S. and is reputable. But it has been very unresponsive.

I feel they have done me wrong and stolen my investment.

Peter Silverman, Esq. has referred me to this page and asked that I tell my story.

Please assist me in a recommendation of what would be best to approach this. I would more than anything just like a refund and to cut ties with said company. Even if that refund is a lesser amount. My life has completely changed and I have moved out of state. I have an addendum that gives me an undetermined amount of time to work this out... But, they have not worked anything out for me. 

1LT Army National Guard


Note: This was first posted on Blue MauMau here.

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