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Virginia's Online Database of Registered Franchises

Is a Franchise registered for sale in Virginia? The Virginia State Corporation Commission's Division of Securities & Retail Franchising shows online if a franchisor is registered in the state or not. This is important to know because if the salesperson is selling a unit to be in Virginia and the franchise hasn't bothered to register before the commencement of the sales activity, the sale of the franchise is illegal. The franchisee can typically get their franchise fee returned and can be awarded damages.

Besides, if a franchisor fudges on the simple required stuff, while pretending that they are registered in the State, how much of the big stuff will they cover over in order to get the franchisee to hand over their tens of thousands?

It's a bad, bad sign of things to come.

In using the online database, make sure to put in a "%" sign after the "Franchise Name" field to find if the franchisor has registered to sell franchises in the state, e.g. Quiznos%. Otherwise, the franchise brand will likely not show any results.

It's a great step in the right direction, but alas, the franchise disclosure document is still not available electronically online in the great state of Virginia. Only California has such a thing in its CalEasi online database.

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